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  1. Oh and how do I get the patch? I would love to get back to my save before I stuck
  2. When I got to the Eclysia Pyramid in the badlands, I went to try the puzzle; however, I got stuck in the puzzle because I couldn't reset it after I had saved in the area. After that I decided that I would start over and try again, only to then get to the end of the tournament right where the team xen quest starts, but I decided to go train up before continuing this, since I just got a gym badge from this. I then finished my training from the breeder on Route 9, to find that the train changed its destinations from the Grand Dream Station and Grand Dream Tournament, to the Grand Dream Station (which I could not go to) and Route 9, the route I was already on! If someone can fix this then please help me, because I can't go through the game again just to be softlocked at a similar point Game_2.rxdata
  3. Hey I hope I'm not bothering you too much, but I found some problems in Pokémon Rejuvenation: when I got to the Eclysia Pyramid's puzzle with the color changing tiles, I messed up and tried to refresh my progress, but for some reason the tiles wouldn't reset their placement, leaving me stuck at the same spot forever; after I made a new save file and started everything over from scratch, I got to the point where I just beat Adam again and was soo excited! However, I decided I wanted to train my team some more before taking on Team Xen's quest start the Eclysia Pyramid, but I had realized that after I finished training it was for nothing, because my access to the tournament area from the train on Route 9 was no longer there for some reason and was replaced with Route 9, even though that's exactly where I was! I hope you can get around to fixing this, and I hope you didn't take this as complaining, I'm just sooo mad that I got soft-locked yet again!

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