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  1. you need to decipher every message, then follow the instructions and interact with the rocks until something happens
  2. The same happens for me. It even says when the seed is activated that Defense and Evasion got boosted, yet physical attacks do the same damage even after switching out and in again, so it definitely doesn't boost Def. @Devilish You can actually play 18.4 with those mods. The SWM pack was already updated to 18.4, and the speedbreed mod is also compatible since it only changes one Map file.
  3. you know, it's possible to get through the puzzle unharmed. You can switch the colors while you are automatically moving on the tiles
  4. the recycle method works (pretty strong when using Clefable+Elemental seed+Misty Terrain+Recycle -> constantly increase SpDef and 100% heal) so I would assume that Pickup works as well
  5. So, after downloading 5.0.4 I tried the Braille puzzle in Helix cave, but it doesn't seem to react. I read and deciphered all of the messages, but even after interacting with them in the supposedly right order nothing happens. I interact with the middle one first, then top right, bottom left, bottom right, top left, top right. But the supposed crack in the wall doesn't appear. Am I missing something? Edit: It works now for some reason. I could swear I tried interacting with the rocks for longer, yet nothing changed before, now it suddenly works.
  6. you can change the map when using Fly by pressing the Scroll up/down keys in the top right corner on your keyboard (that function stays on those keys, even if you remap them, so newly appointed keys dont work)
  7. Unfortunately the TM is not available yet
  8. The Game-z crashes whenever i minimize the game, there's no error message (I'm on Windows)
  9. wow so excited and it's so smooth with the new engine, really nice
  10. load an older save file, might fix it. Also try redownloading and extracting the game, in case there went something wrong when you extracted the game last time.
  11. You should change some of your abilities, like Damp to Torrent and Flash Fire to Intimidate. (Mawile might also be better with Intimidate, but then damage output would be much lower) Also status moves are very useful, your only one is Cotton guard. You should think of using some more. Don't leave useless moves like Cut, Strength or Fly on your mons, especially Fly on Noivern since it's a special mon. Teach them some other, more useful TMs for important fights if you have any good ones. Normal attacks are usually unused since they can't hit anything super effectively, so better go for any other type to gain more coverage. For example Hail for Sandslash cause of its ability. Maybe Bulldoze/Snarl for Arcanine, especially in combination with Intimidate it's great for doubles. Air Slash/Hidden Power/Tailwind for Noivern (honestly, Tailwind can be really good!). (Hidden Power is weak, but still better than Fly) Also Sucker Punch could be helpful on Mawile, priority moves are always very helpful. You don't really need special moves on Swampert, so replace Sludge Wave and Surf with Bulldoze/Rock Tomb/Rock Slide/Protect. (First 2 are TMs you have by then, so those would be easier, but last 2 need move relearner).
  12. Could you elaborate more on what this mod actually does? Your description is really vague. It sounds like the coloration becomes dependent on the IVs, but after trying it out the only thing I see is that it replaces the normal and shiny sprites. I don't see what the EVs or IVs have to do with this, cause I compared lots of the same species pokemon I had in my box, and all looked exactly the same, just like the png files in the Graphics folder. And while the shinies do look nice, the normal sprites look really awful, I don't believe anyone would want to replace those. I think you should remove them and only leave the shiny sprites in this mod.
  13. yeah it's about the doors, you need to find all of them and open the chests inside, then come back to the castle in case you havent found them, there's other entrances: one behind the waterfall beside the gym, and one next to wispy tower
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