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  1. Did they put Seeds on their pokemon to hold? iirc Seeds can set the Trick Room effect on Dimensional fields, so you might not have noticed that Trick Room was active if the dialogue was quickly clicked through and I guess it's unlikely that the Ribombee was holding a Lagging Tail, or using a low priority move (doubt it even learns one)
  2. You can challenge specific trainers with Debug, even the different difficulty versions. Unfortunately the field won't be the one from the original fights, but from the area you are in, so you have to travel to a place with the original field if you want the "real" fight. That's probably the closest to what you are looking for.
  3. nah, it's good as is in my opinion. The idea is to turn Spinda into a buffer/debuffer mainly, not an attacker. Buffing a Contrary partner can be really strong. And the stat decreases put pressure on the AI, since it often switches out mons when too many stats were decreased. This can make it hard for the AI to build momentum. So Spinda kinda needs to keep its low stats to still be killable by mons with stat decreases, for fairness' sake. And there's still many ways to help keep it alive, like defensive EV investment, or moves like Fake Out, Follow Me, etc... And the ability disablin
  4. wanted to add some stuff since some concepts felt a little underwhelming Gothitelle Crest - always uses opponent's lower defensive stat for damage calculation, and uses Gothitelle's SpDef stat as SpAtt stat Dunsparce Crest - Gets Simple and Unaware (because only Simple was basically the same as Empoleon's crest) and add some new ideas: Mr. Mime Crest - Screens last 10 turns, and have additional effects Reflect: reflects 1/8 of damage received to opponent. Light Screen: heals own team's side by 1/16 total HP each round
  5. you dont know if the devs already went through the posts, and they wouldnt notice if you edited your post, so better post again for new ideas
  6. well, I tried to scratch together the ideas I had some time ago, hope you'll find them useful Magneton Crest - gets Levitate + Battery (effect applies to itself as well) (and yes, I mean Magneton, not its unsightly evolution) Gothitelle Crest - uses the opponent's lower defensive stat for damage calculation Kricketune Crest - Metronome-like damage boost if a move is repeatedly used, also speed x 1.5 Golisopod Crest - Emergency Exit is replaced by Mold Breaker Cacturne Crest - Sand Stream ability + 30% damage boost during sandstorm Sunflo
  7. that's normal, everyone has that lag because the game loads a file every time you choose a move iirc. I don't think Spork has a mkxp version, so you will have to play like that, you'll get used to it
  8. Wow, the town looks beautiful. And I love those little details like Ren's mom leaning onto the table. I must say, your work is impressive as always, Jan and Zumi. Can't wait to play the new Rejuvenation
  9. To me it's Charlotte. She is always acting tough, but it's obvious how much she is hurting inside. She lost her parents as a kid and believed all this time that she is the one responsible for their deaths, which is already a huge emotional shock. But due to their parents' death, she and her sisters had to live in the orphanage, where the kids weren't shown any love by the adults, but instead tortured to make them behave, which probably just made her feel even more guilt. The only way she saw to protect herself from getting crushed by this enormous guilt was to feel apathetic towards the whol
  10. hmm.. I think I read somewhere that for V13, the four original terrains will be separate from the fanmade fields introduced in Reborn and Rejuvenation, so basically they would stack. For example, let's say setting the Grassy terrain (only 2 effects: Grass +50% damage and heal every turn) on top of the Factory field (with its countless effects). I might be remembering wrong tho, but that would definitely be the best way to balance out the field moves/abilities.
  11. The Game-z crashes whenever i minimize the game, there's no error message (I'm on Windows)
  12. wow so excited and it's so smooth with the new engine, really nice
  13. Well, most people think so because of Tuff-Puff having the same stats and moveset as Freya?'s Naganadel, but this is the only direct connection. Then there's the fact that Saki and co., after being attacked by Freya?, got their memories deleted by Isha, which hints at another connection, since Risa's file in the hospital mentioned some terminal illness. Some think that Risa died and was impersonated by Freya?, but lots of other patients got suddenly healed from their terminal illnesses as well (Remember that Isha has a 100% success rate, so there are bound to be even more cas
  14. well, how else are you gonna mega evolve them? At most, the item could look or be named differently from usual mega stones, but it would still function in the same way (seems unnecessary though)
  15. pretty sure every starter evolves via level up, and earlier as usual for high level evos like Dragalge. If you look in the PBS file 'pokemon', you can find out when exactly for every mon (ASandshrew evolves at Lv32)
  16. well 18.4 only differs in one line in the script from 18.3, and this mod doesn't change the script since it is a purely optical change, so it definitely should be compatible
  17. wow that's a weird bug. I warped you back to Isha, just walk down a little and the scene will trigger like normal. Game_2.rxdata
  18. you need to install the 12.2 patch, it's on the game's download page, and afterwards load an older save file. you uploaded the wrong save, this one has zero badges and works normally. your save seems to be corrupted, try loading an older save file
  19. oh boy, i really hope it's gonna be the mega ring she'll give to us
  20. groudon is already primal in intense mode, so that's prob not gonna happen. I could imagine Rayquaza to appear, or battling Spacea and Tiempa/ Dialga and Palkia
  21. no because we see Adrest with his mother in a flashback, and she clearly didn't look like Nymiera. If you're talking about the knight from the story (her son), it is said that he died in the war while protecting her.
  22. The point might be that we now know where the Archtype was sealed, which the bad guys might be after. What I just remembered: the evil part of the Dark prophecy might be "reserved" for the protagonist, since a lot of people seem to mention our potential of destroying the world if we wanted, instead of saving it. So depending on our choices in the game we will possibly fill the last role left for whichever prophecy fits us more. Just thinking of the bad end of the Hidden Library 4 quest with Karen and Karrina makes this look very plausable.
  23. but the prophecy only states one of the lights to have Arceus' power, so those four wouldn't fit the prophecy
  24. Totally agree with your choices for the lights for the same reasons that you explained. But the darkness ones are still really vague since there are many possible candidates. Like Geara is someone I think might be one of them since he's behaving pretty evil. Madame X never really struck me as evil, she just has that "survival of the strongest" mindset, so my guess is that she isn't part of the prophecy. Indriad could fit several, like hatred for the world and humans which let Anathea die, jealousy because Arceus created pokemon with greater power than humans, which was the r
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