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  1. Umm slight side note... frost breath might be a tad helpful for bursting through cosmic power as well seeing as it always crits, same with storm throw, but if the opponents using cosmic power its probably psychic type
  2. Another simple workaround would just be to always use the normal silvally sprites for transform seeing as ditto, transformed or not, doesn't have a memory.
  3. Wouldn't be surprised if mods could fix that by making a exception in the code: IE) Check for Mon's Dex # Is Dex # 773? Checks for Shiny or not If Dex # is #773 check typing If #773 Become Silvally w/ typing based off type If not, Becomes the Mon Changes moveset This would allow the game to properly select the correct silvally sprite, and typing. As well as keep silvallys moves working as intended Only way I could see this algorithm failing in any sort of way is with moves like soak. Of course a workaround for soak could have it check s
  4. Umm Konsti,,, wrong file. You need to submit the Game.rxdata file should be right above your LastSave.dat in the folder
  5. No one truly knows what tired means until they stay up all night and sit through a math lecture first thing in the morning

  6. Welp I'm definitely disappointed bout that... especially after seeing the shiny texture. Hopefully it will be available next version though
  7. I have a shiny silvally and I was looking to find the electric memory after seeing the design as well as my constant need for a semi decent electric type... Anyone know where I might find one?
  8. I don't think there is a method to get red shards easily till you get the mining kit either... and when you get it the guy who changes difficulty will probably be gone...
  9. Impostor seems to have a couple bugs/errors around it... I happened to run into one while shiny hunting an impostor ditto with my shiny silvally. Don't worry about it it seems impostor just has some bugs that need to be worked out.
  10. Ok, Will Do! any shinies you want to suggest though?
  11. Also i don't think there is a trading system for rejuvenation, who knows maybe I haven't looked hard enough
  12. With pokemon rejuvenation having high shiny odds you might want to look into shiny pokemon, prep an ultimate shiny team before the next version comes! My main suggestion is doing the type: null sidequest located south of route 3... by the entrance to Goldenleaf town, taking the time to shiny hunt the type null in the quest will be satisfying and overall worth your time. As a side note I am a veteran when it comes to pokemon insurgence, while it is old you may want to take a look into it for the lore, it takes a unique look at everything. Plus I gotta agree with Arlonen as well, pokemon re
  13. I have finished the main Pokemon Rejuvenation story and with its custom shinies and higher odds I wanted to do some shiny hunting, I just want to ask the community here what shiny I should try and find. Of course I already found a shiny type null and ditto, but I would like to know if there are any other good shinies I should hunt.
  14. And to go along with that I just found my shiny ditto :D
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