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  1. "old save files that have not completed v12 data will no longer work correctly." Does this mean that if you haven't finished v12 story, you should just do that before updating?
  2. Makes sense. Cheers! Will it just be "these moves are in its learnset always" or will it have to be holding the mega stone to even see them?
  3. Hey all, I finally got my hands on the Mightyenite, can't wait for this thing to no longer be an early game mon in the late game! Related to that, the (very unpolished, to be fair) wiki mentions that Mightyena gets Shadow Claw and Shadow Sneak as lv1, and looking through threads I find Caz saying that it had at least Shadow Sneak as of v4, but when I bring him to the move relearner while holding the mega stone, I don't seem to have the moves in the list. Am I missing something incredibly obvious or can he not relearn these for some reason? Or did the moves get taken off/never put on the learnset? I'm definitely on v5.1; got the game extremely recently.
  4. v13 hype! Quick question, I can't find a mention of it anywhere but the forum search function might just suck, since we're getting gen8 content in v13 are mon's learnsets going to be shifted to gen8? That'd be pretty major (buffs and even some nerfs) for some. Of course I imagine TM list isn't changing much so that'll be gen7 based, and for those mon that aren't available in gen8 at all we wouldn't see any change either?
  5. ...so? I doubt you're still going for friendship evos at that point so that's only a mechanical detriment if you're running Return.
  6. So, I know they're rather finite right now, but Revives sell for 4250(!) right now and that seems... rather high. Given that Revival Herbs can be bought for 2800, this means that the set store price of a Revive (8500) is over 3x the store price of a strictly better item! Why?! On an unrelated note, Pickup has a 10% chance to generate Revives from Lv41+ :) For bonus points, you can print about 6k free money per day by buying the Teila luxury massage package and then selling off the Revives. It's not a lot, but it's technically free money for just a bit of menuing!
  7. An absolutely godlike guide, for an absolutely godlike game. One very minor thing that the guide omits is that, in the steps for getting TM51, it has to be day in order for the girl to be standing near the building. I spent so much time looking for her at night, and she just wasn't there. Just letting you know so you can potentially update it to add a mention! Cheers!
  8. Ooh, shiny. Unfortunately I coulda used the speedier HP bars before I spent the past few days EV training, but hey. Any update is a good update for me, and I love the feeling of being on the newest version! Ready to get absolutely demolished by Hardy on even better AI now. And so the progress bars march on.
  9. My Lunatone expresses its deep gratitude for you managing to fit all of those items into before-post-game.
  10. Ooh, nice. It's cool that Pokemon Essentials gives you the scaffolding for something like this, even if the provided sets are... questionable. One question that I thought of while reading this: You definitely plan to have rewards, and I remember an earlier post of yours mentioned that you planned on having them be nice. To that, do you plan on having some of the rewards be one-off for the first time then something more generic and repeatable (like Candies) after? For example, there's still a glaring amount of TMs that simply aren't in the game (Ice Beam pls), and I imagine you'd want them all to be available in some way eventually. Of course, if they're just all going to be found in the copious amount of Legendary quests that could also work. There might also be some other cool items to put there, but I'm not creative today.
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