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  1. For some reason (idk why) camoflauge is bugged in this arena and wont change deerlings type, maybe because its already part normal type
  2. Also he has Naive nature so his defense will suck but he most likely will become the fastest member of my team
  3. I may not have found any luck with my team but maybe this pokemon I caught in route 2 would come in handy XD Can't evolve it since for some reason most of the grass types I have need leaf stones but it should be fine... Moveset is gonna need some work but nature power is pretty good.
  4. So two things here, First TEAM UPDATE, They took way to long to crop and almost crashed my PC, anyways, other than that where can I get an ability capsule? I checked the guide and the only early ability capsule I can get is from the breifcase in a story event which I unfortunately passed.
  5. Ok, So I grabbed the TM's echoed voice and venoshock after a bit of work. They have potential to sweep but its about time I brought up the run killer. Each gym leader has a magical seed mon, or a pokemon with an item that boosts in their field. Ketas seed mon as I will call it, is a shiny ninetails. The magic seed boosts Sp. Atk and sets up magic bounce. The problem is that it outspeeds every pokemon I have except deerling. the best deerling can do is sand attack, which may give me an rng based opening I can abuse, but I have o be extremely lucky to get past ninetails with enough pokemon and s
  6. If only I had the sanity to do that, unfortunately I lost most of my grind cells hunting for shiny mewtwo in ultra sun, and when I finally got him a year later lets go is released with easier odds, and then crown tundra released with even easier odds. You see my grinding sanity will never be the same
  7. Ok, well definately didn't think of that, seems like an odd thing to do to shut off the power though.
  8. Progress in my challenge run is slow but I would like to mention what I've been doing in the meantime,

    Schoolwork (Duh)

    Practicing in Pokemon Showdown with my friends (to not suck at pokemon)

    Playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of time (because why not)

    oh and sleeping, lots of that

    Don't worry though the grind continues

  9. Quick short update, I did some experimenting towards venoshock's TM, you have to beat the STOLEN CARGO! quest to gain access to it. well that's the problem. First off, as a reminder the STOLEN CARGO! quest has a specific gimmick, that being in the area an electrified plate zaps 5 of your pokemon to death and the 6th gets dropped to 1 HP. There is something significant about this. 1st is due to the rules of my run, using revives or a hyper potion is strictly banned. 2nd the game always leaves gloom as the one alive with 1 HP, no matter what party slot its in. 3rd, Gloom doesn't h
  10. Ok Imma be taking a step away from the run for a bit, I've been grinding the fight like crazy so Imma take a bit of time away from the challenge to do some studying and get better at pokemon and other things like school work, as well as play some other games. I will still be taking attempts on the challenge run but don't expect any immediate progress.
  11. Im on the second Keta fight when hes a spirit, theres no muscling through it easily.
  12. Can someone explain to me why keta is SO ANNOYINGLY DIFFICULT? also pineapples.
  13. I've hit a roadblock (Keta) in my challenge run of rejuvenation as well as some save file errors I'm taking care of, hopefully I can make progress soon

  14. btw, just wanted to mention something slightly different from what i said earlier, form a strategy, running headfirst into any of the gym leaders is a bad idea, try using stat buffs or training evs. Nothing comes easy
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