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  1. Ever wanted MORE double battles in reborn? ... Well here it is! All trainer battles with 2 or more pokemon have become double battles! Only trainers with less than two battle-capable mons remain in the singles format. >:) Enjoy your newest torture friends... Installation Instructions! - - Go into your Pokemon Reborn folder. - Open "Scripts" - Look for "PokemonTrainers.rb" - Rename it to "#PokemonTrainers.rb" - Download the file below this line, also named PokemonTrainers.rbPokemonTrainers.rb - And wallah! Enjoy your Reborn Experience now with twice the fun! >:) --------- Credits to Confetti for their E18 spiritual predecessor "Pokemon Reborn except all the trainer battles are Double Battles" !!
  2. So, I wanted to make a mod for Pokemon Reborn. I would it call the Metronome Infinity Mod, where every battle, every Pokemon, can only have Metronome. But I need some help to make this, can someone please help me?
  3. Apologies if this is beating a dead horse, but whenever I go to download the Episode 19 patch, Google Chrome freaks out and blocks the download. I don't know if this is a problem with the download source or the download itself. I've been trying to look on YouTube or Google for guides on what's going wrong but I haven't been able to find anything. If anyone has any idea of what's going wrong or how to fix it, that'd be much appreciated.
  4. So I've been as of lately playing pokemon reborn I've recently completed the fourth gym leader shade and now I'm blacksteam factory at the present time and I simply realised I missed the childcare event to pick up the Ditto. So I chose to go into my pokemon reborn substance for my macintosh and for reasons unknown I don't have game.rxdata in the pokemon reborn contents so now I'm just stuck anybody can help me discover save files in pokemon reborn fruit edition.
  5. i still have the backups for the save but every time i try to load a back up that save wont show please help
  6. Hi everyone, I recently started playing and I did some sprite replacements to allow me to play as Rosa from Pokemon Black and White 2 in Pokemon Reborn. I'd like to share it with you all if anyone else is interested in using it. I customized all of her sprites to fit with the sprite size scaling in Pokemon Reborn, removed her handbag to make the sprites more symmetrical, and modified her face slightly to be a smile. Images: By default this mod will replace the sprites for the 5th player character model you see at the character select screen at the beginning of the game. To install it, download the Graphics folder and merge it with the Graphics folder in your Pokemon Reborn installation folder, overwriting all files when/if prompted. If you wish to replace a different player character model you will need to rename all of the image files to the appropriate player character. If you wish to uninstall the mod and restore the appearance of the original Player Character 5, you can use the Backup folder I've included with the files in the link below You can download the mod here. Please let me know what you think!
  7. Shofu disappeared after the gauntlet, a new challenger enters the pokemon reborn ring, it's Tyranitartube
  8. Anyone got a save file for Pokemon Reborn up until when Luna gets kidnapped which is right after the 8th gym badge? My save file got corrupted and my last backup is 2 days before. I've been on a marathon run, so my last backup is definitely not up to the 8th gym badge. I don't care what the starter or the name is. I just wanted to play. Cheers
  9. Hey everyone Well I Wanna start my first nuzlock and i have two option for that .... So i m just hopping you all can help me to choose so pick for me one
  10. Greetings fellow trainers. While we patiently wait for any kind of updates, it's best to keep ourselves occupied. And one way to do that is by theory crafting! For example, after getting over the shock of what Lin did to Ame's in-game counterpart, I realized that she killed the champion. But we're not here to talk about her. Not today at the very least. With her gone, we never really learn what type of trainer Ame was. Far as I know, she was known to use two pokemon. Absol, a dark type, and Alolan Ninetails. Fairy and Ice Dual type. I know the battle will work out somehow, but I can't help but wonder what kind of challenge she would have to offer. Then my mind goes to a certain event Reborn and Rejuvenation use. You know, where you basically fight an illusion of a trainer before encountering the pokemon. This happened with the Fighting type gym leader, Kiki in Reborn and the MC's "Mother" in Rejuvenation. I mean, it's been done twice, exactly what's stopping a hat trick from happening? So, I have a favor to ask of you all. If anyone wants to, I'd like you to theorize down below exactly what team Ame would use. If possible, maybe some field advantages she would utilize. This will be useful information for a project that I'm knocking around ATM. Tysm in advance!
  11. Could someone please trade me a rockruff real quick? I have some okay breedjects from WT if you'd like something in return.
  12. I just need one so I can evole my sneasel for my fight with radomus
  13. Hey everyone, I just caught a Type: Null just now and this is going to be my first time ever having any experience with the Pokemon. I'm attaching a screenshot of the Type: Null I caught. Would need your feedback on the EVs and IVs so that I know whether to continue with this one or soft reset and try to catch a better one. Also, if the EVs and IVs aren't good for this, please suggest a good set of base EVs and IVs for this Pokemon so that I can work on catching a Pokemon with that set. Thanks in advance~
  14. Hi everyone, Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I need help. I'm on my second playthrough of the game (I had played episodes 13-16 long ago and just started a new character on episode 18 last week). So I went and beat Luna yesterday. However, what happened in the battle is, her Bisharp used Knock Off and knocked off my Exp Share. Now the battle went fine and I beat her first try. But when I opened the game today, it is not showing an Exp Share on any of my Pokemon now. Its like the Exp Share totally vanished! I would really appreciate it if someone could help me find a fix for this. I am attaching my saved file here for reference. I really need that Exp Share to grind my Pokemon up for Samson and eventually Amaria. Thanks in advance~ Game.rxdata
  15. So I downloaded the "RD Client" app on my phone and I wanted to play reborn on my phone, once I did that I connected to my desktop and was able to run the game, but I have no I Idea how to control my character, does anyone know how?
  16. What's up people of the internet. I think what I'm about to do is the hardest thing ever I'm going to attempt to speed run Pokemon Reborn as a Nuzlocke. So yeah pretty hard. I'm also uploading the full run as episodes on YouTube. Here is the first video: Any support would be appreciated as I'm a new youtuber.
  17. So, I have been working on my Fangame, and was wondering if anyone knew of some tilesets that have a simular tone to the ones used in Reborn City, but were made in the same style of the Insurgence TIlesets. Any help is appreciated!
  18. I want to do a Cosplay of Cain, the character from Pokemon Reborn, and I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find a wig similar to his hair, the ones that I found that looked ok, could not be shipped in my country (I live in Romania)
  19. Respectfully request to know who I can get ahold of to get the updated PBS file for Pokémon Reborn Episode 18. Thank you for your time.
  20. i think the tittle speaks for itself i am basically at the last gym and only now remembered of the relationship points and i was like "is there a way to view them ?" i tried looking around in the menu but nothing soo i wanted to know if its possible to view your own relationship points or not
  21. Hello again, A little while ago I completed my first speedrun of episode 18 in 8 hours, 33 minutes and 7 seconds: Today I completed a new run in 7 hours, 11 minutes and 59 seconds: This is a segmented run, as it was last time. Segments that went really bad early on were reset this time (as a segmented run would normally do). This time might not be a good representation of a single segment run. I would like to do single segments runs, but I don't have 8 hours in a day to spend on it for the forseeable future. This is a really big improvement. I expected to save about 45-60 minutes. This time is really good. I was able to improve it by: - Better gameplay - Better ingame choices - Better movement - Better strats for hard fights - Rerouting certain time consuming parts Some interesting changes are definitely in the E18 content. The fight against Solaris has been significantly changed. Previously Nidoqueen was used with a lot of x items. Now basically the entire team is used and the only x item needed is 1 x defend. The Hardy fight also features a new strat: brick break along with 1 extra x attack. Brick is a lot more consistent and doesn't cause you to lose so much HP when you miss (which happens often in the rocky field). To compensate for lower base power an extra x attack is used. Nidoqueen is send out instead of Ampharos. Nidoqueen with x defend can tank a lot of moves, buying more time for Blaziken to get set up and sweep. E: Link to the speedrun route: https://mega.nz/#!5ARXWYyY!G_WdQjEJ3cfZW3IfHPHuk-FlV-GDHRTd8MPcSIklqjY E: Link to youtube playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLV1soDJJkbF9adcHKKNGT5V3ePAVrgdx3 Arkadius
  22. In terms of difficulty, you can factor in the following: puzzles, sidequests, battles (gym leaders and other major ones), etc. I didn't know where to put it but it's still Reborn related so I put it in Reborn City for now (Staff can feel free to move if you think it's in the wrong place). Feel free to discuss this/ have an analysis. It's just to see which one people find more difficult
  23. so i've been wondering for a while, but are reborn fanmixes/playlists a thing? like character-specific playlists? just asking out of pure curiosity and wanted to know if there were any out there. (and maybe give them a listen too)
  24. Yo anyone got a Litten or something on that line that they can trade? Need to finish up the starter egg sidequest.
  25. Drak

    LF Clefairy

    Hi, i'm breeding fairy egg group pokemons, and only need a clefairy to end this group and start with other, can anyone trade me any? (doesn't matter ivs, gender, nature, shiny or not, because I traded one thinking I could catch another after the fight with Terra)
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