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  1. Both are. Amaria is a victim because Titania was leading her on and Titania was a victim because Amaria is unstable, obsessive and dependent.
  2. Lin because she's the leader of Team Meteor, with her gone the entire team should collapse. I'd reserve a seperate death for Sirius, Fern and Connal because all are psychopaths who feel no empathy or remorse. Sirius is a serial killer, Fern is probably one in the making and Connal is a child abuser (Though I forgot to vote for Sirius and Connal). Friendly fire, I'd go Amaria because in Reshiram she tries to drown the PC for causing Titania's distance, just one instance that illustrated her to be unstable and toxic. I fault Titania as well for leading her on but considering
  3. I cheesed the Arceus battle with Perish Song + Quick Claw Krikitune.
  4. I'm quite certain that Rock Climb has never been an HM/overworld move in mainstream nor a TM. This might have something to do with the incompatibility. To be honest I've never used the Rock Climb TM in Reborn and Rejuv in favor of the TMX mod and Golden items. Waterfall and Surf are the only HMs I like as battle moves.
  5. You need to put the Debug file in the Data folder and rename the file called Scripts.rxdata (I call it SciptsMain) then rename the Debug file Scripts.rxdata. Debug mode is glitchy and in my experience soft locks in battle so it's important to keep the original scripts file and revert back to it when you've gotten what you want/need in debug.
  6. Alright, that's what I thought but "It'll be worth it I guarantee it" seemed to imply you knew what is was from having experienced it. So I was just thrown a bit.
  7. I agree, this is valid. It hasn't been officially confirmed yet that Anathea is their mother though I believe she is. Point being I don't think either of them is aware.
  8. "This request can no longer be completed" means it wasn't completed and all 3 hidden library quests must be completed to trigger Karen's appearance in Alimissa Urben and the Zygara Castle quest. As stated above, some of the Help Center quests have a limited window within which they can be completed and I believe the window for the Hidden Library questline is pre-GDC.
  9. Each tank needs to be interacted with for the color to be identified in text however confirmation is required before the color is used and as stated the required color combinations are also identified in text. Therefore the puzzle is plenty color-blind friendly as is. Color blind individuals just need to do a few extra tank interactions to identify the correct colors.
  10. Rebellion and Jealousy are appropriate themes for Erin. She was trapped in the Unown dimension but rather than succumb to Allen and Alice's games with the Unown and she escaped, without the aid of the Puppet Master. Then changed her name (her original name is Eriana) and hair color. Later she refused to acquiesce to her non-consensual entry into the Grand Dream Tournament and made a public scene of disqualifying herself instead of just not showing up. All acts of rebellion. She is the one to suggest to Melia that Jenner's encouragement for her to become a
  11. Granted I'm no expert, Isiah got the illness in his 40's and Isha got it at exactly the same age. Can a genetic illness remain dormant for over 40-years and be that age specific?
  12. Nor have I but is sounding as though the OP needs to go back to a point before the first battle if they're having trouble re-battling her.
  13. Mine (also shiny hunted) has the same moveset, I think that's normal.
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