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  1. Here's to hoping something I can make something actually decent enough to not get immediately cut lol.
  2. These are bloody awesome! I don't have words that do your work justice. It's amazing!
  3. Ezlo Farcarver


    Welp, time to fudge about trying to get the modbox to work with the new version again. Y you do this? (As a guy who mods the crap outta games, i understand script issues all too well lol.)
  4. Came up with what I like to call the 'Double Run'. You can use only 5 types, only 6 Pokemon for the entire game (Given at the start), and you can't use other Pokemon at all (Except one wildcard if you cant get a full team.) Tried a run with the layout below as a nuzlocke, got destroyed by my usual demon, Titania. It's one hell of a fun run! 2 poison 2 fire 2 dragon 2 rock 2 flying 1 wildcard Salazzle Poi/Fir Archeops Roc/Fly Charizard Fir/Fly Naganadel Poi/Dra Tyrantrum Roc/Dra Empoleon Wat/Ste (Wildcard!)
  5. Random items would be fun... imagine finding a wild Rattata holding a PULSE or a key item. THAT'S my favorite type of game-breaking random run! (I know random items is probs gonna be limited to held items, berries, and heal-ants, but a no-holds-barred full random item run would be LEGIT.)
  6. I think it's doable. I've never done the Oak Challenge in Reborn, only tried it in Black but never finished. So time-consuming, oh my LORD. (The Reborn cap without candy would be killer, for me at least.) There's a fair amount of leeway I can see with this, however. You can do an Oak Challenge using only grass encounters, or one with only statics. I think doing both would be the worst grind imaginable, but there's folk who enjoy the grind. Or, even worse, Oak Challenge with only the few Eggs you find in Reborn. I like this idea, might attempt a run to eat up quarantine time.
  7. I've gotten into the swing of sprite editing since finding Reborn, so I've been making some and sharing them via the Discord. (Course, my account got hacked so I had to delete it...... and the edits disappeared too.) With the creation of my new d-cord, I thought 'Why not stick my fave sprites I've made here, get a few opinions?' So... enjoy my Shiny Rampardos, made in the image of a Metal Head from Jak & Daxter.
  8. I've come up with an EVEN WORSE run, use ONLY moves with 40 PP. Since that's mostly status, it's VERY hellish. (I just tried this one with the Randomizer and got smooshed at Florinia.)
  9. Began my adventure into hell Randomizer, and my Popplio Rayquaza got DESTROYED by Fern's lame Rowlet Prankster Murkrow due to Destiny Bond. Good start, can't wait for the banes of my existence in Reborn the Titania fight and the Glass Gauntlet. Send help I'm enjoying this.
  10. Where do you get the patch?! I NEED to try this, it's my dream come true! EDIT: Found the patch! It's amazing! I feel like the game just got a full revamp. I'm now walking around on a fresh file with a Popplio Rayquaza that has Sketch and Sonic Boom. And, fun note, Fern had a Prankster Murkrow with D-Bond. Not fun.... but AWESOME.)
  11. So I've thought of a devilishly fun run during the quarantine. Using Debug, replace your starter with your absolute most favorite Pokemon (In my case Zapdos)... and give them nothing but Sketch. You get four moves from Sketch, any move legit used against you. It replaces a Smeargle solorun, due to Smeargle's lackluster stats. Besides, you'll be taking your fave buddy out for spin.
  12. That or just a random effect each battle. Imagine, persay, the first Fiore fight on a glitch field, then the second on maybe the Holy field. Stuff like that. I'd be 100% down for that. Just had an idea while writing this, a Secret Power only run. THAT is hell.
  13. With my already-shit luck, I kinda play against crits to begin with. I believe you can alter certain things, namely crit rate, AI intellect, and stat/status chances with certain mods, but I don't know about altering Abilities or Field Effects. I know you can give a 'mon illegal moves (but not abilities) with debug or sandbox. That said, if there was a way to alter Field Effects, or even add your own, there'd be so many new run possibilities.
  14. Thought of a simple but brutal one, using only mons with one form (i.e. no evos, like Heatmor). I remember struggling with said run in Black, might be more fun (and hellish) here.
  15. I thought of another fun fun one, gonna put it here so you all can share the trauma. See how far you get with Pokemon of a certain base stat total. (For example, only Pokemon with a base stat total of 440, no more no less. That sorta deal.) That's be hellish with mons under 300, though op and crazy with the 500 range.
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