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Found 13 results

  1. i still have the backups for the save but every time i try to load a back up that save wont show please help
  2. Hi everyone, I recently started playing and I did some sprite replacements to allow me to play as Rosa from Pokemon Black and White 2 in Pokemon Reborn. I'd like to share it with you all if anyone else is interested in using it. I customized all of her sprites to fit with the sprite size scaling in Pokemon Reborn, removed her handbag to make the sprites more symmetrical, and modified her face slightly to be a smile. Images: By default this mod will replace the sprites for the 5th player character model you see at the character select screen at the beginning of the game. To install it, download the Graphics folder and merge it with the Graphics folder in your Pokemon Reborn installation folder, overwriting all files when/if prompted. If you wish to replace a different player character model you will need to rename all of the image files to the appropriate player character. If you wish to uninstall the mod and restore the appearance of the original Player Character 5, you can use the Backup folder I've included with the files in the link below You can download the mod here. Please let me know what you think!
  3. Shofu disappeared after the gauntlet, a new challenger enters the pokemon reborn ring, it's Tyranitartube
  4. Anyone got a save file for Pokemon Reborn up until when Luna gets kidnapped which is right after the 8th gym badge? My save file got corrupted and my last backup is 2 days before. I've been on a marathon run, so my last backup is definitely not up to the 8th gym badge. I don't care what the starter or the name is. I just wanted to play. Cheers
  5. Hey everyone Well I Wanna start my first nuzlock and i have two option for that .... So i m just hopping you all can help me to choose so pick for me one
  6. Greetings fellow trainers. While we patiently wait for any kind of updates, it's best to keep ourselves occupied. And one way to do that is by theory crafting! For example, after getting over the shock of what Lin did to Ame's in-game counterpart, I realized that she killed the champion. But we're not here to talk about her. Not today at the very least. With her gone, we never really learn what type of trainer Ame was. Far as I know, she was known to use two pokemon. Absol, a dark type, and Alolan Ninetails. Fairy and Ice Dual type. I know the battle will work out somehow, but I can't help but wonder what kind of challenge she would have to offer. Then my mind goes to a certain event Reborn and Rejuvenation use. You know, where you basically fight an illusion of a trainer before encountering the pokemon. This happened with the Fighting type gym leader, Kiki in Reborn and the MC's "Mother" in Rejuvenation. I mean, it's been done twice, exactly what's stopping a hat trick from happening? So, I have a favor to ask of you all. If anyone wants to, I'd like you to theorize down below exactly what team Ame would use. If possible, maybe some field advantages she would utilize. This will be useful information for a project that I'm knocking around ATM. Tysm in advance!
  7. Could someone please trade me a rockruff real quick? I have some okay breedjects from WT if you'd like something in return.
  8. I just need one so I can evole my sneasel for my fight with radomus
  9. I want to do a Cosplay of Cain, the character from Pokemon Reborn, and I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find a wig similar to his hair, the ones that I found that looked ok, could not be shipped in my country (I live in Romania)
  10. Hi yes I think some of you have seen me talk about adapting Reborn Chronicles into a game. Well, it turns out I'd have to wait for Reborn to be finished to even get started on the game, and god knows how long that'll be (although I promise it won't take a billion years maybe). So I've decided to switch gears, and turn it into a webcomic! It will be updated at my own pace, so no projected release dates will be posted, or progress bars (Ame and I do dev work differently lol). Foreward History has been part of our lives since birth, and throughout life we make our own paths, and make our own history. But what about this city? What secrets lie within Reborn? That's the job I was assigned; to collect and archive all past records of Reborn City. But why did Ame pick such a reclusive bookkeeper like myself? What does she see in me? Maybe it's the fact that I'm practically a blank slate, ready to carve my name in the surface. Or I'm just another expendable. Who knows? I sure as hell don't. Summary The story follows Reborn's bookkeeper, Jasper, as he travels across the Reborn region in search of documentation of the old Reborn City. On his journey, he faces many challenges from tangles with ferocious wild Pokemon, to his inner struggles as a person trying to find his place in the world. Lame, I know. But this has always been something I've been super excited about sharing lol. Thank you for taking the time to read and consider!
  11. Please keep a couple things in mind: The fangame Pokemon: Light Platinum is referenced here with the Zhery and Lauren regions. Nothing else about the game will be spoiled in later chapters, but I wanted to give a nod to what I believed was a well-made fangame. Also, this is possibly the last chapter placed in Reborn. Last but not least, I made a slight alteration to the Gym system, where they have the main leader (say, Amaria) taking challenges during the day, and at night, a substitute GL takes his/her place if they want to get some sleep, but not close the gym to challengers. Now, enough with the monologue--let's get this story posted. Chapter Two: Second Start As we walked, I felt guilt and pain. Yet again, I felt shame at my own cowardice, and wished I could take it all back. I could remember all the Pokemon in my team clearly, like they were right in front of me. My first team member was Elisa, who I’d traded my starter Pokemon, a Marshtomp, for. She was from another region, with the extremely rare fairy type. Trading a level 27 for a level 6 probably wasn’t my wisest idea to date, but it was very worth the risk. At the time, I was a casual trainer, not challenging the league but just training with my friends. My brother Eric had long outstripped me, challenging the league and winning badges. He wanted to be as strong as our father, Norman, the Normal Type gym leader. He ended up being stronger, my dad proudly handing him his badge on TV. I had watched the battle, studying them both. My brother and I had very different styles, with him wanting his Pokemon to take the hit and walk it off, while I wanted them to dodge everything. My Marshtomp had a low speed stat, and we didn’t get along. When a trader from Unova had come along, I was fascinated with the strange Pokemon he brought. Marshtomp and I said our goodbyes and I swapped him out for Jade, later to be re-named Elisa. She and I did very well in battle, as she used Double Team to dodge attacks, Draining Kiss to restore her HP when she was hit, and Confusion to push enemies away while damaging and disorienting them. When she evolved to Kirlia, and later Gardevoir, we began talking telepathically, and soon we began considering the League Challenge. I remembered that day, replaying it in my head. We were in my bedroom, Elisa sitting on my bed, me stargazing through my window. “Maybe we should challenge the League like Eric said. It couldn’t hurt, right?” I said, leaning back in my chair. She tilted her head, and I could hear her thoughts. “Perhaps this league isn’t right for us, though. You’ve shown no interest in the Hoenn gym leaders, but I’ve seen you looking through books and websites covering the Zhery and Lauren Leagues, their regions, and the native Pokemon. If you get a Pokedex, then we could use that to travel there.” It was true, I had always been more interested in foreign regions. Plus, there was little fun in taking on a league my big brother had already beaten. “It’d be fun, I think. Sure, I’d be away from home, but I have a phone so I could call every once in a while. I’d be able to make new friends, put together a good team, and we could all get stronger.” I said. Elisa stood, walking to my side. Staring out the window with me, she said “I’ll go wherever you do. We’re a team, and a good one at that. We can talk to your mom in the morning; it’s already midnight. You need to get some sleep, alright?” I nodded, already feeling sleep tugging at my eyelids. The very next day, we were on a ferry to the Zhery region. After an hour of walking we arrived at my friend’s house. Cory had been silent the whole way, while Mira had repeatedly tried to strike up conversation. I’d given her short, unhelpful responses, knowing I should talk but not in the best mood. I knocked on the door, waiting patiently. After a moment, I knocked again, thinking maybe he was asleep. After all, he did work night shifts… I tested the doorknob, finding it unlocked. Slowly walking inside, I saw a Zangoose in the adjacent room, growling at me. “Easy, Havoc. It’s me. Where’s Ionas?” I said. A voice issued from down the hall, saying “Right here. You caught me getting dressed, sorry ‘bout that.” Ionas, a substitute Water Type gym leader, came out of his bedroom and greeted us. We sat down at his table, watching as he got prepped to go to the gym. “So, Seth, how have you been? I haven’t seen you in a while, I was starting to get worried you’d gotten mugged.” my friend said. I smiled slightly, saying “Why would I be mugged? I own nothing of value, and anybody who looks at me knows it.” I paused. “I… need to ask a favor of you.” I waited for his response, and as he nodded to me to continue, I said “You’ve been wanting to sell a Water type. I don’t have any money, but I was hoping to borrow it. I’m going back to Hoenn-you know what that means, right?” A soft smile lit his face. “It’s about time you went back for them. She’s a Milotic named Undai. She’s got a defensive moveset, but she’s right up your alley. Take her-no charge. Don’t argue,” he held his hand up, making me close my mouth. “You helped me catch half my team, and you held on to them when I had to leave the region. You trained them, taught me, and I saw a side of you that made me believe in you. This is my way of repaying you. I’d even come with you, but I need to clear that with Ame.” He pulled an Ultra Ball out of a drawer, tossing it to me. “Go get your friends back. If you need me, I’ll be there.” I nodded, smiling. I should have figured he’d do this. “Thanks, Ionas. Don’t tell me you’re actually going to drink that…” I said, watching him lift a mug of what he considered ‘coffee’ to his lips. Bracing himself, he downed the whole mug as fast as he could, grimacing severely at the bitter taste. He gagged, making us laugh. Wiping his mouth, Ionas said “Yeah, keep laughing. I hate it, but it’s all that keeps me awake at work. Get out of my house, you lazy street rat.” We all left, still laughing, heading for the train station. When it came to part ways, Ionas and I shook hands, and bid each other goodbye. *** We were on the train, on an intercontinental railroad. Spanning an enormous ocean, it was a marvel of human construction. Cory had a Vaporeon in his lap who was purring contentedly as he stroked her spine. Mira was reading a book, and I was just staring at the Ultra Ball. Memories floated over my vision, threatening to strip me of my good mood. I remembered one particular day with Elisa more prominently than the others, and it sparked an idea within my mind. I was sitting on a log, and she was across from me, staring into my eyes. I was trying to use telepathy, and failing miserably. She was gently coaching me, encouraging me to keep trying. She had opened a link between us, but it was one way-from my mind to hers. I was trying to peer inside her mind, and while she swore she wasn’t resisting, I couldn’t change the direction of the link. “Can you go over it again? I think I’m missing something.” I said, trying not to wince at the headache I was developing. She broadened the link, allowing her to speak in my mind. “Focus on the link. You can already see it-the pink/blue line connecting us. Now just focus on relaxing all the various parts of your mind. Once you’ve done that, feel the link. It’s narrow, only flowing one way, much like a small river. You need only make it wider, allow the energy to head both ways, side by side, forming a circuit. If you can do that, you’ve succeeded.” I nodded, glad she was so patient. My own frustration was nearly palpable in the air, and I felt stupid. I forced myself to relax, feeling the link return to its narrowed state. When I had calmed down, I felt around for the link, found it, and ignored everything else. I tapped my finger against the log, contemplating the intrusive psychic presence. Elisa was using it to monitor my emotions, but allowed me to keep my privacy. Perhaps I could use that. I began raising memories at random, putting them in front of the link. I could feel it trying to avoid them-they were blocking it from accessing my emotions. I forced one through the link, allowing my consciousness to follow it, making a blind spot for myself. Suddenly, I could feel Elisa's mind, her surprise and confusion, then a mild sense of satisfaction. I had essentially made a Trojan Horse... hiding within a seemingly innocent object to sneak past her defenses. I smiled, pulling back into my own head and letting her speak. “Nicely done, Seth. I didn’t expect you to get through so easily; most Psychic Type trainers take months to even push an emotion through.” My smile broadening, I said “I have a good teacher. What’s next?” She laughed, saying “You rest. I can feel your headache, and that’s only going to distract you. When you’re better, you can try different methods of widening the link, and when you’ve mastered that, you’ll have to break my defenses-and create your own. I’m also hungry. Let’s get some berries.” Back in the present, I decided to try speaking to the Milotic inside the Ultra Ball. I had little else to do for a good ten hour train ride, and though I had never succeeded in breaking her defenses, I could certainly alter existing links. Perhaps I could make one of my own… Relaxing as she taught me, I focused on the ball. With my mind, I poked at it, pushing past its shell into the murky interior. I could feel a mind, pulsing with life, calmly snoozing. With surprisingly little effort, I pushed inside it, just to the edges of her consciousness. Her mind woke, and I could sense her observing me curiously. I struggled to not only maintain the link, but widen it, and after a moment, I succeeded. In my mind, I saw the two of us, floating in a vast sea of black. I spoke first. “Can you hear me? I’m Seth. Are you Undai?” She nodded, saying “Yes. It... might be nice to meet you, Seth. How are you in my mind?” “My Gardevoir, Elisa, taught me a few things. This is the first time I’ve ever made a mental link though. Apparently I’m your new trainer. I hope you don’t mind…” I said awkwardly. Undai shook her head, chuckling. "That's the first time I've had a trainer ask me for permission." Satisfied, I said “I need your help, but we’d be facing a lot of tough opponents. We won’t be alone, but it’ll still be dangerous. I don’t want to put you through anything you don’t want to do. You don’t have to choose right now; we still have ten hours on this train.” Suddenly, another link formed. It was weak, filled with what could best be described as ‘mental static.’ The static passed, the link strengthened, and for an instant, I could see Elisa. Just as I reached out to grab her, the image vanished. The link disappeared. She had been forcibly cut off. Conflicted emotions flashed through me. I knew Undai could see me breaking down, but I didn't care. I was slowly going insane from all my inner torment. When I regained control of myself, she nodded slowly at nothing in particular, then said "I'll help you. No one should go through what you have. This... Team Prometheus your thoughts are so cluttered with will not succeed in breaking us." I stood, saying "Thanks, Undai. I owe you one. I'll close the link and let you sleep. Sorry you had to see all that..." She smiled. "Sometimes it's best to show others these things. Keeping them locked away inside will only serve to make it worse." *** (Cory's POV) I watched him, curious. It felt odd to see someone capable of beating three leagues reduced to so little. I felt truly sorry for him, trying to imagine how he felt. I could tell he cared about his team; leaving them behind like he did must torture him. I knew a fair amount about Team Prometheus. They relied on brute force rather than careful strategies. A common Pokemon in their teams was either Tyranitar or Golem. They also used Poison and Dark types, but their personal favorite was, in accordance with mythology, Fire Type. They generally had a single squad assigned to each city, with six people and a squad leader. In some larger cities, they had two. It would be hard to avoid detection. I had a few trustworthy friends, as did Mira, and we could hide with them if necessary. I remembered what Ionas had said. I saw a side of you that made me believe in you. Perhaps there was more to Seth than met the eye. Leaning back in my seat, I resumed stroking Rika. It was going to be a boring train ride, but once we arrived in Hoenn, I knew things were going to get far more fast paced. I smiled, pulling out an MP3 player and putting in the earbuds. One of my favorite songs began playing, and I slowly nodded my head to the beat. Yes, when we got back, it would be dangerous... but we'd be ready. *** (Mira's POV) I was worried. We were going up against team Prometheus, who had taken over Hoenn in three days. They were powerful, dangerous, and their leader was almost certainly unhinged. And yet... Cory smiled. It was the first time I'd seen a true smile from him in a year. Since the Prometheans had taken over, he had grown increasingly introverted and callous to his surroundings. It had pained me to see this from him, since he was like a brother to me, although we were only cousins. It was good to see him smile again. Seeing Seth, practically a living legend, had given him hope. Cory wanted to fight, to take Team Prometheus down a peg. He wanted to avenge all the lives ruined by them. He was a vigilante, always fighting for those who were too weak to fight for themselves. I plucked at my sleeve, remaining silent. If Cory decided to follow Seth, then I would too. I only hoped his happiness would last... Aaaand that's the end of Chapter 2! I hope you enjoyed it, and if you see things I should change, feel free to leave a comment below. I'm currently halfway through the third chapter, so you should see that sometime soon, but after that.... I don't know for certain. I have other books I'm writing, schoolwork to keep up with, and I'd like to get out of the house at some point. That being said, I want to see this fanfiction completed and completed well, so I will be putting significant time into this. Thank you for reading, and have a wonderful day/noon/night. ~Decibel. IMPORTANT EDIT: I changed Gawain the Dragonair to Undai the Milotic. This is basically because it makes more sense for Ionas to have a water type on hand, and I didn't know what to do with Gawain once Seth gets his team back, and I have NEVER used Dragonair correctly. However, I do know how to use Milotic, and it is my preferred Pokemon, so I hope none of you mind.
  12. Okay, some readers saw me try to write a story based on Pokemon Reborn. Well after writing I did not quite like the quality of the work, as it was definitely not my best work. Though hasty, I have decided to scrap the original and create one with a bit of a darker undertone. Chapter 1: Champion Arise "Delphox, now!" a trainer barks to his companion. The Firefox answers the command of its trainer, fire spewing from the end of its wand. On the receiving end of the Mystic Fire is a colossal Emboar, who charges forward, using Flare Blitz to counter. The giant boar storms through the flames and crashes right into the magical fox. Delphox flails, unable to endure the tremendous strength of the Fire and Fighting Type Pokemon. It falls flat on its back, twitching a few times before it stops moving. Behind the owner of the fallen Fire and Psychic Type, a horn blares loudly. The siren sound signals that his Pokemon is no longer able to battle. Clenching his fist, clearly frustrated, he reaches for the Pokeball at his belt. The small round orb enlarges, allowing him to shoot a bam of red light at the unconscious Delphox. The fox's body turns into that same red light, as it is retracted into the ball. He says nothing else, but hears the sound of the crowd around him. It is all boos, followed by japes and a mixture of unfriendly curses aimed toward him. He ignores the group of angry spectators in the stadium. His eyes turn up to the large screen, seeing the blown up image of himself and the other trainer. The opponent, Derek, has all six of his Pokemon active in the battle, save for the fact that five of them are in the red after the bouts with his team. He, on the other hand, has been reduced to his last partner. Above his picture is his name, Raviel. "Oh, it looks like Raviel is down to his last Pokemon," an announcer shouts through the sound systems. "Meanwhile, Derek still has his entire team. Will Raviel's last Pokemon be able to make an amazing sweep and win him the title of Kalos League Champion?" "No way, he sucks," someone from the crowd jeers, answered soon after by laughter. With his last Pokemon in hand, he ignores all the taunts and booing that surrounds him. Unlike the normal red and white balls that most trainers carry, this one is a bit different. Strange circles of green surround a black surface, known only as a Dusk Ball. A ball that is best to capture those in caves and at night. With a subtle grin, he hurls the ball out... And in a flash of light comes his final Pokemon. The evil-looking Shadow Pokemon apppears with a wide grin, eyes glowing red as it looks unto the Emboar that towers over it. "It looks like Raviel's last Pokemon is Gengar!" the announcer shouts, "No doubt a trump card that he has used throughout the tournament, but will it be enough to win him the title of Champion?" The crowd again answers with boos, clearly hating the trainer and his partner. Again, he pays them no mind. He only nods, and Gengar attacks. The ghastly Pokemon seems to be perfectly in sync with its trainer as it floats through the air. Emboar reacts to its trainer's startled command, aiming to crush the ghostly doppelganger with a Hammer Arm. Yet when the boar's fist comes crashing down, it fazes right through Gengar. "Gengar," Raviel says, "Its time..." The hated trainer lifts his arm up in the air, showcasing a most unusual bracelet clinging to his arm. Suddenly, it begins to glow. On the field, Gengar opens its mouth, letting its long tongue to come slither out. Kept in the creature's mouth is a mysterious stone that matches the one around Raviel's wrist. It too begins to glow. "Oh no," Derek shouts, realizing what is about to happen, "Emboar stop him! Use Flare Blitz." Yet it is too late, as Gengar transforms on the field. The bright light has brought the crowd to a hush, all watching the metamorphosis. Gengar appears to sink into the ground while spiked frills seem to burst about its body. Lastly a golden third eye opens up on its forehead. "Unbelievable," the announcer breaks the silence. "Raviel managed to keep this trump card hidde throughout the entire leage battles. Mega Gengar!!!" "Gengar," Raviel says coldly. "Geng?" his Pokemon cocks its head, waiting for its master's orders. "Wipe him out," is his trainer's answer. "Gengar!" ... "Oof," Raviel grunts as a fist is thrown into his stomach. He falls to his knees, overcome by the pain as a boot lands against his cheek. The league champion lays sprawled out onto the floor, his lip split. He does not move, as the barrage of kicks comes from two additional men. All that he can do is curl up and endure the pain. "Hey!" a young woman's voice barks to the trio, "What the hell are you doing?" The three see the woman to be a white haired beauty with icy blue eyes that seem to burn into their souls. A gaze alone fills them with dread, causing them to leave Raviel be, bolting down the alley from which they came. Feeling the bombardment over, Raviel gets to his knees, coughing up blots of blood. When the throbbing in his gut subsides, he looks up to his rescuer and sees the girl as well. "What are you doing?" the girl asks, offering a hand. "Getting my ass kicked," he answers. "I saw, but why?" she insists, reaching into a pack to find a cloth to wipe the blood off his face. "Did you catch my battle?" Raviel says, dabbing away the blood from his split lip. "You were good," she states. "I'm not well liked," he answers, handing her back the crimson-stained rag. "A few of my fans were thanking me for making them lose all the money they bet against me." The girl nods, "I noticed. I don't understand why." "I'd rather not get into it," he says, dusting himself off, "I don't need another enemy." He pauses a moment before realizing something, "Wait, who are you anyways?" "My name is Ame," the snow-haired woman answers. "I come from a distant region called Reborn." "I'll pass," Raviel denies her. Ame jumps at him before he wonders off, "But your such a strong trainer. The way you and your Gengar battled was mesmerizing." "I really don't want to go to a whole new place to be hated," Raviel sighs, walking past her. "It's a new start!" she shouts. He stops, "What do you mean?" "Reborn is a place of renewal," Ame answers. "You will not be the first person there with a dark past. No one will know who you were, just who you are." Such words are almost too much for Raviel to bear, as if he is about to burst into tears. He wipes his eyes on his sleeve to not show her any weakness. "I would give anything to get that chance," he looks at her. "Alright, I'll help you, to have a new start." At his belt he grabs the Dusk Ball, and tosses it in front of Ame. She watches as his faithful Gengar emerges, grinning like he always does. Yet when he turns to his master, the Shadow Pokemon finds a most disturbing sight. Raviel has the Pokeball that houses his powerhouse, and is in the process of pulling it apart. Gengar frowns as he watches the Dusk Ball that he had been captured since he was a Ghastly be ripped in half. "What are you doing?" Ame gasps. "I am starting over, that means my Pokemon too," he says. "The rest of my team will do fine with other trainers..." "Gengar?" his Pokemon looks sad. "You and I have been together too long for you to listen to another trainer," he looks at his faithful friend. "So I'm setting you free." Gengar looks confused, "Geng-" "No," Raviel shouts at the Shadow Pokemon. "You're not going with me. Get out of here!" Gengar frowns for a moment or two, but the frown flips to its usual smile. It looks to Ame, and then to its former master before it dives into the floor, disappearing among the shadows." "Are you sure about that?" Ame asks. "Yeah," Raviel answers, tossing the pieces of the Dusk Ball to the ground. "Let's go."
  13. This is a fun little story I have had in mind of writing today. I am not entirely sure that it belongs here, so do not yell if I'm posting in the wrong spot. Now, ladies and gentlemen, sit down and relax, as I spin a tale of an adventure reborn anew... Also if members would like to be included in the story, please message me with your desired name and Pokemon. I'll try to incorporate everyone. Chapter 0: Champion Reborn "And your name is...Amethyst?" the young man looks at white haired woman curiously. "Ame is fine, Derek," she answers, clearly knowledgeable of him. "Will you listen to a request?" Derek nods, finding a seat on a rock as he listens to the girl's tale. She recants of a region far off in a dire need of powerful trainers. Though he appears to listen, he is rather uninterested. His eyes shift to the trees, watching a Darmanitan swing from branch to branch as it playfully chases after a Pichu. A Salamence careening across the sky catches his gaze, carrying a few Bagons on its back. He smiles to himself. Ame notices his lack of focus, clearing her throat to catch his attention. "Did you catch any of that?" she asks, suppressing her irritancy. "Yeah, yeah," he answers, "Reborn Region in danger, blah-blah. You need the other region champions to come help. Why don't you ask them?" "I did," she answers, disappointment lingering in her voice. "All of them were dealing with problems in their own region. Even your brother refused to help." "Lance?" Derek looks at her with astonishment, "That's not like him..." "Well, he did," she looks crossed, "You're the only champion that seems to be doing nothing." "Kanto is a bit boring," he says, leaning back on the rock formation, "I'm the only champion that can travel." "Then travel to Reborn!" Ame demands. He lets out a yawn, "I think I'll perform my champion duties instead. Just stay in my den and wait for challengers." Ame looks around and takes in the place he calls his den. It is an enormous cavern that houses several acres of land. A forest surrounds them while a mountain sits off in the distance. She even had to cross a few lakes just to get to him at the base of the mountain. And every single Pokémon belongs to the Champion of Kanto. The woman with the white hair is not ready to give up, as an idea comes to mind, "Then I challenge you!" "Oh?" he sits upright. "But if I win, you come to the Reborn Region!" she shouts at him. "Alright," he agrees. "We will have a one-on-one match to decide it then. Fair enough?" She nods. Derek takes his fingers in his mouth, and lets out a shrill whistle. A second later, a shadow looms over Amethyst, crashing in front of her with so much force it craters the ground. Dust kicks up, as the ferocious form of a Dragonite has appeared. Despite how menacing his Pokemon looks, she shows no sight of fright, throwing out a Pokeball of her own. In a flash of light, an Absol appears. The disaster Pokemon meets its opponent with a vicious howl. "Absol, Swords Dance!" Ame commands. Her faithful companion becomes enveloped with blades, his attack power skyrockets. "Not bad," Derek smirks, "Dragonite, Dragon Dance." His beast boosts his own stats, raising speed and attack. "Now, fly!" The dragon soars to the skies, clear out of range of Absol. Higher and higher it climbs, until it is only a speck. And then, a light rockets down at Absol in the form of a Hyper Beam. Ame bellows a command, as it dodges at the last second. The ground around them is shredded, but Drake keeps his composure. In the wreckage, Absol emerges, having escaped the brunt of the attack. "Now, Absol," Ame gives her commands, reaching for the necklace draping around her elegant neck, "Mega Evolve!" Again Absol is enveloped in light, as it body changes. Its fur lengthens, appearing to gain wings. The horn along its head thickens, curving like a crescent moon. The light breaks off it, as Mega Absol takes the battlefield. "What the heck is that?" Derek gasps. "I guess you haven't been to Kalos," she says with a smile. "Its called Mega-Evolution. Now, Mega Absol, Night Slash." Its horn becomes enveloped in a dark shroud, as it thrusts it like a sword. Darkness shreds from it, the black shockwave shreds through the air, and strikes Derek's Dragonite. His faithful beast plummets, taking a critical hit from the attack. "Dragonite!" he cries out to his partner, "Don't give up, use Dragon Claw!" "Don't let it," Ame orders, "Finish it with Night Slash!" Hearing his master's command snaps Dragonite from the freefall. It fans its wings just before it hits the ground. An aura surrounds its claws, its arms glowing with a blue hue. Dragonite roars as it meets Mega Absol's shadowed horn. Their attacks meet, erupting in an explosion. Both Pokémon are consumed in the blast, covered in a light that blinds both trainers. The light fades and the dust clears, and both Pokémon appear among the uprooted stones and fallen trees. Absol has fallen, losing its mega-form. It does not appear it can continue. Dragonite leans against a pile of stones, yet it remains standing. With a sliver of its health, and high level, it has emerged victorious. "Looks like I win," Derek says, reaching for a Pokeball at his hip, "Dragonite, time to rest, buddy." A red light hits his dragon, and he is sucked into the Pokeball. Ame does the same for her Absol, placing a kiss on the ball when her Pokémon returns. She hides her disappointment, thanking her partner with a soft prayer. Having no more champions to call on, she turns to leave... "Hey wait," Derek calls out for her, causing her to turn. "Ame, tell me, are there other trainers like you?" "Yes," she answers, hope found in her words, "Some even stronger." A smile reaches his face, "Well then...it looks like you got yourself a champion. Count me in!"
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