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  1. Next question, I rewrote the save game i wanted to save, but how do i Open the game? It just shows all the previous save files but how can i actually open it?
  2. I copied it to my users folder so i got it now Lets see if it works!
  3. Im can't find it, im probably blind. Is it differet if you have it in a flash drive though? I have it on flash drive right now.
  4. I haven't done this before, but ill see if what you are saying works.
  5. I just beat Soul Keta, the second gym leader and I was heading to the Gate Plaza to get to Route 3. A girl walked in (I think Assandra or smtn) and she asked for a battle, and I beat her. After the dialogue finished, she left and I tried to move but couldn't. Something similar happened to me in Reborn, and I hope something similar didn't happen again, I really don't want to lose all my progress. I didn't even save, and I Alt + f4 the game because I saved before the battle, but it took me to that spot again. Please Help, Thanks!
  6. Ye i got on the stairs, couldnt move for like 20 mins then decided to exit. (i saved) Hadnt saved before this for like 1 hr
  7. I tried for 20 mins, and just tried rn after like 3 hrs but it still aint workin. I even tried changing my keys.
  8. I tried to move for like 20 mins but couldn't. Not sure if its something messed up or what
  9. I needed to go, so i saved the game on Obsidian Ward's stairs. When i joined back in the game, i couldnt move in any way shape or form. Please someone help!! I have the Game data below Game.rxdata
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