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  1. After playing up to the end of the current release and enjoying way more than i have enjoyed any other pokemon game before, this wait is going to be so painful. I'm playing through reborn since i haven't played through it yet and it just doesn't feel the same so i'm considering replaying rejuvenation again while i wait.
  2. So i decided to start a new game with froakie instead of using torchic like i started on my first game since i played through rejuvenation with a torchic already. I soft reset and have 3 different saves i made with 3 different froakies and was wondering which i should use. My first froakie is: Male with Bashful and Protean IVs are: 2 Hp 16 Attack 18 Defense 31 Sp. Attack 23 Sp. Defense 24 Speed My second is: Female with Naughty and Protean 21 HP 6 Attack 7 Defense 27 Sp. Attack 20 SP. Defense 28 Speed my third is: Female with Jolly and Protean 21 HP 25 Attack 10 Defense 24 Sp. Attack 26 Sp. Defense 28 Speed I'm leaning towards the third but i want to make sure i'm making the right choice. Another option is to keep going on my soft reset save until i get a better one if none of these are good enough. Thanks for any help you give. Also, if possible, any name ideas you come up with would be appreciated since i'm terrible at nicknames too.
  3. Later in the story i decided to get misty terrain then retry a fight since i keep losing still, i'm falling in love with misty terrain, + calm mind and hyper voice on sylveon. Think my sylveon just 1v6'ed this fight as soon as i got misty terrain and figured out a strategy. But i'm playing on casual difficulty and still struggling so the 1v6 probably isn't as impressive,
  4. ah that sucks. I can't go back until i beat this and misty terrain is apparently the best way to beat it so rip. going to have to mess around since i can't even train other pokemon where i'm at.
  5. Currently stuck in a spot where misty terrain is necessary but i haven't trained up the sylveon i have so i was wondering if i'm pretty much stuck or if it learns misty terrain past level 74.
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