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  1. i just venam woo i won by using fire birb and nala (nala winning most of it) i started with fire birb to fight the nidorina ang help with the grimer which helped a lot but then nala revenge killed the grimer got moxie to one shot marienie and the one shot the rest of venams team it does need an oran berry tho (held item are allowed if you don't like to go back to read)
  2. i know that i'm getting him because i need to too beet venam
  3. also i got a pansear for the 1st gym and had to train it to level 20 i need pansear to beat it + its shiny
  4. its a female litleo so i named it nala (still need name of combusken[and yes i did evolve it it know level 19] and if i should call the fire birb, fire birb) moxie as an ability so not good but hey im not going back on that mild nature. 46/20/0 24/27/0 19/0/0 33/23/0 24/25/0 27/6/1 i like 23 in SpA and i hate that 0 and mild but mild helps it SpA so uh well then
  5. one time i forgot to save. i lost a lot of progress but i did get almost back more like a 1/5th back. i got litleo it has mild and 0 iv in defence so one physical will brutally kill it. like loose all that progress killed me but hey i'll be back where i was in no time (i lost 5 hours of progress and i played for an hour luckily) litleo serves one purpose and that to be the second fastest pokemon on my team (btw i have planed most of my team tho still need 1 or 2) pyroar has 106 base speed and blaziken has a base 80 i will show the stats of litleo a bit from when i send this hopefull
  6. i will say i think the first bit will be easy but i will say i do think the run will end at Valaries gym
  7. the fire birb (or red loftwing if you like loz ss[legend of zelda skyward sword]) first i forgot to say the ability on torchic witch i bet no one can guess speed boost and the fire birbs is gale wings any way it is rash so less spd but more def so not bad just not good either if anyone else does this challenge use one with a speed nature but its whatever at level 12 it has nrml/IV/EV 35/24/2 19/24/2 18/18/1 17/22/0 13/8/1 21/15/10 also torchics hp stats are 35/5/2 now i say i hate EV training all i'm doing is speed and hp for later
  8. so i can't figure it out so... will type them out for a bit till i figure it out torchic: rash (+SpA -SpD) seems like it will be a mix set mainly going to focus in the speed stat but mix with 128 in both attacking stats. at level 13 it has nrml/IV/EV 24/30/7 16/10/0 26/8/0 18/29/1 23/15/164 i did not mean to give it that one in SpD but its fine.
  9. ok update like at 8 and i have not updated this for a bit but i have 2 pokemon torchic and the fire birb i will share screenshots once i figure it out
  10. ok i have just realized i should say the rules so.... here they are. only fire type pokemon in battle. pokemon who evolve into fire type pokemon are allowed no items in battle besides held items no legendaries no RKS boi (since it's so late in the game it won't matter) no exp all i can catch non fire pokemon for hm use only some of this may overlap but i wanted to clarify on topics like RKS boi
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