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  1. True about the boosted steel moves and I was able to withstand Fairy-tail boosted Dazzling Gleam fairly well in my unsuccessful battles when Adrienn managed xyr tailwind but xyr still managed to do a lot of damage to me resulting in mostly 2-shots.
  2. First of all, slight correction, Adrienn identifies as non-binary not female and uses the pronouns Xe/Xem/Xyr. They/Them/Their is also acceptable. Aggron with Sturdy and Heavy Slam, Charizard with a Flame Plate Boosted Flare Blitz and Agieslash with Iron Head are all sweepers here. (Note: The Honedge line is not available in-game at this point I'd managed to score one in a Wonder Trade some time before and bred it for a shiny). I'd considered Bisharp but was afraid for its Dark typing. True, Drapion has the same problem but mine is fast and bulky. Iron Head one shots Gardevior. Heavy Slam for Granbull. Flare Blitz for Mawile Brave Bird Swanna took out Whimsicott. Charizard surprised me and two-shot Togekiss with Flamethrower and Aggron and Drapion teamed up to take down Florges. I'm seeing suggestions to set up Tailwind. In my experience it's better to avoid that because Tailwind removes the mist to reveal the Fairy-Tale field which boosts Adrienn. It also converts Fire attacks to Dragon which renders xyr Mawile almost untouchable. The key to my success was avoiding xyr tailwind.
  3. You're welcome and congrats. Now time to get that Mega Z-ring.
  4. A jolly Excadrill can two shot Klefki with Earthquake. Charizard one shots Scizor with a Flame Plate boosted Flare Blitz. For Ageislash, I set up Grassy Terrain to remove her fire resistance (the Fairy Tale field changes fire moves to dragon) and put it to sleep with Vileplume holding a Magical Seed. Then I swapped into Charizard and one shot it with that same Flame Plate boosted Flare Blitz that took out Scizor. I did not Grassy Terrain with Scizor or any of the rest of her Pokemon as I wanted to save Vileplume and the magical seed provided free turn for Ageislash so I am not sure how the one shot was possible there. It would seem Scizor is broken. Or at least was in 18.2. Lucario one-shots Sandslash and Empoleon with Close Combat and Flygon and Excadrill with a Magical Seed can team up against her Excadrill (since Flygon can outspeed Excadrill but then the damn thing sets up Sandstorm and activates Sand Rush then proceeds to one-shot Flygon with a field boosted Smart Strike). The Mega Z-ring side quest isn't available until after defeating Titania. You'll then find Arc in front of the mart vendor in the Grand Hall.
  5. You don't activate oasises, they randomly appear and you need to deactivate them. Interacting with the healing stars provided by each one does this (and functions as an actual healing star) and you need to check for the tower after each oasis. Yes, it's tedious because of the sheer size of the desert and how the possible spawn locations span across the entire thing, then there are the damn Arena Trap Dugtrio if you don't have repels on you but I respectfully disagree that it's not worth it. Ageislash is a good asset against Hardy (and Adrienn, I happened to have gotten a Honedge in a Wonder Trade back at Vanhanon Castle) and I've been told that Mimikyu is good against Titania. I don't understand the latter because Mimikyu is part Fairy but yeah, that's what I was told. Another good thing is that you only need to run around searching for the oasises once. Once the tower is spawned it stays. I was fortunate to have gotten it on the second Oasis. It would have been the third but I flew back to Reborn City to heal after the first one and was told it resets when you leave the desert.
  6. What console base are you looking for? I've been using Visual Boy advanced for GBA games but as of late have had an issue saving progress with it. Upon installing two new ROMs, when attempting to save I get the 'There is already a save file' message even though I've never played either of these ROMs before and when I go to overwrite these non-existent saves I get: "Save Error: Please exchange the backup memory". Someone at Emulator Zone suggested that I switch to mGBA but I experienced a different save issue with that one. At one point I had to close the emulator and re-open it as I had to restart my laptop to solve an earbud issue and I save anally but for some reason it didn't keep any of my saves after a certain point. So I lost at least an hour of progress. If anyone can help out with this I'd appreciate it. If you want to give it a try and see if it works for you: https://mgba.io/ (I'm not gonna link you to VisualBoy Advance because I got the sense from the person on Emulator Zone that it's obsolete.) For 3DS ROMs, I've found that Citra is the best. https://citra-emu.org/ Yuzu seems to be the designated Switch emulator though I wasn't able to get it to work. I was told it requires base software or drivers or something from an actual Switch and I'm not savvy with that stuff. Nor do I have a proper USB cable that allows a Switch to be read by a PC. https://yuzu-emu.org/
  7. Unfortunately, from what I've gathered there are currently no plans to add Gen 8 to episode 19. I thought I read something once about it being too much data and would overload the platform or something to that effect. Or I could be full of shit. I personally hope I am.
  8. I maintain that it's irrational for him to wait for ep. 19 to continue Reborn because we don't know when it's being released but I've wanted to see him play Uranium ever since I did. So I'm alright with this. For those who aren't familiar with Uranium it's a very unique RGSS because it's 99% Fakemon and introduces a new type. I'm really looking forward to seeing his reactions to this game.
  9. Congrats. For future viewers of this thread who might need help: I don't know what changes if any were made to her team since 18.2 but as Ame advises, nullifying Charlotte's advantages is the key. There are three ways this can be accomplished: 1. Rain Dance to prevent her from burning the field. Water will still be weaker in the super-heated field so go for Earthquake. Quagsire is best as a Pokemon able to use both Rain Dance and Earthquake via level up. Rotom is the only member of her team immune to ground attacks with Levitate. In that case I just had Quagsire spam Dive with Drapion on the supporting line providing heals. 2. Combine Rain Dance with Sunny Day or Drought and create the Rainbow field. I kind of wish I had thought of that one, but I discovered it watching Dia Laughing after I'd already cleared her. 3. Use Flash fire Pokemon so her advantages are still there but useless to her. Trick Room can be helpful as well if you're able to set it up. I tried and failed. My Meowstic couldn't hold up and Prankster doesn't prioritize it.
  10. At this point I'm not holding my breath but I do like Uranium.
  11. I was under the impression that he had paused Reborn for his Sword Extreme but now he's paused that as well ironically to await an update and in the meantime is not resuming Reborn so I must agree I am now confused. I watched Insurgence as a completed series and remember that he mentioned there being at least a year in between seasons 1 and 2 but not the reason behind it. Keeping Reborn on pause to wait for ep. 19/completion of the game is doing no different than leaving a series of an incomplete game cliffhanging at it's current end point and is irrational since we don't know when ep. 19 is going to be released, do we? Furthermore he still has 3 badges worth of plot in ep. 18, which in Reborn is quite a lot, hence he's not all that close to being ready for ep. 19.
  12. A Youtuber called MandJTV did the same thing in Insurgence. He started out on normal and lowered it to easy sometime shortly after the first gym when he got frustrated with the difficulty. It was a bit annoying particularly because a lot of the problem was that he was under leveled and he received a lot of complaints but he defiantly stood his ground so I respected that.
  13. I don't suppose you've restored or reset your PC since you played ep. 17?
  14. I'll have to look them up. I've started his Reborn, I'll definitely be finishing that and watching his Rejuv. BTW, PokeMEN77 is actually PokeMEN7, I was so unimpressed with him that I remembered his name wrong hehe.
  15. Right? Hasn't he guessed that I can't remember but I kinda wanna say he did at least once.
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