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  1. If it hasn't changed in episode 11 (I took a break and hadn't a chance to update rejuv to episode 11) the darmanitan tile puzzle is a 4X4 rotation puzzle. This guide should help you:
  2. Happy birthday ! 

    1. Sayia


      Happy birthday 😄 

  3. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

    If you want to receive a shiny, you can visit this thread 🙂


  4. 1.not really, breeding is an option. IV's to me, help me give advantage in edge cases but good strategy beats IV's. 2. I think they do 3. Certainly, baby pokemon for instance come with 3 perfect IV's 4. Yes, there are also items which manipulate the passing down of IV's. This is perfectly legal and not that difficult to breed:
  5. Well I'm blessed with an amazing budew.

    1. Wolfox
    2. Dreamy


      ssh don't let Ame see it (or evolve it quickly, it'll make a lovely roserade) 


      (I think because baby pokemon technically can't breed, they're generated with 3 perfect IV's base like legendaries are)

    3. Candy


      Getting a 5IV with correct IV spread from the event is still hard tho 👀

  6. To me mean/antagonistic rivals aren't necessairely better but I feel they fit my criteria that rivals need to have to be good rivals, easier then friendly rivals. First a rival needs to be challenging. A rival that isn't challenging, is't a good rival. This means that with the lowering of the difficulty of the games and the improvement of player skills in pokemon over time, didn't do the friendly rivals justice which were introduced in the later generations. Second a rival battle has to mean something, there needs to be a stake/reason to win. Mean/antagonistic rivals meet this criteria , because they either have an opposing ideology and/or are just play mean and insult you. Proving them wrong is the reason to win. Fern, blue and red easely fill this but with the friendly rivals this is most of the time lacking. That being said overcomming a chalenging opponent can be a good reason to fight but pkmn tends to not go that route. Wally and Hau are the worst offenders to this principle. Third a good rival, makes you want to interact with him. Here is where friendly rivals easily fall flat on their face, most of the time they are boring. This is also why I think barry wasn't a good rival for me, I didn't like his attitude and behavior. Every meeting with was a test of my patience and I basically groaned when he came on my screen because to me he acted like a hyperactive monkey. That being said the interaction between character doesn't need to be positive: loving to hate is perfectly valid and mean rivals also fit this criteria easily . As long as the rival interactions (with the player) are good it helps being a good rival. So yeah I will not say friendly rivals are bad (Cain is for instance a good rival) but they rarely fit my criteria for a good rivalry.
  7. I'm fighting one of my greatest fights yet, this is a fight that lasts for days and will last for even longer.

    It's me vs character creation.

    1. Dreamy


      a dastardly foe indeed

  8. Damn the people who came up with the stupid password policies at work. My account locks itself every 5 minutes and I have called the help desk 5 times today.

  9. This is a great breeding mon. perfect HP, defense and special defense IV's are desired by most pokemon.
  10. Playing a defensive/stall team in Reborn is really a test of patience.

    1. Perish Song

      Perish Song

      What difficulties it has barring levelling them is extremely annoying? I dont think battles are a problem 

    2. FairFamily


      Early game options are quite limitted (poison,poison and look more poison especially since they took my meowstic away) and the early gyms counter them incredibly hard .  The facts that fields tend to boost offense doesn't help either. Let's hope mid game does better. 

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