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  1. Good point about burning field halving grass moves power; didn't think of that but as you said, grassy terrain and sunny day do work and flamethrower is the most reliable, non terrain altering high base power fire move i can think of that isn't mon-specific like fiery dance on volcarona. I'm kinda curious what your main team is now tbh. I say that because i wonder how you are using trick room and with which mons, since I use that trick room swamp field + rain dance strat with a milotic with competative, since the speed drop from swamp field isn't considered 'drop by allied move' an
  2. Ok, concerning the field affecting abilities; you already figured out flare boost and blaze and you are correct flash fire only triggers at the end of the turn. The way it works is when the mon would take fire damage it gets the boost instead, the field only damages at the end of the turn so it triggers at that point. (If it would activate when the field is created, it would trigger twice cause of the end of turn damage, which would be useless, so it only triggers at the end of turn on hit.) Similarly, on a swamp field (gras and water pledge combo), the speed drop only occurs at the end of tur
  3. Hi there, It all depends if you wanna leave it defiant and go for an attack based moveset or build it around special attack. As for the moveset; you seem to have decent type coverage on your team already which allows for a lot of liberty there. For an attack based moveset, you could consider Swords Dance, Drill Peck, liquidation/waterfall & steel wing/brick break/earthquake/rock slide; just what you like/need most. For a special attack build things like scald, flash cannon, ice beam/blizzard and signal beam are desirable i reckon. As a little side note and build idea that
  4. Hey there, Been wanting to do a ground 'mono' run for a while myself, so it's nice to see some other people doing that too. Some of your picks seem obvious choices (for which i can't blame you for obvious reasons) and the overal attack type coverage seems solid, When i read the first two i was thinking ''could probably sweep a lot of battles with that alone'' but the rest seems to fit in nicely too. I might have included some more stab or higher base power moves on garchomp and gliscor myself but that's up to you ofc (things like rock slide, iron head or dragon claw/rush on garchomp or fl
  5. Works properly again now? Glad to hear, and gl; game isn't getting easier : )
  6. You can try reverting to a previous save by going to your saved games folder (usually found in C:\User\[Insertusername]\Saved Games) and replacing your current Game.rxdata (your safe file) with one of the files above it. You do this by changing the name of one of the later files (check their timestamps) above it into Game.rxdata and this will change your current safe into a save game you made earlier which will most likely place you into a state before this bug triggered. You'd probably have to do the fight with Amanda again, but it's better than starting over. Also; this kind of b
  7. Ah, so previous saves are working but the bug is reoccuring at the same spot preventing progres... Haven't heard of this one tbh. Some bugs are solved by downloading and running the latest version of the gam but since you seem new to the forum as well i'm asuming you're running version 18.1+? Hope contacting one of the devs might help you out.
  8. Previous saves didn't work? Can you tell me what happens when you try and revert to them?
  9. You should be able to go back the way you came in originally. Was some time ago i played it but iirc either by that crustle jump spot or by surfing/diving your way south where you end up west of Amaria's/Titania's place. I will check and add further info. Ok, so just checked and if you can get back to th pulse avalug machine, the route you have to take is as follows: -head south-east across the ice sliding part till you get to the water -surf and head down till you see a waterfall and a way to surf west; surf west -follow the waterway till you get to a large round pa
  10. Good chance V13 will have it fixed. And I'm really glad you still had a previous save; I did a ton of stuff after the tournament and didn't have one anymore so I had to start over. From the beginning. I'm not telling you how many hours that cost me haha. Next bit of the storyline is quite nice imo; hf.
  11. Can you be a bit more specific? What did you do already and where are you currently? And are you aware of the method to revert to previous save files?
  12. Just to verify: you got the one from the help center counter and not the receptionist after completing classified information right? SPOILERS BELOW (don't read if you don't wanna know about the other stamps obviously): And did you get the stamp from the virtual badges questline? You can at some point also get one by diving in terajuma somewhere iirc, then there's one after an optional battle in zone zero and one after the dufaux questline by talking to some dude at the power plant in west gearen. Gl anyway.
  13. What the guy above me said. At a certain point you get the tm from someone and then you can use it. Warning however: do not, for any reason, leave the grand dream tournament area with fly or other means after the tournament and just do what the story tells you to do at that point or you get stuck.
  14. So this is a common problem sadly. You can still get into GDC via the claydoll in the desert, but the real issue is that if you don't take the xen aircraft and leave the GD tournament zone you can't go back there in any way and thus can't progres the story anymore. Only way to solve it is to revert to a previous save file (during the tournament or before you encounter the xen aircraft anyway). If you hit ''rejuvenation'' in your windows search bar you should find the ''saved games'' folder. There you can replace the current ''Game.rxdata'' (save game) with one of your earlier saves by changin
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