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  1. A backup should be created each time the game is saved if I understand it correctly and as stated above a maximum of around 50 are queued at a time. Therefore I can't imagine how you only have one backup however if that is in fact the case and you are truly stuck, you might have to use the Debug menu to warp out. (this thread contains full instructions for how to install it with screenshots).
  2. In V12 the final part of the Dufaux quest wasn't available until all main content was completed which then ended after the Isha confrontation/Lavender Rescue. I can confirm through a Youtuber I am watching that it is still accessible at this point in V13 despite it no longer being the end of the main content.
  3. Oh the library encounter sounds familiar, def didn't do it but I might have seen in on YouTube.
  4. That is an option. The item Interceptor's Wish allows the use of one's own team as another character. There is a prompt to activate it at the beginning of each character arc. However, regardless of whether or not the Interceptor's Wish is used there is no PC in the other character arcs. If you've used the Interceptor's Wish and the team you have is just not cutting it, you'll need to revert back to a save that's prior to the event and start it over after choosing a new team or try using Erin's team. I used all of the other characters' teams because I was interested in what they were and how they stacked. It's limiting and frustrating, and if I ever did it again I'd probably go with the Interceptor's Wish on this one but it is possible or it wouldn't even be an option.
  5. To be honest I've hardly even stepped into the Gearen library so have not heard of this interaction with Erin. What does she say both in the library and in chapter 15 in relation?
  6. It seems I've encountered a bug. I found the Zone Boys hideout while exploring Route P and the leader tells me that if I beat one side of the Dojo he'll give me the prize I missed out on from the other side. I beat the Dojo a long time ago but he won't recognize that. Instead of giving me the Mega stone he just keeps telling me to come back when I've beaten the Dojo. That Toxicroak Mega Stone could come in handy for the Dark-type gym battle I have coming up.
  7. I needed to inquire here to understand this as well as I don't commonly use Inkay. Apparently it has a special evolution method that requires that the console be turned upside down. To supplant this Rejuvenation requires that the evolution be cancelled.
  8. New problem. I found the Super Rod (it's in Aster Town) but have used Thief on around 10 Luvdisc and not a single one has relinquished a Heart Scale. Is the drop rate seriously even lower than the rate of even hooking a Luvdisc to begin with? It's possible I've grown too used to Reborn and Rejuvenation in which almost ever luvdisc has a Heart Scale. Please don't tell me Thief is broken? This adds up to a Move Relearner that's been accessible since the 3rd badge but not usable because at the 8th badge there is only ONE Heart Scale throughout the entire game thus far. I'm sorry but that's kind of ridiculous. EDIT: OK so I've now caught 4 Luvdiscs and 3 of them had Heart Scales. So perhaps Thief really is broken. The rarity of Luvdisc itself is still kind of annoying but it's better than nothing. I'll take it. I beat Diego and Cole tells me that Jerachi is Team Blight's likely next target and that it is known to share Lobelia Island with Shaymin. I flew to Lobelia Island (I had been here before for the ranger quest) but there is no progression here. The gate is still blocked off. What do I do?
  9. Yes! Thank you! Now I just need to find the damn Super Rod.
  10. Greninja is a bit more of a special attacker with a base ratio of 153(SpAt)-145(Atk). I believe either pure special or mixed is best.
  11. Yes, the original East Gearen quests expire when boarding the GDC train. The West Gearen arc is the last one during which the Floria and Terijuma Islands can be accessed before East Gearen converts to Neo. As stated, I'm afraid you lost out, a new save file is the only solution. I thought I read that V13 was going to clarify this in the quest descriptions. I'm good because I'm a completionist but believe this would be a good idea for others like you.
  12. Yes, the Zygarde Castle quest requires the Hidden Library questline to be completed, however that I am aware of the Amethyst Cave Korrina quest is not necessary. Whether or not the criteria has been met is clear because if it has Karen can be found unconscious in Alimissa Urban.
  13. I feel the same. I'd love to watch someone on YT go through the whole game making all of the asshole choices and the responses it gets but I could never do it myself. I just don't feel comfortable hurting undeserving people/characters intentionally and having them hate me. According to the YT video I watched it is in fact 100 (though the vidder used Debug to get the needed bad ending calc for the purpose of showing Clear and Kieran's invitation) and I must disagree that it can be achieved with any level of niceness. This is the reason. This is a good observation. The bad ending choices in this game are quite black and white with in-betweens that are more fillers than actual choices which removes some of the dilemma from them vs. in Reborn where the choices are an authentic chess game with people's lives with both beneficial and consequential outcomes that require one to examine their morals. The bad path pretty much has to be a deliberate feat and as pointed out it does feel quite like an afterthought because it doesn't reflect strongly in the story. I.e I'm told that being on the bad path doesn't change the Puppet Master confrontation scene in which all of the protagonists empower the MC with their faith so that that faith isn't there or contains less conviction. I was rather disappointed when I heard this as I was when the Gardevoir choice ended up effecting nothing but dialogue. I was 100% expecting that choice to be a forked path. I'm still looking forward, however, to hopefully seeing where choosing to join Clear and Keiran/Team Xen leads in V14 but wouldn't be surprised if it didn't have a huge effect.
  14. 75 was referred to as an existential age. I believe this is similar to how a vampire has the age of their turn (how long one was alive with a beating heart) which becomes physically unchanging and the age that combines that with the number of years the've remained on earth since. In Melia's case, I concur, I believe it's counting a past incarnation which is Maria. From what I have gathered, reincarnation is multiple rebirths of the same soul, therefore, no Maria isn't "something that is in Melia" it is Melia. Her soul was once Maria. Thoeretically for now. She didn't say that in the Den of Souls, she said it at the league administration base and establishes that process of elimination seems to point to it. The theory that she can be seen as Maria is still solid however despite that she is already pretty identical to Maria naturally.
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