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  1. For the past 2 days I've been trying to get the Shiny Alolan Ninetales line when all of a sudden an egg hatched and I got this script error. Does it have to do with Alolan forms or is it another issue? I also don't know how to lower my file size for Rx. Data it keeps hovering around 630-660Kb and thus cannot upload it?
  2. So in Route 9 there is an Audino trainer where the only move that Audino uses is Healing Wish and they are all level 82 on Intense difficulty. There is an interesting AI quirk where if you have a dark type pokemon that is level 72 or higher and it only happens with dark type mons for some weird reason the AI infinitely switches out the Audino's. They will use healing wish if several Audino's are low on HP but otherwise the trainer keeps on switching them out. It makes training dark type pokemon annoying to train sometimes. I've tested it with numerous dark type pokemon it doesn't matter if they are single/dual typing as long as its dark type and at least level 72 you'll trigger the AI.
  3. Oh wow increasing box capacity yes thank you
  4. As someone who has a living dex, well as much as you can catch anyway. Currently max is 686 pokemon you can get more depending on starter and mystery egg. It currently takes 27 boxes and with Gen 8 being a thing it will take even more boxes not including alolan/galarian forms. Any ideas on adding more PC boxes anytime soon since max is 35 boxes? I'm assuming the downside to just adding more PC boxes is alot of lag?? Or is there another reason to not add more boxes
  5. Okay redownloading the game seemed to fix the problem I loaded a backup file just to be safe but thanks for the help. I definitely did not want to lose this as I have put way too much time in rejuv. Alright time to never use debug again.
  6. I will try to redownload the game maybe delete my current save file and load a backup and see if that works. All of this for a dang pichu. Well I'v learned my lesson don't use Alolan Raichu for breeding.
  7. So I installed debug again because pichu wouldn't evolve. I was also messing around with some eevees and their shiny form to see what they would look like since I managed to get only 1 actual shiny eevee so far. I accidentally hit soft reset and every time I boot up the game I get a script error. Is this even fixable or am I just completely screwed? God damn it I also can't upload my save data because apparently I'm only allowed to upload a file of 501.76 kb and my save files as well as my backups exceed that.
  8. I eventually figured it out though I don't know how to permanently fix the solution
  9. Okay I managed to figure it out but I noticed that whenever a pichu is hatched the form value is always set to 1 preventing it from evolving. I have to manually changed it to 0 every time I want to evolve a pichu. Is there a permanent solution for this? I really just need 3 pichus capable of evolving but in the event I somehow want more I would need to install debug again to evolve them. Um Im assuming I can just repplace the scripts.rx data with the original scripts.rx data and my game will be fine?
  10. So I have 3 Pichus in my party that cannot evolve that have max happiness. I know they have max happiness via achievements page. Parent is Alolan Raichu and I did have mods installed but they were QoL only. I somehow managed to get debug installed but I don't know how to use it or how to search for pichu. Can anybody tell me where I have to go in debug to make Pichu evolve again or if anybody can do it for me by accessing my save file. I would like to know how where exactly to go in debug menu in case this bug happens again. Game_2.rxdata
  11. So I'm trying to have a living dex but my Pichu's won't evolve. I know they have max friendship because I use the achievements page to track when they reach max happiness. I am using some mods but they are minor like egg waiting icon and multiselect. Can anyone help me fix this issue I don't know how. Game_2.rxdata
  12. So either I'm missing something here but I literally cannot evolve my eevee into leafeon. I tried surfing, fishing, sweet scent and there are literally no encounters other than the rowlet which I already caught. As far as I know this is the only place to get a leafeon. Sorry if this question has been asked before I tried searching for an answer but I found nothing.
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