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  1. The only encounter I remember having in Aventurine Woods is some chick who gets mad at you for spying on her (even if you say that you didn't see anything, which you really don't, she calls you a liar). That wasn't Titania was it?
  2. @Yumil Your arguments while quite astute but seem to look at some of the facts with a bit too much face value. @Progfan_r covered my rebuttals, quite thoroughly, however, so there is little for me to add. This is debatable. All insight into Tristen's solitude was provided by his grandfather according to whose observation Tristen appeared to be happy alone but depression is often a silent suffrage. Therefor you could be right here, but it was only the grandfather who was established to have found solitude "soul-crushing" and maddening. I also wouldn'
  3. I wasn't aware of this detail but it would make sense for this Tristen to be a replica of a real person. Excellent observation. I hadn't noticed that Tristen's appearances and disappearances lined up with which world the Onix Stone was in. That's what I'd thought, that when we re-visit Tristen's abandoned house with Connor and Ava they must have grabbed the badge for us since we pass out.
  4. "Search for the cracks" This is something we are told to do multiple times as the major theme of the plot. I've completed episode 5 and thus far, Tristen has come across as one of the most prominent cracks in the game. He introduces himself as the Normal-type gym leader and presents as a compassionate and helpful person but for a gym leader his existence in Ayrith is nothing more than an abandoned house and a couple of diaries whose author hasn't had an actual presence thus far. Shiv appears to you as you leave that house after triggering the gym battle with Tri
  5. The curiosities in the Dreamscape and either saving or condemning Nova in Cellia are the factors that decide the outcome of episode 5 and from what I've gathered although the game is unfinished still, it is the final ending of at least a couple of the possible paths. It's like the Goosebumps 'Choose You Own Ending' series (I loved those as a kid).
  6. If memory serves, I believe it's one of the tutors in the Mosswater Market in post-restoration. Or perhaps it's an Agate Circus tutor.
  7. Giving it the Soothe Bell and accumulating steps with it at the front of your party increase friendship but Pokesnax and Ice Cream are probably the fastest methods sans the salons and EV berries. Blue Moon Ice Cream is best. They're extremely rare, I've completed the game thus far and have never found one but just one Blue Moon Ice Cream maxes friendship.
  8. I've completed the game thus far on the Reshiram route and although it's been some time, I'm quite certain no such event occurred. Nor have I met a character called Europe. Is this perhaps an event exclusive to Zekrom? Regardless this is very commendable work.
  9. Please excuse the double post but I have what I am certain must be a glitch (separate from the issue I am discussing in Yumil's guide thread). When I went to train up some mons for Aaron, the person blocking my basement because "Gerret is busy right now" stopped offering me escort to the cavern. He just says the Garret is busy line and the interaction ends. Fortunately, I invested in the daycare teleporter so I still have access to the cavern via the daycare but regardless this does not seem normal. EDIT: Perhaps it is normal after all. I've progressed to whe
  10. Hmm. None of those are unfamiliar to me and with the exception of the Full Restore, I could swear I got all of them. Either all of them IS required or I have a glitch.
  11. I haven't been using the guide for the entire game (I primarily use guides for the gym leaders) but I thought that this was the first of her points that I'd missed. If the Full Restore isn't required I suppose I'm wrong and am missing at least one other besides it but I have no idea what one(s). It's not too much of a bummer since I don't currently have the Bulbasaur line or the Mega Ring but presumably both are available at some point.
  12. Hello again Yumil. I appreciate all the help I've received from you recently. I hope it hasn't been too much of a chore. I have both another question and a bit of feedback for the guide. I'll start with the feedback. In the Cellia Battle Tournament the guide has Scarlett's Musharna listed with the following moveset: Moonlight, Psychic, Synthesis, Giga Drain When I battled her, Musharna had Dazzling Gleam. I'm not sure what of the listed moves it replaces
  13. Interesting. I thought I read that in an old post but it seemed as though the poster had mixed up the tournament with Garret's side quest in which Hardy is the boss battle.
  14. This is partially correct. 1. You need to read the full diary in the Cellia Library Archives including entry #5 which is in a locked room. This is only assessible if you do the police quest given to you by Rosetta then talking to her before meeting up with Gerrett to enter the archives. Choose to tell her that you want to get into the archives and while wary, she'll give you the Archive Key (completing the police quest will establish your trustworthiness to her). The Archive Key will open the locked room containing entry #5. You get a hot I believe it was 10 o
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