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  1. Edo

    Crest Suggestions! (OPEN!)

    nah, it's good as is in my opinion. The idea is to turn Spinda into a buffer/debuffer mainly, not an attacker. Buffing a Contrary partner can be really strong. And the stat decreases put pressure on the AI, since it often switches out mons when too many stats were decreased. This can make it hard for the AI to build momentum. So Spinda kinda needs to keep its low stats to still be killable by mons with stat decreases, for fairness' sake. And there's still many ways to help keep it alive, like defensive EV investment, or moves like Fake Out, Follow Me, etc... And the ability disabling is another nice way of debuffing, especially when their strategy relies on their ability. this reminds me so much of the trading card game mechanics where explosion moves damage mons on the bench, pretty interesting idea
  2. It should be able to get it, yea. You should probably report this in the bug thread, as it can happen that something's missing.
  3. Edo

    Crest Suggestions! (OPEN!)

    wanted to add some stuff since some concepts felt a little underwhelming Gothitelle Crest - always uses opponent's lower defensive stat for damage calculation, and uses Gothitelle's SpDef stat as SpAtt stat Dunsparce Crest - Gets Simple and Unaware (because only Simple was basically the same as Empoleon's crest) and add some new ideas: Mr. Mime Crest - Screens last 10 turns, and have additional effects Reflect: reflects 1/8 of damage received to opponent. Light Screen: heals own team's side by 1/16 total HP each round (since Mr Rime will be a thing, Mr Mime surely needs a crest to make up for not having an evolution) Froslass Crest - Def and SpDef scale with Speed, raise damage against pokemon affected by status conditions by 1.3x Froslass has an amazing repertoire of status moves, but is too frail to make much use of them, so this crest would turn Froslass into a great supporter/tank - the resulting bulk would be similar to e.g. Ferrothorn or Toxapex, but those two still have better typing and a free item slot, so a second crest effect is necessary to make up for that. (Also, since Glalie has a very offensive mega, it would be a nice way to balance that out.) Klefki Crest - The opponent's held item loses its effect when facing Klefki (like permanent Magic Room for the mon opposite of Klefki; affecting both opponent's mons would probably be too strong), and Light Clay and Amplifield Rock effects are included as well. (as it knows both Screen moves and several moves that are affected by Amplifield Rock) Avalugg Crest - Damage from special moves is reduced by 50% (Ice Scales ability), varying-power moves always do max damage (Avalanche, Gyro Ball, Heavy Slam and Stomping Tantrum in this case) Starmie Crest - Summon Gravity on switch in, damage-boost proportional to Starmie's health (around 30-50% boost at 100% health) Spinda Crest - All pokemon on the field (including Spinda) get one random stat lowered by one stage at the end of each round. (combo with Contrary) Additionally, the opposing pokemon's ability is disabled.
  4. Edo

    Is there eviolite?

    iirc it's available in the last current chapter, after badge 13, in a sidequest in the Zorryalin Castle and yea, it's possible to steal items from trainers, but you need to abuse the Recycle bug (which is technically cheating) : after stealing an item with Covet/Thief, if you lose that item again (through Fling for example) and then use Recycle to get it again, it will stay on your pokemon even after the fight
  5. there are enough Black keys to find, you can't get softlocked, keep looking with the mirror
  6. Edo

    Crest Suggestions! (OPEN!)

    you dont know if the devs already went through the posts, and they wouldnt notice if you edited your post, so better post again for new ideas
  7. well if they go over the level cap then why arent you using common candies? one or two levels lower wont make the fight significantly harder, but the disobeyance is probably costing you the win in the end if you still struggle to win, i suggest getting the Protect TM, Sharpedo and Gliscor would benefit from that move a lot since it lets them stall for speed boosts/HP regeneration (in the Blackstream shelter in Peridot, win the coin flip several times in a row) Gliscor could also use Substitute instead of Protect, to set up Swords Dance while behind the sub, while it can regenrate the HP quickly (TM should be in the casino iirc) Talonflame would be better off with Acrobatics and no item than Fly with Sharp Beak, since it does more damage, is more accurate and gets priority at full health and since a lot of the mons in these fights are weak to Ground, I suggest teaching Lycanroc Drill Run instead of Trash or Iron Tail
  8. Edo

    Crest Suggestions! (OPEN!)

    well, I tried to scratch together the ideas I had some time ago, hope you'll find them useful Magneton Crest - gets Levitate + Battery (effect applies to itself as well) (and yes, I mean Magneton, not its unsightly evolution) Gothitelle Crest - uses the opponent's lower defensive stat for damage calculation Kricketune Crest - Metronome-like damage boost if a move is repeatedly used, also speed x 1.5 Golisopod Crest - Emergency Exit is replaced by Mold Breaker Cacturne Crest - Sand Stream ability + 30% damage boost during sandstorm Sunflora Crest - sets sun on switch in, heals 1/8 during sun Dunsparce Crest - Gets Simple Luxray Crest - 1.2x speed and gets Galvanize Comfey Crest - reduces damage taken on your side (Friend Guard, affects holder too), and after fainting applies Healing Wish to the pokemon sent in afterwards
  9. Edo


    maybe don't make it a game over when your party is wiped out? I think you should be allowed to train up other pokemon and keep trying until none are left in your PC
  10. In Reborn you won't be able to get most of the TM moves you planned on, like Earthquake, Thunder, Volt Switch, U-Turn, Swords Dance or Ice Beam (unless you use Debug/Sandbox to cheat them in). Also Steel Roller and Hurricane on Mantine are only in Gen 8, so you can't get those either since Reborn is Gen 7 (and Gen8 won't get added). I really like that team tho. Infernape is really good, and Mantine and Steelix are a great combo since they cover each other's weaknesses very well. And as someone who also played through Reborn with a Rainbow team using Rain and Sun, I'd like to give some suggestions if you don't mind. First of all, I suggest changing Magnezone's moveset, because it doesn't really profit from Sunny Day, especially as a Steel type. (And Thunder actually loses accuracy during sun, so that would be a bad combination if you had it) Magnezone has some other great moves which take advantage of the Rainbow field though, like Sonic Boom and Tri Attack, which both get some insane damage boosts. Some other mon which can take the role of sunsetter could be for example Wigglytuff. It learns both Sunny Day and Flamethrower. Or Infernape since it's already Fire. But personally I prefer having a Drought user and a Drizzle user on the team instead of using the moves Sunny Day/Rain Dance, because it can help enormously to set weather on the switch-in, instead of having to wait one turn to use the move. But surely not necessary if you don't like Ninetales or Torkoal. For Infernape, since the Swords Dance TM doesn't exist yet, it would be interesting to use a special or mixed set, with Nasty Plot/Work Up and Fire Pledge (Fire Pledge gets boosted by 1.5x on Rainbow field, additionally to the sun boost, so it's Infernape's best Fire move when Rainbow field is active). Would be nice if Vacuum Wave was possible to get for a special set
  11. haven't heard about this issue before have you tried saving on a completely different save file (with a different character/name/etc.)? Or have you started a new game to try saving there? Because if other saves work, then your current save file might be corrupted, in which case I don't know how to fix it. But if other saves have the same problem, downloading the game again might fix this issue.
  12. well first of all, you aren't actually trapped anymore if you went to the Sheridan Wetlands already. You can now use the boat to go back to Gearen etc. As for Crawli, the 3 most useful mons are in my opinion Torkoal, Talonflame and Lycanroc. Torkoal can be found in the rocks in the Safari Zone (only the red area, not the beach), so you can have smth with Drought and overwrite both the weather and terrain. If you go back to Goldenwood town, you can catch a Fletchlling w Gale Wings in the surrounding area. Don't evolve it until it learns Acrobatics (Lv 39 I think), because with that move it can easily one shot most of Crawli's team. And Talonflame is an incredibly useful mon throughout the whole game. And Lycanroc's Rock Slide, besides high damage, will have double chances to flinch if the terrain gets overwritten with the Rainbow field.
  13. loading a backup save should fix this
  14. Edo

    Shiny trades!

    The shiny rate in Reborn is approx. 1 %, so sorry to tell you, but finding so many shinies is actually very normal. But that also means you'll find a lot more in the future I don't have any of those shinies to offer, I just came by to tell you that you can actually view all shinies yourself. In your Game folder, go to Graphics-Battlers, there you will find all pokemon sprites.
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