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  1. Understandable. I'll try to get through chapter 4 quickly then. Thanks for the assistance though.
  2. Really ? Yikes then I'm in chapter 4. I guess I can just keep it a Pikachu idk. I'll just get the ice creams thanks !
  3. So basically I need help. I want to quickly build up the happiness of my Pichu to make it a Pikachu and then to get an Alolan Raichu. First where do you get the pancake and second what is a quick method to build happiness ( or not an efficient ) way so I dont have a lv 35 Pichu rocking when I'm fighting.
  4. Sorry for the late reply but thanks for the assistance ! I did a casual run cause ( aint no way im good for normal lol ) and was able to have a little rough sailing with switching my swoobat for xatu and just used that.
  5. Actually I cant train since they're already max level, and taking risks doesn't help since most of her team outspeeds mine and literally one of her moves can one shot most of my team Thanks I guess.
  6. So yes, I'll start off with I'm definitely not as good as I once was. Okay got it now lets get through the grit. That child has given me nightmares, I've failed many times cause of her. Now my team consist of Swoobat Fletchinder Bibarel Combusken Grimer (Alolan) and Graveler It would be very much appreciated if I was kinda told what I should do cause I've been stuck for a moment. Changing pokemon, getting moves, etr. Anything in that regard will help and I don't mind grinding ( Assume my team is max level 30 )
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