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  1. so i just got my 7th badge, and i now have access to the help center in kristiline town. im working my way through those quests, but i just cant find the lighthouse in aquamarine cave. is there something im just not seeing? do i need dive or rock climb before i can finish this?
  2. so im currently trying to get all the starter eggs for that woman in the grand hall, but i cant seem to open the door to the room where you find fennekin. it looks like other people are having this problem too, so ive uploaded my save below in the hopes that someone could fix it for me. ive played everything through e18 if thats at all relevant. Game.rxdata
  3. ill be completely honest, i really didnt think this would work, but it totally did! thanks!
  4. so this is probably a stupid question, but is there still a way to get the mega-z ring if i ended up evolving one of the stolen pokemon? i wasnt expecting to have to use them for anything, so felicia's makuhita ended up being part of my main team. at this point its a level 91 hariyama, so she wont take it back (and i wouldnt want to give it back anyways). is there any way i can complete this sidequest or am i just out of luck?
  5. adrienn is making total mincemeat of me. i have 11 pokemon trained up to level 79-80, and i cant seem to get very far with any combination of them. stoutland / lv 79 / scrappy / crunch, strength, play rough, ice fang noivern / lv 79 / infiltrator / dragon pulse, hurricane, boomburst, air slash (useless for this gym, i know) donphan / lv 80 / sturdy / giga impact, strength, earthquake, bulldoze durant / lv 80 / hustle / x-scissor, iron head, thunder fang, metal claw seviper / lv 80 / shed skin / venoshock, poison tail, poison fang, glare empoleon / lv 79 / d
  6. its attached here, i appreciate the help!! Game.rxdata
  7. Hello! So I'm currently stuck on the fight with ZEL in the Devon Corp, and I can't do any grinding thanks to being stuck here. I'm looking for someone to help tweak my team through trade, whether that be grinding, temporarily sending me some new Pokemon, switching movesets etc. I've included natures here, but I'm a casual player so I don't know much about natures or IVs/EVs. I have 9 Pokemon that are trained up for this part of the game, and I'll also include a shot of my box so you can see everything that's available. Murasashi (Hariyama) lv. 76 Guts / Black Belt / Careful Wake-up Sla
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