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  1. Edo

    Breeding + RNG

    Happens sometimes. Got really unlucky once as well and had ten boxes full before getting a perfect one, but usually it takes only a day. So don't get discouraged or angry over this.
  2. Update #16 The next update is finally ready. It took a long time to explore the desert and beat Titania. Also fought Taka when I arrived in the desert, but the battle entailed lots of stalling, so it’s quite boring. Here it is, nevertheless. Battle VS: Taka Titania, on the other hand, was absolutely frustrating, I kept losing for days. At first it seemed like an easy fight, but then the AI suddenly started doing random stuff that totally threw me off and which made predicting her moves very difficult. Will-o-Wisp and Reflect were basically key to victory. Not only do they decrease the damage, they also force the AI to use Swords Dance, which, in turn, I can predict and abuse to easily defeat threats like Excadrill and Scizor by using Foul Play directly afterwards. After a while though the AI started using Swords Dance or damaging moves irregularly, not at the moments it usually did, which is what I meant by the AI becoming unpredictable. Battle VS: Titania I gave Kecleon a Quick Claw so it can outspeed Sandslash. Later against Scizor I swapped it out cause even with Fire Punch it only does a third of its total HP (changed to Fire+Dragon type), and Foul Play was my only other way of defeating it. Luckily Scizor used two Swords Dances so it could one-hit KO Sableye, which it needed due to Reflect. If it had gone for Bullet Punch after only one Swords Dance, it would’ve been able to survive one Foul Play and kill Sableye on the following turn, likely leading to a loss for me. At the end against Aegislash instead of using Protect on the first turn I misclicked I felt so anxious because it took me three days to get this far and now it looked like I’d lose due to my stupid mistake. Luckily it still worked out.
  3. You don't need to replace anyone, your team is good as it is. Tanks are more about being good at defense, not which types you have. Even if two mons have the same type, that shouldn't be a problem. But I understand not wanting that, and I agree to what others already said about Ground types being a good fit as your last member, but you also don't have any Ground resistance. Umbreon and Gardevoir have a good SpDefense, so I suggest a good physical tank that's either Ground type: Hippowdon, Mudsdale, Steelix or Torterra, which is also resistant to Ground; or something that has Flying type/Levitate to be completely immune to Ground, like Bronzong, Skarmory, Rotom or Gliscor (which is Ground as well, so I guess this would be a really good fit).
  4. I also think that it sounded very obvious that it's referring to Vitus and Nymiera. It has been a while since I've played Rejuv, but didn't Nymiera herself say that it was her and Vitus?
  5. It's better to have one, because some opponents' pokemon are too fast and they kill you in one hit, especially those with much higher levelled mons, so you need something to tank them. But I'd recommend having both types: Something very bulky, but also really fast ones like Lycanroc, Crobat, Weavile, Jolteon or Noivern, so you can outspeed some dangerous mons. Good defensive ones are Cofagrigus, Ferrothorn, Bronzong, Dusclops/Dusknoir or Toxapex. Those with only one high defense value can be good as well since their respective stat can be much higher than of most other tanks, but you'll have to use them against the right opponent only. For example many Rock and Steel types have a very high physical defense, so you should only use them against physical attackers. Many important trainers have balanced teams though, so you'll have to predict their moves; but tanks specialized in one defense stat can be very hard to kill if played right. Also make sure that it's type combination gives it lots of resistances. Steel has by far the most, so they take less damage from most attacks and generally make for excellent tanks. In my opinion it's much better to have a balance between offense and defense, but in the end it's up to you and your playstyle which kind of fighting style you prefer.
  6. It's a reward for beating Radomus now. @Tiz If you go back to the Railnet and explore it, you'll find a Key. Bring it back to the woman in Onyx Ward who can't get into her house, it will unlock the Move Relearner. She can teach your pokemon good moves, which costs a Heart Scale per move.
  7. The game basically already works like the first option of reset after death: whenever you lose a battle you have to start over. So I'd be more interested in the second option as well.
  8. I think there's one gang member in Lapis Ward near Shelly's gym who you need to talk to, not in 7th street
  9. you can't, it's entirely decided by your choice in the WTC
  10. https://www.rebornevo.com/forums/topic/30629-warning-major-spoiler-lets-talk-about-that-branching-path/
  11. Tip for the future: Don't teach your pokemon only damaging moves, use some Status moves as well. Especially in difficult games, where strategy is important, it will make your life much easier. Generally it's possible to predict what the AI is gonna do. When your opponent is on very low health, always expect that they might use a potion. Seems random sometimes since they're not always healing, but you should always keep that in mind before carelessly using Sucker Punch or a weak move because it "would do enough at this point". If possible, always go for the move that's overkill just to be sure. Also I believe that the AI prefers to use a Potion when they know that your current mon needs several hits to defeat theirs. If you need only one or two hits they're unlikely to heal up, so you could gamble on that sometimes. If the AI knows they can't kill you in one hit, and that they can live a hit from you as well, then they usually go for boosting moves if they have any. Raichu not using Nasty Plot might be either because you used a mon that was able to kill it in one hit, or because your mon wouldn't be able to survive so the AI opted for finishing you off rather than giving you time for a move. If you repeat certain situations in the battle you can try to learn what the AI does in that exact moment and prepare for next time by choosing an advantageous action. Noivern's Hurricane and Simipour's Surf are boosted on Electric Terrain, so if Arclight activates it you can use it yourself. Try teaching someone Bulldoze, I think Arcanine can learn it. It's also really bulky, so it should survive a hit from Ampharos and deal good damage. Scrafty with High Jump Kick might be good against it as well.
  12. Hi and welcome to the forum! Hope you have fun, and wish you good luck with your acting career
  13. Update #15 This time it's Adrienn's turn. This battle was sooo difficult that it took me two days to win. And when I finally beat Adrienn I noticed I wasn't even recording, so I had to try again for just as long Anyway, here's the battle: Battle VS: Adrienn The main problem was Mawile, which easily oneshots everything unless I put up Reflect. And Tailwind. Togedemaru and Dugtrio getting outsped always led to a loss. This time I was really lucky that Togekiss used Dazzling Gleam instead of Aura Sphere, or else Togedemaru wouldn't have survived. And tricking the AI into using Earthquake to take out Mawile by itself probably was the most vital part to victory.
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