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  1. A samurai has no limits! It's probably gonna be Anti-Loser
  2. Well, you're technically not wrong, but I'm likely not the one you expected. I call to SilverAngelus.
  3. Banned for banning Display name in under 5 minutes
  4. Known as: Velthomer Age: I'd rather not say Gender: Male Birthday: January 13th Location: The States Height: 5'11'' Hair Color: Dark Brown Eye Color: Hazel Lives with: The voices inside my head Pets: None. Relationship status: Taken by the angel that appears to me in my dreams. Favourite Food: Nothing in particular. Favourite Drink: Water Favourite Color: Gray Favourite kind of Music: I d
  5. Banned for incorrectly assuming that I haven't played Hollow Knight.
  6. Banned for hyping over the Tower of God anime. The original is almost certainly going to end up being better.
  7. I am off to a pleasant start with my 'Bulbasaur'.
  8. I am going to have so much fun with this. Thanks for all your hard work!
  9. My two favorite major boss themes from SMT. Vehement Rage brings back memories of being brutalized by Asura, Ouroboros, Tiamat, and of course the big spoiler one at the alignment lock. Good old B2 on the other hand gives me flashbacks to the times I was crushed into paste by the Minotaur, slaughtered by King Kenji and, of course, insta-killed by Beelzebub. Ah, good times.
  10. Banned for replying to the wrong person.
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