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  1. Edo

    Unreachable TM

    Go to the railnet entrance in Peridot ward, when under the bridge surf to the right to get out again.
  2. Nah he put the black market mons in a separate box, he uses the one from the ice cream machine.
  3. I thought the Xenpurgis Nacht would be a reference to the Walpurgis Nacht, the night of the witches' sabbath from folktales and times where witch hunts occured. It is also mentioned in literaure like 'Faust', where weird and evil looking beings are present. It sounds to me like Xenpurgis would be some terrifying plan from Team Xen, like the vaccines actually containing rift matter which will be activated during that night and transform lots of civilians, or encase the whole city in a gigantic Dimensional Rift. But I got curious when you mentioned Madoka, since an anime reference kinda seems more likely. I haven't watched it, but reading about Walpurgisnacht from the anime really makes it sound like some frightfully strong Rift mon, which would explain why Flora was so scared that she would try to murder Cassandra, the one in control of the Xenpurgis.
  4. I think only Do nothing is the right choice and will progress the story, the other one would also give you Game Over, not sure if I remember correctly though. As for me, I chose do nothing because I didn't like the first two options, I thought it would lead to a better outcome and thankfully it did.
  5. I don't think it will be about brainwashing, because
  6. I think this happens when you breed it from A-Raichu
  7. Yeah I remember the tournament was confirmed to continue. I suspect that we might get the Mega-ring from Amber during or at the end of the tournament. As for the mistery egg, they could just add one or two gen8 mons to the selection without replacing anything. The mons available are meant to cover all generations and types, so they'd need to have the same typing to replace them. @Autumn Zephyr I believe the list for Rejuv is already 20 or so long, not 18 anymore, so adding more might not be out of the question
  8. You can quick save after the fight when the trainer leaves if you press the button fast repeatedly. No need to rebattle him
  9. Mesprit statue is in Goldenwood forest, just surf on the river and look left for the entrance. As for the other you're searching for, don't know if there's one next to that arena in Darchlight forest, but there's an Azelf staue in Honec woods in the northwest.
  10. C:\Users\'User name'\Saved Games\Pokemon Rejuvenation That's where Save files are stored, not your game folder
  11. I agree. If it was only the base stats it might've been coincidence, but even the moveset seems intentional. And this here says that it even has Beast boost scripted as its ability, just not used. https://pokepast.es/a698b2e0b7ae9557 But I don't really agree with the sprite stuff, they just happen to have similar hair styles, which is why the bangs look the same. I guess those white points that look like eyes really make them look alike, but are completely different things in my opinion. For Freya, I think it's just the skincolor of her forehead being visible between her bangs, as for Risa, it looks like the reflection of her sunglasses.
  12. Did you install them as administrator? Just having them in the folder is sometimes not enough. At first I could play normally, but someday it suddenly said that the fonts are missing. After installing as admin everything was normal again.
  13. No worries, you have the sticker, just go to the Department store and the amount on your card will get updated.
  14. My thinking was that we're the reason Team Meteor doesn't do anything, since we've been fighting them non stop and destroying their bases, causing them huge losses and forcing them to retreat to their few bases left. So they don't have the power or ressources anymore to keep destroying the city. But well, the whole situation with Devon seemed weird, so I can see where you're coming from; after all, I've been theorizing all this time that the one who's betraying us is Ame who just staged her death. We'll see
  15. One and a half hour just to get to Victoria... But him feeling guilty over boxing Jacques made me crack up. "I really disrespected Jacques. I didn't disrespect you, Jacques. I disrespected Jacques, I'm sorry!" But doesn't what xe did go against Team Meteors goals? They ruined the city to drive everyone out, but Adrienn restored everything and now everyone wants to stay, maybe even more people might move into Reborn city. Why would they want xyr cooperation so bad that they'd just discard all of their progress? I don't think Lin would care so much for Adrienn, especially since xe was away for a decade and unfamiliar with the current situation. As for turning on Ame, I think xe mentioned that they were gased and fell unconscious, so they didn't need Adrienn for that.
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