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  1. There has been at last one topic about this and a Youtuber called Dai Laughing used it to steal Ren's Greninja. Please note that since using this exploit, he experienced several glitches such as a second Greninja showing up in his PC in place of his Lycanroc and even a few crashes. There's no guarantee that the exploit is the cause but still something to consider.
  2. The password which is for a Riolu is obtained via getting the "True ending" in Rejuvenation's prequel game 'Where Love Lies' which follows Keta's backstory. From what I've gathered getting the True ending requires quite a bit including a cut scene early on that is so easy to miss as there is no hint to it that it's a bit unfair. I was so far ahead by the time I realized I missed it that I just quit. If you don't want to play it, I recommend watching a playthrough on Youtube as it fills in quite a few blanks in Rejuv's plot.
  3. I started in V12 but I've been told that the devs recommend starting over with each new version due to minor plot changes. Therefore if you're finished with V12, as stated above, you might as well just wait for V13.
  4. Or you could just do what I did since I didn't know about the patch; load a backup save and get the other characters to the finish before yours.
  5. Chandelure was difficult for me as well but granted it's an optional battle that can be done at any point after obtaining Rock Climb and I did unwittingly get into it a bit under-leveled. Legit I'd call it a tie between Ferrothorn and Gardevoir. Ferrothorn is a bulldozer after it changes into its rift form. What got me through that was switching my Luxray in and out several times to reduce its damage with Intimidate and then taking it out with my Chandelure. My Chandelure was the only Pokemon on my team that could could tank the thing and do decent damage to it.
  6. I swept Venom with a Swoobat. Woobat can be caught in the sewers. IMO it's the best option because as it's part Flying type it avoids poison damage from the corrosive field.
  7. Glad to hear this is being addressed, I look forward to that as well. It most certainly would help set up the plot more efficiently.
  8. I actually swept Connor with a Poliwag using a Rain Dance and Water Gun combo. He's nothing if he can't burn the field and I didn't even consider that, I just wanted Rain Dance to reduce his damage and boost mine. It also nullifies his Vulpix's drought. Generally, I don't find the Poliwag line to be that great but it was the best water option at this point in the game other than the real starters and I opted for Snivy as at the time I was most in need of a grass type. I have a little more respect for it now.
  9. There is nothing to guess. As Yumil pointed out, the corruption in Ayrith is all around. Blackview is basically gang slums, there's crime everywhere, the class segregation in Cellia alone, and their league has been missing a gym leader for 5-years but according to Hardy's comment instead of finding a replacement they're just giving out the badge for free. Until the Player's arrival got the gym leaders off their asses, the Rangers seemed to be the only people who gave a shit but didn't have enough members to get much of a job done. Scarlett's motivation to join Crescen
  10. Not if you use the Golden Items. If you plan it right it's possible to have all the ones you need by this point. I didn't have an issue with the Eli/Sharon battle--at least not enough to require team exchanging but now that this has been brought to my attention, the one PC star on the entire mountain is AFTER that battle, before the event at the peak (fortunately since that's the battle I needed team exchanges for, easily one of the hardest battles in the game) and I can see the potential problem with that.
  11. No worries, I remember that part stumping me as well. I assumed we were supposed to go out to the docks to meet the boat so when that didn't work I was at a loss for a bit. @Monochrome_Complexand @Nocturne93 covered it. This is perhaps something for the devs to consider in v13.
  12. I don't believe the two are related. I never found either in my own exploration but I recall seeing someone on Youtube play the audition tape by interacting with the TV or something.
  13. That Groudon is a pain in the ass. The damn thing knew every time I gave my Venusaur an Occa Berry because it NEVER used Magma Drift when I had it equipped in favor of Earthquake. I ended up hijacking it's Drought to 2-shot it with Solar Beam. Grass Knot is a good idea as well.
  14. Very well. I did the Kyogre event so no, I had no need to attempt an alternate method of obtaining the Railnet Key.
  15. I believe you also forfeit access to a Ralts later (that's what the Railnet Key Tesla give you is for right?). As others have been pointing out, Valor Mountain is a puzzle consisting of several crystals that change its environment and open up different passages while closing off others. All of them need to be activated in a certain order to get through to the top of the mountain. The first two are a fire and ice crystal. If I'm recalling this correctly, first is the fire crystal. This creates a stepping stone path across a stream of lava with a gap or two that requir
  16. I believe it's more middle-right. As, Pizza said, however, wrong forum as this is the Rejuvenation forum and you're talking about Reborn. Next time you want the 'Reborn City' forum.
  17. Both are. Amaria is a victim because Titania was leading her on and Titania was a victim because Amaria is unstable, obsessive and dependent.
  18. Lin because she's the leader of Team Meteor, with her gone the entire team should collapse. I'd reserve a seperate death for Sirius, Fern and Connal because all are psychopaths who feel no empathy or remorse. Sirius is a serial killer, Fern is probably one in the making and Connal is a child abuser (Though I forgot to vote for Sirius and Connal). Friendly fire, I'd go Amaria because in Reshiram she tries to drown the PC for causing Titania's distance, just one instance that illustrated her to be unstable and toxic. I fault Titania as well for leading her on but considering
  19. I cheesed the Arceus battle with Perish Song + Quick Claw Krikitune.
  20. I'm quite certain that Rock Climb has never been an HM/overworld move in mainstream nor a TM. This might have something to do with the incompatibility. To be honest I've never used the Rock Climb TM in Reborn and Rejuv in favor of the TMX mod and Golden items. Waterfall and Surf are the only HMs I like as battle moves.
  21. You need to put the Debug file in the Data folder and rename the file called Scripts.rxdata (I call it SciptsMain) then rename the Debug file Scripts.rxdata. Debug mode is glitchy and in my experience soft locks in battle so it's important to keep the original scripts file and revert back to it when you've gotten what you want/need in debug.
  22. Alright, that's what I thought but "It'll be worth it I guarantee it" seemed to imply you knew what is was from having experienced it. So I was just thrown a bit.
  23. I agree, this is valid. It hasn't been officially confirmed yet that Anathea is their mother though I believe she is. Point being I don't think either of them is aware.
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