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  1. I am in the heracross woods, when you're supposed to catch the red Heracross, but I cannot interact with it. Since it won't move to the hill for the story position, due to not being registered as interactable, I cannot progress any further in the story. Perhaps, there's something needed in the present, but I wasn't told such, so it's either that I cannot find out what to do, or it is a game-breaking bug. No matter which buttons I use, I cannot seem to get Heracross to recognize me being behind them and interacting with them. Here's an image: Whenever I try to interact, it does nothing, and I cannot find anything in the past world that must be done beforehand. I also reverted to a prior save, and the issue was recurring.
  2. I may be running another playthrough, but I still have access to my old save. If anyone needs shinies, ask and I'll see what I can do if and when I see your request. The list stays true so far., so you can refer to it for ones I currently have. I may not respond quickly, due to time constraints.
  3. Funnily, this has not been updated quite yet. I actually did that months ago. I stopped playing for a while and came close to losing my save, from a system volume boot error. Do you want that bulbasaur, still? If so, what'd be your preference on shiny or not? Do not expect me to reply within this week; I may not be on (ince I may end up on a 12+ hour car ride. I'll update the list to reflect the changes, but it none-the-less is free shinies.
  4. So far, this list accurately reflects available shinies. However, while the Bulbasaur is avaliable, it's being used for IV and shiny breeding (the latter for other players, like you). Thus, it's less preferable as of now, to trade it off. Likely, by the time one responds, I'll have more shiny bulbasaurs.
  5. Ah, nevermind. I guess your request's been resolved, Hoko.
  6. It's not needed, but prefferred. I have that electrike at level 18,wwill it work for you? Send the request to Flamesear, and we'll sort it out. Any pokemon is acceptable. Resolved, now.
  7. Hey Arisscar, I may not be on their team, but I can help you. Are you on? I'll probably get an egg first, to keep one in my PC, but that is not very difficult. Give me a bit to get a replacement lvl 1 for the level 20 I shall provide. I am in Eastern Time, but will not respond if I don't know you are on. Any Pokemon returned will do, as I already have a great team, but, only if you have an extra eevee, I would like one. My ID is Flamesear. Noting that your post, for me, would have been around 3 AM, it is improbable, without your timezone, to assist.
  8. Ah, thanks. I thought it was actually unobtainable, because of what the rules say.
  9. Hello, I have a request, but mean no inconvenience. May I have a Bagon, Shelgon, or Salamence? If not, would a Dieno be ok. (Only one or the other) If you need a Pokemon, especially a Charmander, I may be able to respond with one.
  10. I asked this earlier, but never-mind. Hi, if anyone is active, might I ask for any salamence, bagon, or shelgon. I know it is unobtainable, but it's able to be requested and traded. If not, I understand. Then, maybe I could trade for a Deino? Either way, what would you want in return? Shiny Pokemon, starters (I only have Charmander starters, 4 males at level 1, 2 with bad abilities), etc. Maybe one of you can trade me an eevee, too? Thanks for any time and consideration.
  11. I had to cancel it, since the box didn't show up, sorry and also thanks in advance. Now that I think of it, I shouldn't have cancled said request. Oops.
  12. I actually edited it, so it would fit the issue of the ghost and electric type moves (primarily the electric types) that troubled me in the gym, any 31-40 ground-normal type. Still, thanks (and much appreciated), and I did not know about the trainers in the Grand Hall. I've done some research, and one such Pokémon is Diggersby. Don't really know any others, though. If it ends up impossible, that is ok, and I would just need a powerful ground type. Thanks for your time. Anyhow, I will be on later, and cannot make a trade right now.
  13. Perhaps I could be given a ground-normal type in the level range of 31-40 to aid fighting Shade. Otherwise, it will 1 or 2-shot all of my team. I will offer a shiny purrloin, possibly more, to obtain one, if needed.
  14. Actually, an update. I can request for that Pokemon and misread the rules... oops.
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