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  1. Soloaris (Agate) was one of the toughest ones for me as well. I also ended Garchomp with a Blizzard from my Alolan Ninetails with a bit of help from an Outrage from Flygon. Alolan Ninetails and Flygon were my MVPs for that entire battle. The optional Garchomp battle I was not prepared for, it's my biggest regret in the game so far.
  2. He's getting through this quite fast, or perhaps it just seems fast due to the length of Reborn but it seems like he'd just started and now he's near the end.
  3. I didn't beat most of the boss battles in this game in less than 5 tries either. The Belrose Sirius battle was among the toughest for me as well along with Shelly and the Glass Workshop Gauntlet just to name a few others. I had nothing to do with your luck.
  4. The Rose Incense can be used to trigger an encounter with a static Budew on top of the wall between the North Peridot Ward and the Flower shop in the Lapis Ward. FYI, it's the only one available until post-restoration. Sea Incense is necessary if you want Azurill rather than Merril to result from breeding the proceeding members of the line. Both can also power up Grass and Water moves as held items. If you're not interested in any of these options than I believe it's safe to sell them.
  5. "East" is actually a pretty straightforward instruction. He's to the farthest right of route 4 standing in front of a large ascending Rock Climb area (where he will give you Rock Climb). As for Ice moves for Sneasel, a move Tutor in the Mosswater Market in Peridot teaches all the elemental punches ergo you can get Ice Punch from him and/or with a mod that allows relearning egg moves, Icicle Crash is available to relearn.
  6. Thank you, I found it with these instructions, however there are two guards blocking it because of power trouble. How do I get them to move?
  7. I was impressed that he figured out Nuclear Pokemon pretty quickly and it has absolutely saved his ass. He might have had to rebuild his team twice by now otherwise.
  8. 'Sup everyone. Some time ago I made it to Grand Dream City and I did the scene at the apartment. I'm not sure where I'm supposed to go next to progress the plot. I also started a help center quest that begins in the Justice District. I feel like that's the next plot area as well as I remember something in the apartment scene about going to ask about the missing girl, Rune (I haven't played for a few months so my memory is a bit fuzzy). Herein lies the problem. I ran around GDC multiple times and tried to look up maps but can not find the Justice District. Where is it?
  9. He's up to 5 episodes now. He actually managed a random shiny encounter and now he's just being introduced to Nuclear Pokemon. So far he seems quite engrossed. To add to this, another potential hindrance of the Nuclear type is that until later in the game when a cure becomes accessible, Nuclear types have an obedience gamble. It's not that bad though, in my experience they obey more often than not even though every turn says "(Pokemon's name) ignored orders".
  10. True about the boosted steel moves and I was able to withstand Fairy-tail boosted Dazzling Gleam fairly well in my unsuccessful battles when Adrienn managed xyr tailwind but xyr still managed to do a lot of damage to me resulting in mostly 2-shots.
  11. First of all, slight correction, Adrienn identifies as non-binary not female and uses the pronouns Xe/Xem/Xyr. They/Them/Their is also acceptable. Aggron with Sturdy and Heavy Slam, Charizard with a Flame Plate Boosted Flare Blitz and Agieslash with Iron Head are all sweepers here. (Note: The Honedge line is not available in-game at this point I'd managed to score one in a Wonder Trade some time before and bred it for a shiny). I'd considered Bisharp but was afraid for its Dark typing. True, Drapion has the same problem but mine is fast and bulky. Iron Head one shots Gardevior. Heavy Slam for Granbull. Flare Blitz for Mawile Brave Bird Swanna took out Whimsicott. Charizard surprised me and two-shot Togekiss with Flamethrower and Aggron and Drapion teamed up to take down Florges. I'm seeing suggestions to set up Tailwind. In my experience it's better to avoid that because Tailwind removes the mist to reveal the Fairy-Tale field which boosts Adrienn. It also converts Fire attacks to Dragon which renders xyr Mawile almost untouchable. The key to my success was avoiding xyr tailwind.
  12. You're welcome and congrats. Now time to get that Mega Z-ring.
  13. A jolly Excadrill can two shot Klefki with Earthquake. Charizard one shots Scizor with a Flame Plate boosted Flare Blitz. For Ageislash, I set up Grassy Terrain to remove her fire resistance (the Fairy Tale field changes fire moves to dragon) and put it to sleep with Vileplume holding a Magical Seed. Then I swapped into Charizard and one shot it with that same Flame Plate boosted Flare Blitz that took out Scizor. I did not Grassy Terrain with Scizor or any of the rest of her Pokemon as I wanted to save Vileplume and the magical seed provided free turn for Ageislash so I am not sure how the one shot was possible there. It would seem Scizor is broken. Or at least was in 18.2. Lucario one-shots Sandslash and Empoleon with Close Combat and Flygon and Excadrill with a Magical Seed can team up against her Excadrill (since Flygon can outspeed Excadrill but then the damn thing sets up Sandstorm and activates Sand Rush then proceeds to one-shot Flygon with a field boosted Smart Strike). The Mega Z-ring side quest isn't available until after defeating Titania. You'll then find Arc in front of the mart vendor in the Grand Hall.
  14. You don't activate oasises, they randomly appear and you need to deactivate them. Interacting with the healing stars provided by each one does this (and functions as an actual healing star) and you need to check for the tower after each oasis. Yes, it's tedious because of the sheer size of the desert and how the possible spawn locations span across the entire thing, then there are the damn Arena Trap Dugtrio if you don't have repels on you but I respectfully disagree that it's not worth it. Ageislash is a good asset against Hardy (and Adrienn, I happened to have gotten a Honedge in a Wonder Trade back at Vanhanon Castle) and I've been told that Mimikyu is good against Titania. I don't understand the latter because Mimikyu is part Fairy but yeah, that's what I was told. Another good thing is that you only need to run around searching for the oasises once. Once the tower is spawned it stays. I was fortunate to have gotten it on the second Oasis. It would have been the third but I flew back to Reborn City to heal after the first one and was told it resets when you leave the desert.
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