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Found 3 results

  1. Yeah bet you didn't see this coming. Or maybe you did. I did mean it when I said I'd finish this run eventually, and what better time to do it then when I'm locked away and unable to interact with society. Here's a video! And here's a brief refresher on the restrictions of this run since it's literally been a full year: This run is GETTING FINISHED BEFORE MAY ENDS I PROMISE, I've been putting this off for too long and don't want to keep putting it off anymore so I'm doing this. I'm also just gonna limit the description to the Youtube videos only from now on, mostly so i just don't have to post as much and artificially lengthen my posts. Serra vid will be up in like, a few hours. Edit: I should also probably link the old archived thread too, oops lmao.
  2. Hey everyone! I recently joined the Reborn forums, but I've been playing Pokemon Reborn for some time now. I'm starting up this run that was inspired by Pikasprey's infamous 6 Smeargle Challenge run of Pokemon Crystal. I've been meaning to do something like this sooner (and I have no idea if anyone attempted to do a run of Pokemon Reborn using the same challenge), but I will be attempting to do the same challenge. Rules: 1. Can only use Smeargle on my team. 2. Bag items are allowed. 3. Am allowed to use the HM mod (for surfing, using rock smash, etc.) and other Pokemon for overworld interactions (e.g. headbutt). I'm probably not going to last any further than the second gym, but let's see how far I can get with this. The first thing I did was heading to the Grand Hall, get my starter Pokemon (Mudkip), and quickly rushing through the battles so I can box it as soon as possible. I then picked up my members of the team. I think they need no introductions, but here they are! : Some early thoughts: It seems that while Technician would be good in the early game to boost some of the weaker attacks (Tackle, Quick Attack, etc.), it would become useless beyond the first or second gyms. It'd ultimately boil down to evasion boosts from Moody spam (unless I can somehow get Transform on one of my Smeargles, but that seems highly unlikely). X items would also be great, but I'll probably only get them around mid-game (I forget when exactly). Terrains will also be annoying to deal with unless I can get some reliable way to beat the terrain effects that the gym leaders will inevitably have. Throughout its lifespan, Smeargle also only can learn 10 moves (only around 2 to 3 moves before the first gym, realistically speaking) so uh.... that's not a good sign. I might decide to breed multiple Smeargle? only if it gets really tough though. I decided that I should find moves that I would use consistently afterwards, but it's so difficult finding moves with a high base power early game As of now, I didn't have a single Pokemon with an attacking move, so I picked up a random trainer with a Yungoos that knew Tackle, and traced it on Willy Wonka, who has Technician. Tackle should receive a sizable boost because of that. I wanted Nani to be my special attacker, so I had it trace Water Gun off a trainer's Ducklett. Willy Wonka was able to grow to level 11 by this time (since it was the only one with a decent attack), so I finally went through this double battle, so it could sketch Fury Cutter: I'm expecting Willy Wonka to carry our next few battles - Fury Cutter is just busted early game. I then decided to battle the fisherman in Lower Peridot Ward? to sketch his Horn Attack with Jimbo (effectively a 97.5 BP move after STAB). It's a bit unfortunate that Horn Attack's BP (65) just barely misses the Technician boost, or else I would have used Willy Wonka to copy it. I found a Sea Incense in the back room, so I equipped it on Nani to give it a small boost to its Water Gun attack. We find a Kricketot, which is so helpful. I know what I'm naming it: I was then able to get Swift on Nani from a trainer's Ledbya: I proceeded to get ember on my Elgreams by stealing it from a trainer's Salandit... (yea I'm using Sketch wayyy too liberally for my liking, but I will need the Fire type attack for later on... We'll definitely have to mass produce some more Smeargles after this one). In the meanwhile, I trained up a Zigzagoon on the side and taught it Headbutt. With this, I could now use it to find Burmy in Seacrest's Garden, and obtain Protect for Gooper. Gooper doesn't have any attacking moves right now, but it should be fine because I can get attacking moves later on anyways. Protect just helps guarantee a Moody boost for me. My goal for this update was just to beeline to Fern and quickly beat him, so that's exactly what I did. We beat Fern relatively easily... so that's a good sign, right? Team Recap: This is my first time posting, so hopefully there aren't any mistakes >.>. Let me know if y'all have any suggestions, tips, or advice for my run! Will be posting later with more updates. List of current updates:
  3. Hi there! Have you ever wondered if a run would be possible in Reborn? Is there a particular run, with a set of specific mons that you would like to see be done in record time without the use of potions, using set mode, and trying to avoid dupeclause as much as possible? Have you ever wanted to see a playthrough being beaten with only tropius, haunter, cherrim, exeggutor, trapinch, porygon, chikorita and an inkay? If you're one of those people, then I have a good deal for you! I'm a crazy idiot who likes to fool around, doing the silliest runs imaginable, and making the seemingly impossible possible through use of strategy and AI abusal! Runs that're banned: Mono little cup (has been done before, has too many mons, too much cheese, and is generally meh to be super difficult), Mono babies (the pokemon seen as being babies. Azurill, pichu, igglybuff and the likes) All classic mono types Solo runs Everything that involves an illegal pokemon (i.e unobtainable legandaries) Runs that have been done: Mono pikaclones Mono butterflies & moths (was done in altforms for alt venomoth) Mono dunsparce (was done in altforms) Eeveelution only run Pacman themed run Minecraft themed run LC bug types (this was apparently not done in altforms, because I like 18.3. It's fast, don't judge me) Runs that're planned for the future: Mario themed run LC starter only run Mono generation LC (so I can only use LC from, say, gen1) Runs that are up for consideration: Mono letter run (For example, everything has to start with the letter N) Rules of all runs: Items are banned Unless the run cannot under any circumstances do this, it will always be on set mode Dupeclause is activated, and will be follow once I can actually get 6 individual pokemon. Instances of it being lifted may occur, but that's to my judgement Every run is done in base reborn OR in altforms. Which version it's done in depends on the kind of run it generally is, as well as how many mons I generally have. This means that it will usually be done in runs with lesser mons or lesser versitility Evasion clause I stand by the word that almost nothing is impossible in reborn, at least up to episode 18, and I will do whatever I can to prove that that is the case! If you think a run is theoretically possible, then by all means, please suggest it to me! Don't be afraid to test your creativity, and my own skill! If it has a limit on pokemon, that's just fine, I'll work it out! If you want to see a 16 year old no life make the game that you might have struggled for weeks on end look like a complete joke? Well, then I'm the person for you! I hope to see some crazy ideas on here, Take care and remember the gamer glasses
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