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  1. Well considering this thread has existed for over a year with no release it does feel quite a bit as though the game has been abandoned. Though I hope that is not the case, this game looks dope.
  2. Awesome. Thanx. This is what I came here to report. I just started the game and the toggle option is not working for me either but the S key did.
  3. Interesting. I am all for backstory, the more the better. Thanx for the input.
  4. Is the significance of the Perfection Serum choice in the Cresent sewer lab and the effects of taking it known right now? The journal entries more or less guarantee that taking the serum is a bad choice and will lead to consequences down the line, perhaps even the bad ending but I would appreciate confirmation and am curious about the details.
  5. Heavy Metal + Heavy Slam Aggron and a bit of luck because the damn thing has to miss Focus Blast for me to pull it off which took a few tries.
  6. As stated above, pay attention to the dialogue, to clarify further, pressing 'A' warps you back to the last statue you used.
  7. I want to add to this that Mega Charizard Y has been wrecking the E4 and post-game (along with Mega Metagross). I swear sometimes I almost feel as though I'm cheating.
  8. I apologize for the double post but a Reddit user created a detailed layout of every path/ending. https://www.reddit.com/r/PokemonReborn/comments/us4msq/crucial_choices_information_if_you_care_at_all/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3 In their opinion, if a path is to be defined as "good" or "True" the path called Lin R-Determination is it but again it's ultimately subjective.
  9. Yeah figured that would be it.
  10. From what I have been told on Reddit there is no "True Ending" or even a defined "Good" or "Bad" ending. All endings are equal alternatives and the Lin and Anna paths are two halves of a whole as the Lin path contains context that is missing from the Anna path which the latter is confusing without. As such Ame recommends doing both paths starting with Lin. How old is that statement? As described within the spoiler censors in the linked Reddit post above, originally the Anna and Lin paths were more or less defined as straightforward "Good" and "Bad" endings but Ame nixed that because the product was less interesting. I.e the Anna path was just plotless and peaceful legendary quests as opposed to the main plot extension both paths are now. According to the list I read on Reddit, yes it is. Sorry no dice. You're on the Lin path. I'm in much the same boat. I fought Sigmund and lost to Solaris on Pyrus Mountain and am on the Lin path as well. Question of my own: From what I have been gathering there seems to be two possible Reshiram endings, what is the deciding factor between them?
  11. FYI I'm on the Lin route as well and someone on Reddit told me that Just letting you know in case that was the concern. I hope this information is correct. I'm still doing anomaly quests.
  12. Vero. I'm a sucker for broody looking guy protags and he's the only distinctly male protag with black hair which is my preferred style. If I had to pick a female protag Ari 100%. If her hair were black she'd be one of the best female protags I've ever seen.
  13. I don't recall if I tried it before consulting a guide, I can gracefully admit that I might not have, however, since submitting the last post I have watched it in ep19 and noticed the scales are now labeled with the notes which was not the case in ep18 and is not just further helpful but 100% guarantees that it is solvable for those who don't know music without an external guide. That's a valid point. I understand that Chess does not have the linear structure or straightforwardness of a music scale but rather incorporated in a Pokemon game is more or less a strategy recursion and as such can not be spelled out as plainly. I believe Ame did to her best to provide assistance to those who don't know Chess. Therefore it has to come down to Ame overestimating Chess's popularity or considering that out of the handful of Youtubers I watch only one needed to copy the answers from another Youtube video, perhaps she favored the majority which admittedly does make some sense. Additionally, I appreciate how Radomus' character is largely built around Chess logic and would not support that being changed just so some people don't have to struggle with Chess.
  14. As someone who had to copy the solutions off Youtube, I half concur. Hardy's as well as Radomus' gyms are not considerate of those without experience in specific and in the case of the latter complicated areas that require a lot of training and practice to master. Granted it's been at least a couple of years since I finished ep18 and I am continuing with the same save in ep19, if I recall while the NPC in Hardy's gym provides an alternative to the audio for the hearing impaired, it's still not made understandable to those who don't know music notes. Telling us that the first note is 'E' (again it's been a long time I don't remember what the notes were I'm just throwing one out at random to make an example of) doesn't tell us how to distinguish that particular note by sound or where to find it visually on the scales. The same can be said of Radomus' gym. Although Elias provides a tutorial on each chess piece and it's roles and significance, it was all Greek to me and the new team Chess roles mechanic adds a whole new level of difficulty for us Chess dunces. I'm glad I dodged that just as I managed to dodge the Slowking's Synthetic Seed (and thus was able to avoid its Trick Room with Taunt) because my save pre-dated those updates. Though I do find it interesting nonetheless. No worries I'm not salty and the guides out there pretty much cancel out the issue but it's good fortunate that this game is popular enough for guides to exist. I've played quite a few fan game for which this is not the case and Discord communities and showcase threads are not always reliable so difficulties figuring something out can be dead ends. Ironic you should also suggest a color based puzzle as Rejuvenation's first gym puzzle is just that and does have complete coverage for the color-blind in the form of a chart and examination dialogue that provides the solutions and informs what colors the player is interacting with in words (i.e "Do you want to add Blue?").
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