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  1. Did they put Seeds on their pokemon to hold? iirc Seeds can set the Trick Room effect on Dimensional fields, so you might not have noticed that Trick Room was active if the dialogue was quickly clicked through and I guess it's unlikely that the Ribombee was holding a Lagging Tail, or using a low priority move (doubt it even learns one)
  2. You can challenge specific trainers with Debug, even the different difficulty versions. Unfortunately the field won't be the one from the original fights, but from the area you are in, so you have to travel to a place with the original field if you want the "real" fight. That's probably the closest to what you are looking for.
  3. save slot 2 means it's Game_2.rxdata, Game.rxdata would be slot 1 also you don't have to do anything to your save files when you reinstall the game, since they are in seperate folders nothing will happen to the save files you don't even need to delete your old game folder, just extract the game in a differently named folder and try starting the game from there before you do anything to your old files I'm not that knowledgeable on what the error messages mean, but it might be that your save file got corrupted. Try removing Game.rxdata from your save file folder and then st
  4. 1) Psychic, Normal and Fairy types are really good on her field. Go to Amethyst Cave. There are several helpful pokemon you can catch there, like Natu or Solrock/Lunatone, and especially in the Amethyst Grotto, the place where you fought against Spirit Keta, like Jigglypuff and Girafarig. There is also Cutiefly in that yellow meadows part in Amethyst Cave, the part that is blocked by Rock Smash boulders and Cut trees. 2) Get the TM Psych Up. Marianette likes to set up Cosmic Power, so copying her stats in one go can be really helpful. The TM can be found during the Hidden Library Q
  5. definitely also try what Starry Knight suggested, using a backup of your save file. You should have several in your save file folder. Here is a guide on how to do it in case you don't know: https://www.rebornevo.com/pr/save/
  6. you can revert your save file to before you changed your controls
  7. Edo

    shiny type null

    no there is no easier way, if you have the shiny charm then you already have the highest possible chance. You just have to be patient and keep trying
  8. it changes form depending on where you send it into battle. For Trash Cloak you need to fight inside a building
  9. if you have any mods remove them for the time being but it seems like you are gonna have to reinstall the game
  10. I like Sceptile in combination of its Unburden ability with the Field Seeds you can find lying around as hidden items, Both Speed and other stats get boosted. And all Grass starters in general can learn Nature Power. You get the TM as reward for beating the 2nd gym, and it can make use of the Reborn fields to become many different moves which are additionally boosted by the field, giving you a variety of good coverage moves (except for gym fights, where it usually becomes the same type as the leader's type, unless you are fighting the Ice leader who gets destroyed by Nature Power)
  11. if you mean the lag of a few seconds every time before a move is used, then that's "normal" in the current version, it's gonna be fixed for the next update. The link below has a download for a modified version of the current episode, which is pretty much without any lag and runs much smoother.
  12. change the weather - that will deactivate her field for as long as the weather change is active (try using one of the Rock items which prolong weather as well) I think TMs for weather can be bought in the pokecenters in the Cellia districts
  13. if you want all the info on the fight: (this is for Intense, but still very useful for any difficulty) https://pokepast.es/40d41064f670dc41 There are lots of ways to beat this. Very easy ways would be Destiny Bond, Perish Song, Endeavor, Curse or Toxic. But other things can be very helpful too, like - Leech Seed on the Gardevoir to heal tons of HP. - The Sweet Veil ability so your team cannot fall asleep (Ribombee for example, which I believe can be caught in town or nearby). - Imposter Ditto (can also be caught in Hiyoshi City, but very rare)
  14. RMs are TMs from older generations, and I think those weren't updated in Rejuv to reflect the gen 7 learnable moves, which is why Alolan Sandslash, a gen7 mon, doesn't learn Hone Claws through RM, since it was a TM in gen 5 iirc. (So any pokemon introduced in a later gen than when the TM existed can't learn that RM). If you want to see which mons can learn a specific RM, you need to look up in which gen that RM was a TM (bulbapedia, serebii, etc.), and a list of the pokemon that learn it in said gen.
  15. you could teach Rain Dance to weaken her Fire moves, and stop her from burning the field another option, since you have Avalugg, is to relearn Wide guard at the circus, which helps with blocking her Eruption and Heat Wave attacks
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