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  1. I have v13.0.2 so I don't know why this is happening to me but I can't progress in the broken dreams area. When I walk up to the 2nd puppet clone the battle looks like it's about to start but after the transition the camera just zooms into my character and nothing happens. I can't find a way to fix this. Game.rxdataGame - 2944 - Sakura - 238h 2m - 14 badges.rxdata Just tried talking to him instead of letting him spot me and the same thing happens. The camera just zooms in on my character until all I see is pixels and nothing happens. In Pokemon battles the screen just turns black.
  2. I've been playing the new update for the past few days and I wanted to say thanks to everyone that worked on the game, the story, the battles (well some of the battles take me a little while to beat lol), and the sprites for the overworld and characters is amazing. Can't wait to start a new save after I beat Rejuv v13.
  3. I'm on the newest Chapter in the game, in Axis High University after I talk to Aelita in the cutscene where she shows you the posting of a missing person, the game shows me an error message and crashes. I can't progress currently. This could be just something wrong on my end (I don't know what it is) since I haven't seen anyone else mention this, but I can't make any progress. EDIT: I noticed talking to Aelita from the right is what crashed my game after the cutscene, so I talked to her from the left and I was able to continue playing.
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