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  1. in the cave which needs Surf, just go down as far as possible
  2. you need to go to the lowest floor, for which you need Surf
  3. there are guides in the Discussion section showing which pokemon are available and where. Mawile can be found on Ruby Island
  4. I think both are only evolvable after Rosetta. But you could use a weather move or ability to remove her field temporarily.
  5. you can breed them and then hatch the eggs in 7th Street. If it says in the summary that you got them there, then any mon can be used for the quest
  6. Edo

    Flame Orb

    You can find one in the Chrysolia springs. It's a cave hidden in the north part of Chrysolia forest, but it should become visible after the events in Tanzan mountain are finished. You'll need to bring a mon with Surf and Strength to clear some boulder puzzles. Oh and you might wanna bring one with Tailwind as well, will be useful in certain rooms to clear the fog.
  7. congrats on beating him for future reference, if you go to C:/users/%userprofile%/saved games/pokemon reborn you can find your save files in there. The current save is named Game.rxdata, the other files are all backup save files. Just rename them so that one of your backups is named Game.rxdata and load the game. (Alternatively Cass uploaded a shortcut on the reborn discord for getting to the save files folder directly, this can help to get there quickly every time you need to, or just create the shortcut yourself)
  8. this is the first time I'm seeing this. Maybe it is caused by the level cap, tho I feel like it shouldn't. Did you try leveling it to see if that changes anything? Or reduce it's level with candy? Also if that doesn't help try reloading an older save file from before you started EV training it and see if it still happens.
  9. oh I'm sorry then, if Ame says so it should be correct. Thought it would be random cause I got it quickly the last times I tried.
  10. okay, so, you actually don't need to change the day at all. It is offered for sale by random when talking to the vendor, so you just need to talk to him repeatedly until it appears.
  11. on terajuma shore, you can surf to a house which is part of a help center quest named ??? (from Kristilline) inside you will find a Data Drive, which you need for Porygon
  12. You need to find a new leader for the ranger's North Cellia branch. After talking to them, go and help out Clarke, who will be at a building in the southeast. Afterwards tell Clarke about the position at the ranger's guild and normally proceed with that quest until they move into the old building in Cellia central. They will give you the Ruby island quest then.
  13. yea this is a known bug. For now ignore Kyogre, just proceed until you get Magma drift, then leave through the main entrance. Now go back to the secret entrance in Crawli's gym, this time everything should work normally.
  14. yeah you can find a capsule very early. In goldenwood forest, there will be a picnic scene. Remember the code from the suitcase, then when prompted to input a code a little later, input the one from the picnic instead first to get the capsule.
  15. Eve and Lumi were secretly crawling through the ventilation shafts so Eve could go turn off the power supply to disable the Pulse Hypno. So Anna and Noel took their place so no one from Team Meteor would notice they were gone, since if they were searching for Lumi and Eve, they might have stopped them from helping the player. If you remember when ZEL and Bennett were talking about the generator cycling or something, that was Eve's doing who tried to disable it at the time. And like Candy said, ZEL was heavily dependent on Eve's knowledge on the Pulse machines to keep his position as admin, alone he is just an insignificant grunt. And after several years he got used to having 2 other minds inhabiting him, but now that they are gone, it is very "quiet" inside of his head all of a sudden. This is probably driving him insane, to the point that he desperately tries talking to them like they are still there in his mind.
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