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  1. So I am aware that the mods are not fully compatible with v13.05, but seeing other forums saying that some mods worked like the itemfinder. I tried doing what they've done by reusing the vanilla script file and deleting the return in line 10 from a certain mod, but still no changes.
  2. Hmmm thanks for the info, already defeated the gym with houndoom. Tryna get that noctowl crest and experiment with it
  3. Just found this shiny Noctowl lvl 31 in Goldenleaf Village/Town(?), is this a good mon early since I am currently fighting narcissa which is a ghost type gym leader
  4. Its alrights, its one of my expirements on how many shinies i get from 20 eggs hahahahaha, imma try another run with the ditto you gave me :D
  5. Its aight!!! Thanks for the help again much appreciated!
  6. still waiting, am i doing something wrong?
  7. Okie I am already waiting request now
  8. Just woke up, if you you're still online my name is just Rez-san
  9. Hello just recently started playing the rejuvenation and added the mod, things works fine except I cant play the game in large screen. Any ideas?
  10. Sent some torchics in wondertrade :D
  11. Just recently finished the game for the first time and since the next episode is near, I wanted to go breeding with ditto. Is there someone who could trade me one?
  12. Hmmm interesting, I am building two teams for this run which is sand team and rain team and I put garchomp of one my main sweepers. I already have a hazard setter which is my hippowdon with sandstream then following up my garchomp and excadrill with sand veil and sand rush respectively. I have magnezone for water and fairy coverage and two mons is weavile to counter psychic mons which generally OHKO garchomp since many psychic pokemon can outspeed garchomp has access to dazzling beam and also it has a good priority move, lastly any of my special attackers depending on the future battle (Gardevior, Alakazam, Lucario, Starmie and meowstic). The brick-break filler seems good since I have it on my weavile for screens and it restricted me from giving him choice band, so garchomp BB could change weavile moveset and add another good coverage for the team. I still have a lot of high-leveled pokemon but I am still new to team building so what you guys think bout just changing iron head for brick-break?
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