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  1. Happy Birthday Marcello!! I hope you'll have a wonderful day 😄🎂

  2. this furret is made for walking and that's just what he'll do because one of these days when you play this fight he'll walk all over you
  3. So, I think this postgame stuff we're working on is gonna be pretty hard.
  4. Hello, one and all! Long time no see, I have not made a devblog post in quite some time. Alas, you will have to wait a little longer for such a thing. You see, this is not a devblog post. There is nothing of note happening here, I'm just taking a stroll and making a delivery, and you happened to bump into me as I did. Of course we can have a nice chat, but there's no reveals or info about E19 here today. Not from me, no siree. You see, we have just recieved a fresh new batch of assets and art from the 'Pokemon Reborn Art Factorytm'* that I need to deliver to the 'Pokemon Reborn Assets Storage Warehousetm'. So I'm carrying this box of top secret art for top secret postgame things. But I'm not in a rush, so thought I'd say hello along the way. ... What, did you think I was going to drop the box? That I'd spill it everywhere? That it was all a funny bit to frame me revealing some art? Preposterous, I would never do something so expected. I'm hurt you'd even think such a thing! So hurt, in fact, that I am going to leave right now, angrily! But alas, as Marcello stormed off, he did not realise there was a hole in the box, and some of the top secret art fell out. Whatever could they be for? *We do not actually have an art factory this work was done by Crim I was just doing a funny bit but also Crim is great thank you Crim.
  5. Hello yes it is me, a user who has definitely played Rejuv, here to make suggestions about some of the mons I like which are not very good uwu Separated helpfully by gen! Gen 1: Nidoqueen/king (could work for either) - Swaps Atk. and SpAtk, and makes the secondary effects of moves still activate with Sheer Force Wigglytuff - Sing has 100% accuracy and hits both targets in doubles, but sleep only lasts 2 turns Alolan Dugtrio - Tangling hair procs when Dugtrio's moves make contact as well, and sets a 'layer of hair' (e.g. Sticky Webs) when Dig is used (ALL Forms) Meowth [This is not a joke I swear I think this is a cool idea] - Regardless of regional variant, gives Meowth all the resistances of Normal, Dark AND Steel type (e.g. Ghost, Dark & Poison immune, Resists every type except Fire, Fighting, Water, Ground & Electric) Primeape (Anger Point only) - All attacks against this pokemon are critical Snorlax - Immune to Sleep. Double speed, but take double damage. Gen 2: Sunflora - Petal Dance becomes like a damage over time move, e.g. Sunflora can still use other moves on subsequent turns while the hits continue to happen Octillery - Octazooka cannot miss, and gains a metronome effect (the item, i.e. it gets stronger the more times in a row it is used) Gen 3: Hoennian Linoone - Its normal type moves become super effective against dark type pokemon (Revenge against the Galarians being able to evolve!) Ludicolo - Doubles the healing effect of Rain Dish, or increases the speed boost of Swift Swim by 50% based on ability. Either way, makes Rain Dance last the maximum length when used by this mon, and makes this mon immune to self-confusion from teeter dance. Masquerain - Intimidate lowers ALL stats of the foe by one stage, but prevents Masquerain from being able to switch out. Ninjask/Shedinja Duo Crest - As long as both pokemon are unfainted in your party with the crests, both pokemon have the effects of Speed Boost AND Wonder Guard. (I know this one is weird so if you like it enough to actually wanna use the idea I'm willing to program it in because I imagine it'll be kinda sucky to do LOL) Grumpig - Bounce does Special damage, has an increased chance to paralyze, and hits all opponents in doubles Spinda - Simple + Moody. That is all. Gen 4: There's nothing here all the Gen 4 mons I really like are powerful and I don't have ideas for creative ways to change their playstyles Gen 5: Emboar - Increases the damage scaling on Heat Crash/Heavy slam (i.e. makes the maximum BP higher if weight difference is big enough) and double Emboar's weight Simisage/Simisear/Simipour - If no pokemon in your party are dual typed, crest holder gains STAB and resistances of ALL pokemon types in the party. Ferrothorn - Swaps Speed with Defense, and Special Attack with Special Defense Galarian Stunfisk - Snap Trap now does its damage when hit with a contact move rather than when used (like the charge of Beak Blast). Sets a Snap Trap at the start of each turn Gen 6: Greninja (ONLY with Protean) - Becomes Pure Dark type. Triple STAB bonus. Cannot use damaging moves which are not Dark Type. Pangoro - Whole party is immune to Psychic type damage while this mon is unfainted. Hawlucha - All Fighting and Flying type moves become Fighting/Flying moves like Flying Press. Recieve STAB twice from dual typed moves. Avalugg - All moves gain +1 priority. Cannot use status moves. (Give the coffee table some coffee!) Gen 7: Crabominable - Punching moves hit twice, but needs to recharge (like hyper beam) after using a punching move. Ultra Beast (any) - Makes Beast Boost boost the TWO highest stats, but locks into the first move used like a choice item. Gen 8: Inteleon - If opponent is KO'd with a critical hit, restore 50% of max HP. Cramorant - Adds a new form to Gulp Missile below 25% hp which has it gulping a second Cramorant. The gulp damage has no secondary effect in this form, but it remains in this form for the remainder of the battle, staying after inflicting the damage or even if healed. (I think this is a genuinely good idea but also 95% of the reason I suggested it is I want to make Zumi sprite it.) Mr. Rime (Screen Cleaner only) - Screen Cleaner only removes screens from the opponent's side of the field, while also removing hazards from your side of the field. Loses 1/8 of max HP on switch in. Falinks - No Retreat no longer fails if used more than once. Falinks' PP usage is doubled.
  6. Hey happy birthday Marcello!! I hope you will have a wonderful day 😄🎂

  7. I appreciate this post, both for detailing all your hard work And also because you politely did not point out how much of the deeply inefficient code you optimised was written by me oops
  8. That @Marcello guy is great. He even programmed the clusterfuck that is Dragon Darts. This was a great devblog post, especially the part that praised him. :]
  9. For what it's worth, while I programmed the AI, Ame is the one who actually designed it, and she is far better at pokemon than me. I'm, on the whole, pretty bad at mons. If it gets better than her, THEN we should be worried. But it's also worth noting that the AI does a lot of calculations and keeps track of a lot of info so it has that edge too.
  10. Preposterous! Not in my Reborn! Perish the thought! G R E E T I N G S, Rebornians. Over the years I have carefully crafted Reborn's AI from the ground up (shoutout to ame who actually designed it tho, she the real mvp). With each episode the AI has only gotten smarter, and better at playing pokemon. In particular with the advent of 18.2, our AI has really stepped up it's game with some major bugfixes, outplaying you* so hard, it really makes you FEEL like you're a shit pokemon trainer. *by 'you' I mean me, I'm terrible at pokemon and the AI has consistently been better than me since like, E18, let alone 18.2 And with the constant AI improvements, we are often asked 'Hey, how come the AI is so smart when battling me, but so garbage when it's my partner? Is this just designed that way to make the game harder?' To which we say 'No, of course not! We don't believe in that kind of unfair game design, AI shouldn't cheat and we would never artificially dumb it down in situations where it should be helping the player!' ...on purpose. ...We'd never do that on purpose. So have you ever had an experience in Reborn where your AI partner has an all hitting move like, say, Earthquake, and uses it when it would KO your mon? Or doesn't use it when it would barely damage your mon and seriously hurt the opponent? Because in E18 we added code specifically to deal with that, and have your partners make smarter choices! And guess what? They still didn't make smart choices and we were sad. So let me tell you a little something about loops. Loops are great. They let you check through a bunch of cases with only a single block of code! I could write 'for i in 1..4' to go through four different cases (funny that, just as many cases as a mon has moves!) with a single bit of code! But do you know what is near i, both in the alphabet and on the keyboard? j. And do you know what happens if you loop through i and accidentally type a j somewhere? Why, it checks whatever j is, which is probably something else from earlier in the code, nothing to do with poor old i. And that can have the side effect of making AI real unpredictable. Like, for example, lets say your AI wants to use Earthquake. But part of the AI for that is to check how much damage it does to it's partner. But oh no, I typed a j instead of an i in that check? So instead of checking how much damage Earthquake would do, it checks another move. Could be any of them. Like say, a status move. So it'll think no damage. And Earthquake away no matter how hard that'll hurt your mon. Oops. But now this is fixed. We have officially cancelled j. Except for like, the places it's meant to be. In those places we've cancelled i. So for E19, you can finally look forward to the partner AI being just as smart as the opponent AI! Hopefully that should make some of the paired fights in the game a lot easier. ... ... ... Eeeeeeexcept the fact that this cuts both ways. The AI is also now much better at being a partner, regardless of which side it is on,, so this fix will also mean that AIs will act a lot smarter about not sacking their own mons in doubles so like... Y'know, have fun with the AI being better in literally every double battle in the entire game! Of course, this wouldn't be a devblog post without at least a LITTLE teaser for E19. And sure, I've told you about an AI update that it will bring but, because I'm such a great guy, you can have a little more. So I leave you with a screenshot of some actual dialogue from E19 with no context... I wonder what character would say this?
  11. In light of her recent return to the fold, I nominate @Zumi for Smelliest Auth
  12. I thought one was already too many, but I have high hopes for the second! So hi! Great news for today, in that we are welcoming two new members to our moderation team! First up, we have someone many of you may recognise from the time they spend helping in the troubleshooting section: @Starry Knight will be joining the team as a forum moderator! Secondly, we have someone that many of you may recognise from around the discord server, chatting and spreading positivity: @Azzie will be joining the team as a discord moderator! I hope you can all give both the new additions a warm welcome and wish them well! Beyond this, just wanted to add a quick reminder to everyone that, with Pokemon Sword and Shield coming out in a few weeks, we will have a spoiler lock in place for a month after they do for people that don't buy the games right away, so please keep that in mind!
  13. Happy Birthday Marcello 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

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