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  1. Can anyone provide a new link? The mega link is down.
  2. When i started a new game with this, it opened and it was working well but then when i chose my starter and defeated the purple hair dude and went over to battle with the rival girl the game just freezed. I couldn't do anything. It happened right after the dialogue with her, right about to battle with her. Shame. I'm gonna try to do this part of the game without the mod and then install it to see if it fixes it. If it doesn't it's a problem with episode 18, not the mod.
  3. Thanks for the reply. So i already know i can use alt to speed up, but the thing is i still get laggy in some places when i do it.
  4. So i used this program called "RM FPS CONTROL" Pretty obvious what it does, basically you can set your FPS to 30,60,120 etc. I've followed this tutorial on how to use it. I opened the game, clicked the program, selected XP and selected my FPS. Then i went back to the game and i was still laggy and it didn't make any diference. My question is, does this program really work? I mean, i've tried using Cheat Engine, but my game just crashes when i set up the speedhack..and my game is getting really laggy in some places. My computer is actually decent, but still.. Can anyone help a desesperate lil' boy out?
  5. I do! I already got a gallade so i need a gardevoir now. I would really apreciate it. Message me when you're ready
  6. A little bit, i'm not at the beginning of the game. I need some gud pokémanz. If it's male and you can give me a dawn stone, i guess a 25+ attack and a 25+ speed is okay. And if it's a female, 20+ special defense, 20+ special attack and speed or hp i guess. If you can't do that well i'l accept it anyways Oh actually, i just got a nice ralts from a event, if you can give me just the dawnstone
  7. Can you give me the shiny one? I really like it and i need it to beat a gym xD
  8. Hum, it's a "boost" but i'm in this gym for hours trying to win to her and she ALWAYS lands a critical hit. If it's a "boost" then it's a 100 % boost because i can't win this gym. My team is really strong because i asked a friend to get me some good pokés. I got a really OP metagross that can sweep most of the pokes but i can't do anything if she lands critical hits in every hit :/ I mean, this is so broken
  9. i used all my potions (i had about 17) and she literally landed a critical hit every move she used. Is this luck based or is it normal because i'm gonna ragequit lmao
  10. Im waiting for a request! Thanks a lot!
  11. So i'm starting the game again because my file got corrupted when i tried to speed up with cheat engine.. and i really wanted a fletching. If anyone could trade me i would apreciate a lot. Thanks! Nickname: Kout
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