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  1. Missing the stamp from the receptionist from the department of dreams, i already went there several times and tried older backups and nothing (i have 2 stamps atm, have done the quest from the help center in gdc and the one after defeating the kimono girls). :/ Game.rxdata
  2. i've received one after completing the quest classified information and after defeating the kimono girls. From what i've read, you receive one from the receptionist from the department of dreams and i remember talking with her and not receiving the stamp.
  3. i'm missing 1 stamp, ive got one from the sidequest in gdc and also one from the hiker after defeating the kimono girls and when i tried to talk with the recepcionist, she didnt gave a stamp, if possible could you solve this issue pls? (I'm adding the save in annex Thanks in advance Game.rxdata
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