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  1. They all look excellent! ♡ Nim and Aelita are adorable, Keta looks 100% Done and Madelis looks fashionably wicked
  2. Zumiii ♥ What's an art project this past year that you've had the most fun with/enjoyed the most?
  3. In light of recent developments I must also nominate @Ruby Red for "three komalas in a trenchcoat"!
  4. Merry Christmas everyone who celebrates! And Happy Wednesday everyone else! 💖

  5. Part 1: Arctium The hallway was dim as Romi walked, lit only by the sunlight shining through the classroom windows on the eastern side. Romi glanced into each room as they passed it, but there was no sign of anyone inside, and Romi remembered vaguely that this was summer. Of course it would be empty. They kept walking anyway, looking into classrooms and glancing at the darkened window of the staff room on the western side. It was so much cleaner than usual, the green tile of the floor shining even in the dim hallway, the corners of the doorways litter-free. It was nice, nicer than they remembered. The door at the end of the corridor was closed, but when Romi tried it it swung open easily, and they found the gym beyond it as tidy and bright as if no one had ever set foot there. The earthen floor had been swept, and the walls washed of any dust that might have accumulated over the year. Sunshine blazed through the two high windows and illuminated the several Spinda who were basking in its rays. At the sound of the door opening one of the Pokemon looked up. Romi stood completely still, trying to remember- why would there be Spinda here, and unattended? Luckily the little creatures seemed more curious than aggressive; the first one to notice Romi was poking at its fellows, and when the others sat up to look they let out small, inquisitive chirrups. Five in all. Romi stepped slowly forward to get a better look, and felt the ground shake. They froze, but the shaking didn't, and by the time they heard the cry of "Muuuuud" it was nearly too late. They looked over their shoulder and saw a Mudsdale barreling toward them. They threw themself to the right just in time; the Draft Horse Pokemon dug in its hooves, but could not stop in time, and ended up a few metres past where Romi had just been. They could see where it had come from, now, a series of stalls along one wall of the gym. They didn't remember seeing that before, but supposed it would be an easy thing to miss, distracted as they had been with the Spinda. Romi looked back to them. The first Spinda to notice their presence had begun waddling over toward them and the startled Mudsdale, and its companions followed from a distance. "Are you okay?" they asked quietly, holding out a hand to the Mudsdale. "Muuud," the Pokemon replied, nosing their hand. Romi smiled at the brush of fur on their hand, tickling their skin, and crouched to greet the Spinda as well- but it had gone. Frowning, they looked around, but even the other Spinda had disappeared. "Spiiiin!" They hadn't looked up, but that was where the sound rang from, and when Romi stood they could see two Spinda, seated on Mudsdale's back. Each wore a strange brown wide-brimmed hat, and- Romi thought- tiny boots. "Almost there!" cried the Spinda sitting in front. "I can't wait!" And as Romi was trying to process all of this, Mudsdale reared, and when its hooves slammed into the ground, Romi was knocked backwards- They jolted awake, their elbow sore where it had just been knocked into the side of the train. Right. There was laughter mixed into the loud hum of the train; they sat up to see if it was directed at them, but the other passengers seemed not to have even noticed Romi had woken up. None but a tall woman with hair as white as their own, though with skin a few shades paler, whom Romi remembered seeing talking to one of the engineers earlier but had not met. She said something Romi couldn't hear to the blonde girl she'd been speaking to, then turned and crossed the aisle. With a smile, she sat down on the seat opposite Romi's and pulled out a clipboard. "Your turn, finally. Sorry about the wait. Seems everyone here's signing up for the new League. You are here for that too, right?" she asked. Romi nodded, and the woman grinned again. "Great. I'm so glad, we're just getting everything up and running again, and it'll be good to have all the new Trainers taking part. I'm Ame, by the way. Director of the Reborn League. Can I see your passport for a sec?" Romi dug into their pocket and handed the card to Ame, who checked it over. "Romiren, is it? Romiren Case, 21? Well, once we get to Grandview Station we'll head over to the Grand Hall and finish registering everyone. Then you can pick out a Pokemon and really start your new adventure!" Romi smiled at the thought. "Sounds good." Ame nodded. "It'll be great! By the way, am I saying your name right? Row-mere-en? Or is it..." She trailed off, looking with shock at something above Romi. They saw something as well, a flash of red and black reflected in the window of the train, but when they turned in their seat, there was nothing behind them except one of the other passengers, some distance away and not looking at them. When Romi turned around again, Ame was standing. "Something's not right. We should be slowing down already." She took a few steps up the aisle, then her eyes went wide. "Oh no- move!" Romi froze as the woman lunged for them, and they both went flying into the side of the train. The last thing they heard was a loud crack. "-up!" "Hey, you! Hello-o!" Romi opened their eyes, and was momentarily confused by what they saw. Two women, peering down at them and backed by a strangely hazy blue sky. Then Romi recognized one of them- Ame, her name was- and everything flooded back. They sat up, ignoring the dull throb that was beginning to build in their head. "Oh, good!" Ame sighed, taking a step back. "I was so worried- when I realized what was happening I only had time to get us out of there. The others... maybe we shouldn't think about that now. Are you all right? Julia, some space," she added, frowning at the green-haired woman still hovering over Romi. "I'm fine," Romi said. "What happened?" "The train went BOOM!" Julia told them, waving her arms for emphasis. "Someone triggered an explosion just as the train pulled into Grandview Station," Ame explained. "We've already caught a suspect, but the Station was destroyed." Romi felt their entire body go cold, despite the balmy day. "I've got to go to the Grand Hall now, actually, they'll be waiting for me," Ame said. "But I needed to make sure you made it okay. I'm sorry to run, but Julia can point you in the right direction. I'll have someone waiting to process your registration when you get there. Julia, try not to scare them off, all right?" With a wave, she took off running down the street. Julia watched her go for a few moments before turning back to Romi. "So... Are you gonna take on the Reborn League?" Romi started at the sudden excitement in her tone. "...Eventually?" "Then I'll be seeing you really soon! I'm Cheer Captain Julia, Reborn's Electric-type Gym Leader. Master of all things peppy and fun! And BOOMS! Just not that one," she clarified, jerking her head toward the ruined train station. "Oh, here." Romi took the hand she offered, and stood, although their knees were still shaking. "Thanks. I'm Romi." "Romi! Well, the sooner you get to the Grand Hall and get your Pokemon the sooner we can have our battle!" Julia chirped. "Once you're ready just come look for the big yellow building with all the banners! You can't miss it!" Romi gave a small smile. "Which way is the Grand Hall, then?" "Oh! It's just down that road!" Julia pointed in the direction Ame had gone. "Keep going and you'll see a biiiig building with stairs leading up to it. That's the one you want!" "Thank you," Romi said. "I'll see you, then." "You sure will!" Julia waved. "Now go! Get that starter! Go on!" Chuckling, Romi began walking. The explosion had been horrifying, and they weren't sure they had properly processed it yet, but it felt good to be alive. And they were grateful, too, that Ame and Julia had waited for them to come around. Ame had saved their life, and somehow it was hard to dwell on what had happened with Julia around- and the promise of meeting their own Pokemon partner. Without realizing, Romi started walking faster, and a faint smile spread across their face at the thought.
  6. (I debated on whether to put this in Team Showcase or here, but it's really not a playthrough so here it goes. Still, mods, feel free to move it if you disagree!) This is a story that's slowly been building since around May. If you've been around Discord, you might have seen me posting about it; if you haven't, I won't link you. Because I started near the end, and lately I've been feeling like it's high time the story- the whole story- got written. So I'm starting at the beginning, now. For the most part it's a canon retelling, although definitely an AU because of little changes. I hope you enjoy. ♥ This space will be an index, once I have more than a single chapter up!
  7. Welcome to the forums! Nice to meet you. ♡
  8. If you're really stuck, you can train up a Shedinja! It's extremely cheese, but Amaria has nothing on her team that can touch Shedinja.
  9. Azzie


    Hiya! Welcome to the forums!
  10. Okay so! The instant Lena (my fairy mono character) saw Galarian Ponyta she fell in love with it, so. She's definitely getting one of those. And if possible, I want her to train up a Galarian Weezing and a Grimmsnarl- both for coverage and because the mental image of her petite, excitable self walking around with a giant gremlin and a posh gas cloud as pets is hilarious.
  11. Hiya! Welcome to the forums! Always nice to have more writers around! I hope you enjoy it here!
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