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  1. I'm gonna take this opportunity to talk about my favourite parts of rejuv's story and characters! Because I usually try and hold back but this thread is a good opportunity, I'll try and mark major spoilers, but this is just a warning- this post will be spoily! so read at your own risk! I actually really like how Rejuvenation brings you into a world that feels alive and busy. With so many games- particularly the mainline ones- it tends to feel like the conflicts are only just starting when you start playing. As soon as you start Rejuv, you can tell this world is active and already has lots g
  2. Let! Creators! Make! Things! That! Make! Them! Happy! (and be! patient!)
  3. okay it's my turn now! MOTY: Crim, Chxxo, Newt ROTY: Toothpastefairy Sugarpop: Ame, Newt Kawaii: Caddy Auspicious Auth: ICSW, Marcello Most Helpful Content Creator: Cass, for her magic squares guide Memer: Azery, Scythe Profile Pic: Crim Crazy Conspirator: Azery, Ceri Emoji: Crim Himbo: Jarred Needs A Hug: Newt, Ame, Cass Cinnamoroll: Posty, Ice, Ame Madame X: Zumi, Cass Most Likely to Be Auth: Ama, Bibs Wallflower: Dream, Ikaru 2020 Superstar: Crim Impostor: Posty, Ruby Never Gonna Give You Up: Hy
  4. Welcome, one and all, to the (slightly late, I'm sorry) nominations for the Reborn 2020 Member of the Year awards! If you've attended our Winter Revels before, this should be familiar to you! But if not, I'll explain briefly. Every year, we open nominations for a variety of categories. You can nominate as many users as you like, for as many categories as you like. However! Different from past years, we have three changes: -Please no nominations that are just "____ for everything!" -Winners of last year's awards are not eligible to win this year for the same category. You're more tha
  5. (Please note that the bit about Taka wanting to bury himself in the sand and do nothing is courtesy of our lovely Ame and not me!) Day 17 Faith woke Romi the next morning, her cold, wet nose against their cheek. They opened their eyes and the first thing they saw was her, looming over them. The instant she saw Romi wake up she let out a happy bark, and shifted backward to let them sit up. Taka was still sound asleep, but most of his Pokemon- all except Gliscor and Minior- had gathered together with Romi’s around something on the ground. They all seemed puzzled. Romi barely had time to
  6. Pokemon Reborn: oarental guidance advised

  7. Happy timezone, everyone! As we make our way through November, the staff team at Reborn has been working on a few things to (hopefully) make this community a better place for everyone. To this end... 1. Rules Update! Reborn has been around, in some form or another, for a long time now. And while the rules have undergone some changes over that time, it's been quite a while, and we felt like it was time to take another look at them. People have mentioned that some parts of the rules aren't entirely clear, and we've found a few outdated things and some things which weren't stated, but shou
  8. Day 16 They resumed their journey toward the tree the next morning, and for a while it seemed as though little had changed from the day before. The weather remained clear, but the tree they sought did not seem to get any closer. Until, after a couple of hours, it was suddenly not the only tree they saw. A second tall, spiky shape appeared, even farther away than the first. Taka and Romi turned to each other at the same moment to point it out, and they both grinned. They kept walking, and a few more trees appeared on the horizon. As they drew closer, and the trees became a cluster o
  9. (Please note the bit about Taka asking to be buried in the sand and left behind was taken straight from the game! Credit as always to the lovely Ame!) Day 15 “Wake up! Romi wake up!” Romi jolted awake. Chatot peered down into their eyes from his perch on their chest, tilting his head as they took a silent, deep breath. A smile twitched at the corners of their mouth, and Chatot let out a warbling laugh. And then Romi heard another smattering of sounds, familiar ones, and Chatot hopped onto their leg as they sat up. Faith, Madison, Komala and Shimmer were all sitting a few feet aw
  10. Day 14 Taka woke up early the next morning, He wasn’t sure exactly what woke him, although his racing heart made him suspect he’d been dreaming about Meteor again. He dug his hands into the sand below him and felt its reassuring solidity, the coolness of the grains against his skin. It was calming. The sky above was still a watery deep blue, and Taka tried to settle back into sleep. But he found he could not. If he had been dreaming about Meteor, he didn’t want to fall back into that dream. So he listened to the sounds of morning, distant squabbles of Pokemon and Romi’s rather loud snori
  11. (Same disclaimer as last time! Many little bits of Taka's dialogue is taken straight from the game, and all credit for those goes to Ame and not me!) Day 13 The worst part about sleeping underground was, there was no way to tell if it was morning or not. Romi woke up a few times, but the light never changed- it was the same faint warm glow that permeated most of this cave. Each time, they felt wide awake, but they were fairly sure that was the adrenaline, and they could see everyone else save for Gliscor and Minior were still sound asleep. So each time they forced themself to c
  12. (Please note that a whole bunch of Taka's dialogue here is taken straight from the game. I can't pinpoint the exact places, because there are a lot of little ones, but all credit for that goes to the lovely Ame!) Day 12 The sun rose, and the party woke to find that the storm had died down in the night, and that Gliscor had nodded off at some point. Minior flashed in amusement when he saw the two trainers grinning at his dozing teammate. They climbed to the top of the dune to reorient themselves, each wishing- though Taka was the only one to voice it- that they had followed closer to
  13. Day 11 The next morning, without really discussing it, Taka and Romi decided to follow the line of the mountains to the north. It seemed a likely way to find the Gym, and for most of the morning the mountains shielded them from the harshest of the sun's rays. The wind was calmer, too, and without sandstorms or baking heat their walk was quite comfortable. They even stopped, around noontime, to watch a trio of young Sandile playing, staying quiet until they had left to avoid drawing their attention. They moved on, stopping again only to fend off more territorial wild Pokemon and whe
  14. (Please note that Taka's dialogue about Bennett, and asking about Luna, are taken straight from the game! Credit as always to the lovely Ame!) Days 8, 9, 10 because they're all small They awoke to a bright sunrise and the discovery that Betty was missing. Romi felt worry well up in them; Betty had been on their chest when they went to sleep, and aside from her, none of their other Pokemon had shifted at all in the night. Minior and Gliscor had been on guard as usual, but neither had seen Betty leave or anything else come near. They helped look, however, and Romi's worry was just beginni
  15. Gonna get in here nominating our princely @Candy for King, the sweet @Starry Knight for Queen, and the lovely @A¹¹ for Sovereign!
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