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  1. I have had a problem with Reborn 16. Im not new to this game Ive had an old file and it got corrupted by a Virus. And Recently I had tried to download the game on a new computer and the game wont launch. This is what the game file says anytime I try to run it https://snag.gy/9QxNY3.jpg.

    1. Risa_Kapadia


      Try using a back up save file.

    2. Codewrecker



      Try using a back up save file.

      The thing is I dont have one b/c my Mac that I had it on got completely corrupted and I had to delete my back up :(. But thnks for trying to help.

    3. Risa_Kapadia


      Hmmm. Are you sure you downloaded / unzipped the file completely. If the file isn't unzipped completely some images/files can be missing from the overall product. So try downloading the game and unzipping it again. I know it takes forever, but it might be the solution.

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