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  1. Happy birthday Azzie!! I really hope you'll have a wonderful day 🤗🎂

    1. SilverAngelus


      Happy Birthday Azzie! I hope you'll enjoy something yummy to eat on your special day~ 🎂🍰🥳

  2. *slides these in at the last second* 1. MOTY: @Bearadactyl 4. Carmen Sandiego: @Ice and @Prad I'm sorry I don't know his forum name ;; 5. Sugarpop Sunbeam: @ARandomName 6. K-Kawaii: @Dreamy 7. Auspicious Auth: @Ikaru and @Marcello 10. Memer: @crimsoncrim and @MatthewRatford 11. Dorkiest: @ARandomName @Marcello and @Felix~ 12. All Eyes On Me: @Cad 15. Emojis: @yume 16: Banter buddy: @Posty and also @MatthewRatford 18. Helping Hand: @Toothpastefairy (because he's saved my butt on more than one occasion) 19. Nerd (affectionate): @Hellscythe 21. BOOMER: @Ceratisa 22. Coolest Clown: @crimsoncrim @Marcello @Hat'n'Clogs 23. Needs A Dang Hug: @Kingoflife24 @crimsoncrim @Khrona 24. Supportive Cinnamon Roll: @familiarfawn @lukatales 25. Pets In Show: @zervixen and Jade 26. Chaos Gremlin (affectionate): @Jan 27. Lovely Lurkers: @familiarfawn @Morogreeneye 28. GIRLBOSS: @Evi Crystal @Zumi 29. MALEWIFE: @Mike @Caz 32. WOOORLD DOMINATION: @Khrona 33. Cult Leader: @Pyvetal 34. The Next Reborn Hunger Games Winner: @cicada 36. Never Gonna Give You Up: @Ceratisa 37. Pretty Dang Sus: @Khrona 38. Future Adoptee: @chxxo 39. B-baka!: @Cad
  3. I definitely didn't forget! I'd like to additionally nom @Khrona and @Winter for Sovereign! @smeargletail for our lovely King And @SailorMercury and @𝒞𝓁𝑒𝓉𝓉𝑒 for Queens!
  4. The event has ended! Thanks to everyone who came and participated! Come one, come all! Reborn's annual Summer Social swings into town on Saturday, June 26th! For anyone who's new around here- or just hasn't attended one of our parties before- I'll give you a brief rundown! Reborn has two parties each year- the Winter Revel and the Summer Social. And given that I don't see any snow around (not here, at least- you folks in the southern hemisphere probably have a different story) it must be time for the Summer Social! We'll have music, games, movie showings, and Reborn Royalty, all hosted in a special dedicated party server! So, without further ado... the Main Events! Main Movie Feature: Kiki's Delivery Service Every year we do a group anime movie showing during the party! This year, we'll be watching Kiki's Delivery Service from director Hayao Miyazaki! (It turns out a surprising number of Rebornians haven't seen it yet!) Plus, now that Discord allows up to 50 people in a broadcast, it's easier than ever to join! Below is the description for Kiki's Delivery Service: Risk Reborn Last year's debut event, Risk Reborn is back and better than ever! We'll be improving the game based on last year's test run, with a focus on speeding things up so it doesn't take quite so long. For any newcomers: You might be familiar with the classic world domination game! But isn't the world just a little big? At this party, join with Team Meteor or one of their opposing factions and fight for conquest over a Reborn Map divided into territories! You are the armies and the tacticians! Reborn Royalty The popularity contest returns! Vote for your favorites for Ember King, Midsummer Queen, and Sunlit Sovereign Nominations will open about a week before the party! Anyone can be nominated for any category! Except last years' winners, Marcello, Chxxo, Azzie, Ruby, Posty, Cera and Ceri. We cannot be nominated because we are too cool for your noms. And 5/7 are busy helping with the party anyway. Voting will be done the day of the party! Game Room Curses Battle it out in a free-for-all Q&A as each player stacks up more and more 'curses' restricting how they can type! Spite other players with creative curses to knock them out! These games go so far off the rails it's hard to see where the tracks even were to begin with! Mad Libs We'll be kicking things off this summer with an <adjective> game of Mad Libs, turning these parts of speech into a party of speech! Everyone in the group will get a chance to contribute whatever <adjective> kind of <noun> they wish so put on your <verb ending in ing> hats and get ready to <verb> this stuff up! Party Quirk Battle Royale Everything must be a battle royale and that includes Who's Line's classic Party Quirk game! Everyone is assigned a Secret Quirk to act out in chat while they try and guess the other players' quirks! If your quirk is guessed, you're out! Last man standing is the winner! BNHA fans still don't interact Never Have I Lights dim, the sun's done, but the fun's not! Stay up late with us-- our soul-baring Never Have I sessions are a breath of fresh life into the late night party! What happens here stays here, so make sure to stay tuned for it! Free For All As always, you, our lovcly community members, are free and encouraged to host your own events!, Past parties have had many, including Among Us, Mafia Games, CaH, Jackbox games, and of course the ubiquitous fan favorite Reborn Hunger Games. Our custom Hunger Games setup, made by our lovely Zumi, will be positively coursing through our server and you know we're all curious who's going to become the victors! (And I'm personally going to be watching to see who is a meanie and punts a Shaymin. Just. I just want to talk.) Our lovely DJ G'doots, who never makes us wait for him, is here to spread the greatest tunes this side of Teila Resort! At many of our parties, there is a Reborn Wonder Trade Fiesta going on at the same time! It's a great time to gather up your breedjects and send them off in search of new homes, and see what new Pokemon friends you can find! The splashdown starts on June 26th! Everyone is welcome whether you're a community veteran, a bright and bushy-tailed newbie, or a lurker who's never said a word before! The party is the perfect time to jump in and meet folks! See you there! ♥
  5. Happy birthday, Azzie. Take your time of happiness.

  6. Happy Birthday Azzie! I hope you'll have a wonderful day 😄🎂

    1. SilverAngelus


      Happy Birthday Azzie! I hope you have a sparkling day ahead of you and that you enjoy something yummy~ 😋🎂🎉

  7. Let! Creators! Make! Things! That! Make! Them! Happy! (and be! patient!)
  8. okay it's my turn now! MOTY: Crim, Chxxo, Newt ROTY: Toothpastefairy Sugarpop: Ame, Newt Kawaii: Caddy Auspicious Auth: ICSW, Marcello Most Helpful Content Creator: Cass, for her magic squares guide Memer: Azery, Scythe Profile Pic: Crim Crazy Conspirator: Azery, Ceri Emoji: Crim Himbo: Jarred Needs A Hug: Newt, Ame, Cass Cinnamoroll: Posty, Ice, Ame Madame X: Zumi, Cass Most Likely to Be Auth: Ama, Bibs Wallflower: Dream, Ikaru 2020 Superstar: Crim Impostor: Posty, Ruby Never Gonna Give You Up: Hycrox
  9. Welcome, one and all, to the (slightly late, I'm sorry) nominations for the Reborn 2020 Member of the Year awards! If you've attended our Winter Revels before, this should be familiar to you! But if not, I'll explain briefly. Every year, we open nominations for a variety of categories. You can nominate as many users as you like, for as many categories as you like. However! Different from past years, we have three changes: -Please no nominations that are just "____ for everything!" -Winners of last year's awards are not eligible to win this year for the same category. You're more than welcome to nominate anyone for any other categories, however- while Azery can't be nominated for Smelliest Auth this year, you're all free to call him a big memer! -In past years, we've had an Artist Of The Year and Writer Of The Year award. This year, we decided to do something different. On the day of the party, we'll be opening a Creative Gallery where everyone can post 1-3 things they've made this year that they're most proud of. We're hoping this encourages more people to contribute- there are more forms of creativity than just writing and drawing, and we want to celebrate all the many creative people in our community! Nominations are open as of this posting, and will be open until December 17th. Voting will take place all day on December 18th, and at the Winter Revel on the 19th we'll announce the winners! Voting will take place on Reborn's Discord server, so please join up if you haven't already! Categories are as follows, and this post will be updated as people are nominated! Member of the Year The big, the classic-- this is for the member who's made the biggest splash with the sharpest shine! Nominees: -Cass -Brave -Adrian -Caz -Nicki -Ceratisa -Posty -Crim -Chxxo -Newt -Khrona -Bluetowel -Azzie -Ceri -Arnie Rookie of the Year For the most upstart and standout member who arrived this year! Nominees: -Arnie -Crim -Yume -Cerise -Ceratisa -Toothpastefairy -Newt -Goose -Mercury -Storm Comeback of the Year For the most beloved member who returned to us this year after a long absence! Nominees: -Brave -Sini/Hexagon -Caz -Huggy -Kaito -Soloclus The Carmen Sandiego Award For the face since missing in action that we'd most want to see in the crowd once more! Nominees: -Chubb -Trevore -Kaito -Ice -Skitty -Maelstrom -Neil -Rosesong The Sugarpop Sunbeam Award For the member this year who's been sweeter than any candy store could hope to be! Nominees: -Crim -Nicki -Ruby -Candy -Kyle -Chxxo -Amethyst -Newt -Cera -Starry The K-K-K-Kawaii Award For the super-cutest member who's been around this year! Nominees: -Kyra -Everyone's Pets -Chxxo -Ruby -Crim -Yume -Cerise -Azzie -Ceratisa -Hellscythe -Ama (ZEL) -ICSW -Caddy -Drago -Hexa -Nicki -cass. The Auspicious Auth Award For the most helpful staff member who's been around to help out this year! this is definitely not a thinly veiled performance review. Nominees: -Starry -Ceratisa -Posty -Cass -Abyss -ICSW -Marcello -Amethyst -Cera -Azzie -Brave The Smelliest Auth Award For the auth member who, regardless of conduct, most desperately needs to take a shower! Nominees: -Posty -Brave -Marcello -Zumi -Godot -Azzie Most Helpful Content Creator Award For the member whose mod/videos/walkthroughs have rescued you through the most sticky situations! Nominees: -Icy Tails -Bluetowel -Cass -Lostelle -ICSW Memer of the Year For the member who's posted the freshest, most crispy clean memes this year! Nominees: -90skid -Robotnik -Caz -Ame2 -Kyle -Quinn -Azery -Hellscythe Dorkiest Dork Award This description has been removed due to creative disagreements among the writers of this thread. Nominees: -Bibs -Khrona -Nicki -Soloclus -Cass -Azery -Brave -Ceratisa -Crim The Profile Picture Perfection Award For the member who's had the best avatars around this year! Nominees: -Bluetowel -Posty -Kenneth -Adrian -Hellscythe -Ikaru -Ruby -Fezz -Nicki -Crim -Azzie The Craziest Conspirator Award For the member who just knows, man. Nominees: -Nicki -Node15 -Ricki -Bibs -Ame2 -Azery -Cerise -Soloclus Emoji Excellence Award For the member who's wowed us all with creative use of emoji this year! Nominees: -Sleepy Goblin -Punch -Ruby -Newt -Crim -Candy -Cad Smollest Bean For the member who is just so smol and pure. Nominees: -Azzie -Cerise -Ruby -Chxxo -Bibs -Crim -Caddy Archbishop of Banterbury For the member with the best banter on the block! Nominees: -Nicki -Newt -Brave -Ceratisa -Bibs -Amethyst -Rotherfucking Jorcerer Biggest Grumpy of the Year For the >:(est member around this year! (All in fun, of course!) Nominees: -Cass -Kyle -Godot -Khrona The Pointedest Poindexter Award For the biggest NERD this year! Nominees: -Azery -Kyle -Adrian -Ame -Mindlack -Arkhi -Cass -Swamp -Mercury -Wendel The Hippest Himbo Award For everyone's favourite himbo (or herbo, or thembo)! Nominees: -Alex -Psosty -Kyle -Jarred -Huggy -Brave Coolest Clown in Town For the member that's the entire circus! Nominees: -Zumi -Bibs -Posty -Crim -Hexa -Marcello -Khrona -Jan Most In Need Of A Hug For the member who just really needs a hug right away! Nominees: -The Emotional Support Channel -Cass -Ruby -Crim -Ceratisa -Nicki -Mercury -Cerise -Brave -Khrona -Amethyst -Newt -Bluetowel -Yumi -Tim -Arnie -Ikaru Supportive Cinnamon Roll For the member who is an actual cinnamon roll and always tried to support others! Nominees: -Starry -Bluetowel -Azzie -Cass -Kyle -Mercury -Ceratisa -Crim -Ikaru -Posty -Ice -Amethyst -Gardevoir Most Likely To Be Madame X For the member who has secretly been the primary antagonist of Rejuvenation this whole time. Nominees: -Kyle -Ruby -Azzie -Jan -Zumi -Cass -Caz -Caddy Most Likely to Become Auth For the most helpful member who should totally be on the team! this is definitely not a thinly-veiled screening process. Nominees: -Bluetowel -Huggy -Arnie -Crim -Ama -Bibs -Ikaru Most Likely to Become Champion For the member most likely to take the ranks when another gym leader champion inevitably dies or something! Nominees: -Quinn -Bibs -Brave -Goose -Adrian Most Likely to Take Over the World For the member most poised to overpower society as we know it! Nominees: -Ama (ZEL) -Bibs -Ceratisa -Posty -Brave -Cass Wonderfullest Wallflower For the member whose presence is quiet, but beloved. Nominees: -Caddy -Hellscythe -ICSW -Azzie -Yume -Candy -Punch -Dream -Ikaru -Soloclus -Cerise -Drago -Hexa -Ceratisa -Crim -Starry -Bluetowel -Mercury Most Likely to Start a Religious Cult For the member you'd most quickly offer your soul to in a ritual of deepest darkness! Nominees: -Cass -Sleepy Goblin and Storm -Brave -Bibs -Evi Crystal -Wendel -Godot -Ruby (about Douma) -Caz -Nicki -Khrona -Ikaru Apocalypse 2020 Superstar It's been a year. For the member who's managed to make the most of it! Nominees: -Ame -Kyle -Brave -Ruby -Crim -Caz Most Likely to Have Just Been A Dream All Along What is a dream? For the member who's what dreams are made of. Nominees: -Dream -Mercury -Ice -Bibs -Caz (Jarred) Most Likely to Win the Reborn Hunger Games For the member who's most likely to escape the wrath of Tree! Nominees: -Cerise -Zumi -Tree -Kyle -Chxxo -Aeodyn -ICSW Most Likely to Be Impostor For the member who's pretty sus, tbh. Nominees: -Bibs -ICSW -Caddy -Khrona -Punch -Abyss -Aldo -Kiet -Posty -Ruby -Caddy -Ceratisa -Wendel -Nicki -Goose -Fezz Most Likely to be Adopted by a Staff Member For the member who's likely to find a new parental unit in Reborn's auth team! Nominees: -Cerise -Chxxo -Mercury -Yume -Everyone Who Already Has -Crim -Arnie Most Likely to Win Third Place Self-explanatory. Nominees: -Dream -Azery -Posty -Ikaru -Bibs -Khrona -Storm -Bluetowel -Hexagon Member Most Likely to Never Give You Up For the member who would never let you down, nor run around, nor desert you! Nominees: -Caddy -Bibs -Cass -Skid -Brave -Arkhi -Azzie -Posty -Hycrox -Crim -Nicki -King -Goose I-it's Not Like I Wanted to Win or Anything Award This member isn't tsundere or anything, b-baka!! Nominees: -Nicki -Alex -Cerise -Bibs -Posty -Caddy -Amethyst cass Cna't Spel Awrad Fro thh menber taht jsut dosnt kno hwo 2 wrods! Nominees: -Alex -Storm -Adrian -Lia -Nicki -Wendel -Kam -Cass -Goose -Amethyst Award Award Award Award award award award award award award award award award award award award award award Nominees: -Hellscythe -Mercury -Arnie -Jan -Abyss -Every Staff Member Ever -Ame -Crim -Caddy -The Entirety Of Reborn -Kyra -Bluetowel's Cats -Newt -BIGFriv -Glow -Lumi
  10. (Please note that the bit about Taka wanting to bury himself in the sand and do nothing is courtesy of our lovely Ame and not me!) Day 17 Faith woke Romi the next morning, her cold, wet nose against their cheek. They opened their eyes and the first thing they saw was her, looming over them. The instant she saw Romi wake up she let out a happy bark, and shifted backward to let them sit up. Taka was still sound asleep, but most of his Pokemon- all except Gliscor and Minior- had gathered together with Romi’s around something on the ground. They all seemed puzzled. Romi barely had time to register this before something bumped their leg from beneath the sand, and they rolled quickly and silently out of the way. A small whine sounded, and Faith let out a little bark of laughter as Romi looked back where they had been a moment earlier. Nino shook the sand off his head and shot Romi a wounded look. “Sorry,” Romi said. “Here.” They held out a hand and Nino ran to it, butting his head against it. “Gib,” he whined. The sound attracted the other Pokemon’s attention, and they looked around. Chatot happened to see Romi and Nino, and with a little crow he hopped over toward them. The others quickly followed, and with a grunt of alarm Nino hopped onto Romi’s lap and sat there, looking up at them. “Hey, it’s okay,” they said. To the other Pokemon, who had hurried over to them, they said, “Everyone, this is Nino. He’s a bit shy.” Nino grumbled nervously, but the presence of his Trainer seemed to calm him a bit; he shivered only slightly as Klefki chirped a greeting and Shimmer sniffed him, and when Faith patted his head with her paw he actually looked happy. Romi’s face lit up with pride at their new friend’s courage, and as Nino relaxed a bit Romi was able to say good morning to the other Pokemon, some of whom were trying to get their attention too. “Chatot, what the heck!” Romi turned and laughed softly. Taka was sitting up, and based on the look on Chatot’s face, he had just woken him up. “Morning,” they said. “Morning,” Taka repeated. “Hey, Chatot, did Romi put you up to this?” Chatot clucked with laughter, and Romi shook their head. “That was all him. Everyone else just realized Nino’s out and about.” Nino waved a paw at Taka, and he grinned. “Hey, buddy. Good for you.” The little crowd dispersed then, most of them wandering over to greet Taka, and Nino hopped off Romi’s lap and went to grab a Berry from the pile. After a brief detour to let Taka pet her, Betty went along with Nino, and before long Pokemon and Trainers alike were munching and relaxing. Taka suggested taking off before the sun rose too high, and Romi agreed readily, so they let their Pokemon play while they packed up the Berries into their bags and collected some more leaves for later fires. Faith dove into the pool for one last swim, and Madison and Chatot raced around the trees. “Hey, Ro, when we were talking about Light Shards last night, did you happen to see where the one for this place is? Assuming there’s one here?” Taka asked. Romi shook their head. “I sort of looked, but I didn’t see it. It must be farther along.” They finished packing, and with a few gentle words each recalled their Pokemon to their Balls. Taka scattered the remnants of the fire pit with his shoe, and then they were off, walking slowly around the pond as Romi looked carefully for any signs. Finally, after half an hour of walking, Romi spotted it- a golden glow in the water that didn’t quite match the sunlight’s reflection. They stepped closer, and sure enough, a golden shard gleamed about two feet below the water’s surface. Taka watched Romi peer into the water, the tips of their shoes just barely avoiding getting wet, and made a face. “Is it actually in there?” “Right there,” Romi pointed uselessly. “…Hey, Taka, come over here?” He obliged, standing next to Romi and looking where they were looking, but he still couldn’t see anything. “Sorry, Ro, all I see is dirt. And water.” “No, it’s just- here.” They waded into the pond, not stopping until the water was nearly waist high. “I want to try something.” Taka didn’t miss the implication, and he shook his head. “Romi, I’m not exactly a water kind of guy. I’m pretty sure I’d sink like a rock if I tried to swim.” “You don’t have to swim. I just… what would happen if we both touched it, at the same time? It’s right by my foot, it isn’t deep here.” Romi glanced down, then back over at Taka. “You don’t have to, I just… wonder.” Taka removed his shoes, wondering why Romi hadn’t thought to do the same, and shook his head. “Remember I touched it before and it didn’t do anything,” he said as he waded in. The water was cool, and he bent down to douse his scarf before walking out to Romi. “Good idea,” Romi smiled, nodding at the scarf. “I just wondered if we both touched it at the same time, what would happen. Maybe nothing. Or maybe… not.” “I’m kinda curious too,” Taka admitted. “Where exactly is it, again?” “There,” Romi pointed again, right in front of their shoe. “On three?” “Sure,” Taka said. “One…” “Two…” “Three!” They both leaned forward. Taka watched Romi’s hand and aimed for the same place. It happened quickly. Their fingers brushed together under the water, and then Taka felt something warm and pleasant jolt from beneath his hand and spread through his body. And it may have been a trick of the sunlight, but he could have sworn he saw gold behind his eyes, for a split second. And then the lake was gone, and the gold was gone, and the only proof that it had been there was his and Romi’s soaking wet clothes and a gentle feeling of health settling through him. Romi was watching his face carefully. “What happened?” Taka stared. “Romi… is that what it’s like, every time?” He looked down at his hand again, wonderingly. Romi’s eyes widened. “You felt it?” “I felt something,” Taka said. “It was… warm. And happy. And I saw something golden, for a second. I think it worked, Ro.” Romi’s face broke into a smile. “That’s great. I wondered if maybe it would change anything, but…” “I honestly didn’t think anything would happen,” Taka admitted. “But… Ro, that was incredible. My hand’s still kind of tingling. And I’m just… happy. I’m not sure whether that’s the Shard or just being glad I could actually feel it, though, haha.” The smile of pure wonder on Taka’s face was beautiful. Romi was struck by it. They felt their own face grow bright with the sheer happiness of it. “I’m so glad,” they said. “Me too,” Taka grinned. “I can’t…” He trailed off. “Romi, do you see that?” Romi turned to follow his gaze. A single palm tree, not far off from where they stood- near enough that it must have been part of the oasis. And it was still there. “That’s weird,” he said. “Do you think it was both of us touching the Shard that did that?” Romi frowned. “Why would it just leave one tree?” “I guess,” Taka said. “Maybe it was already here? When the oasis sprung up, I mean? So it wasn’t connected to the Light Shard in the first place.” Romi looked thoughtful. “It does look pretty big.” “It kind of does. Hey, let’s go check it out before the sun dries us off too much.” They took off quickly at first, but both quickly discovered that the added weight of drenched pants- and, in Romi’s case, shoes- made a difference in running, and slowed down. As they got closer to the tree, it was clear that they’d been right about it being ‘pretty big’. It stretched up, and by the time they reached its base the tree towered over them. “This has to’ve been the tallest one,” Taka said, staring up at it. “…I think it’s the one Komala was in.” “I think you’re right,” Romi agreed. “I wonder how old it is.” “Gotta be pretty old, if it’s this big.” Taka leaned against the trunk, looking up at the leaves and fruits far above his head. “It’s a nice one.” “Nino liked it,” Romi said. “I don’t know if he ever really saw a tree before, living in- Taka, move!” Taka frowned. “What’s up?” Romi pointed above his head. “Look.” Taka looked up. The tree- tree?- was bending, arching its trunk as the top stretched closer and closer to the two. Taka scrambled away from the trunk and toward Romi, but the tree simply stretched out further, until the leaves were drooping down and the three fruits- which they could see now had faces- were on eye level. It was smiling at them. “Um. Hi?” Taka said. “Hi,” Romi echoed. “Cuu!” The sound the Exeggutor made was somewhere between a rumble and a roar, with a faint whistle to its voice, and its tone sounded curious. “I’m sorry we took away your oasis,” Romi said. “Yeah, and I’m sorry Komala was sleeping on you yesterday,” Taka added, realizing. “He just really likes to climb, but-” Exeggutor’s face lit up with excitement, and it let out another cry. The ground began to tremble, and Taka stepped back again as the tremor grew to a shake, and then a quake. Sand began to fly around the Pokemon as the quake went on, and both Taka and Romi had to brace themselves to avoid falling over. After a short time, however, the shaking died down, and as the sand settled once more they could see that the Exeggutor had completely unearthed itself. “…Huh,” Taka said. “Well, I can’t really blame you. I, too, would love to bury myself half-underground and do nothing for hours on end.” “You practically have,” Romi deadpanned. Taka looked down and laughed. The sand Exeggutor had displaced was sticking to every inch of Taka’s clothes that had gotten wet. He wasn’t the only one. “I guess we’re all in the sand club,” he shrugged, still grinning, and when Romi noticed how covered they also were, they were set off laughing too. Exeggutor joined in, its laughter coming in heavy waves that nearly shook the ground on their own. Romi grinned. “You’re awfully friendly.” “Torr,” Exeggutor said. Now that he was uncovered from the sand, they could see his tail whipping back and forth behind him, and as if to prove Romi’s point the Exeggutor stuck his faces between the two Trainers and smiled. “Pretty cute,” Taka agreed. “…Hey. Romi, you’re probably gonna tell me I didn’t think this through, but… what if we brought him with us?” Exeggutor’s tail wagged faster. “I mean, he gets along with Komala, and we did kind of just steal his home.” Taka gestured around to where the oasis had been, and turned to Exeggutor. “Would you want to come?” “Torr! Tor!” The great Pokemon shifted from foot to foot in excitement, pounding the sand each time, and he nudged Taka with his faces. Romi smiled softly. “Sounds like he’s already adopted you,” they said. “Haha. All right, big guy, here.” Taka pulled out a Great Ball, and tossed it against the Pokemon’s trunk. Exeggutor was drawn inside, and the ball wobbled once after hitting the sand before it settled closed. “…Wow,” Taka said, after a few moments. “Hm?” “I honestly didn’t expect it to be that easy,” he said, staring at the ball on the sand. “It was kind of an impulse, but… I sort of felt bad for him.” “He probably counted on that,” Romi grinned. “He definitely seemed happy to have some company, and did you see that dance when you asked if he wanted to come?” “Yeah,” Taka smiled. “It was pretty cute.” “It was.” Taka stooped down to pick up the Pokeball, clipped it to his belt, and shrugged. “Well, guess it’s time to get going again.” They set off once more, following the direction of the sunrise and veering north. The coolness from the water on their clothes was a welcome relief for as long as it lasted- which was sadly not very long, in the scorching sun. After a couple of hours, Romi stopped walking abruptly and turned to Taka. “We got off course somehow.” Taka turned to the mountains and frowned. “I thought they should’ve been closer. I guess… that sandstorm the other day, maybe? Or was it yesterday? I’ve completely lost track of time out here.” “I’m not sure,” Romi shrugged. “It kind of blends together. But you’re right, I think it must’ve been the sandstorm.” “Hopefully we didn’t pass the Gym.” Romi’s eyes widened for a moment before they shook their head. “Once we get closer, past the dunes, it’ll be easier to see if there’s anything back that way.” Taka nodded. “Shouldn’t take too long to get back.” Without any further discussion, they stopped heading north and simply focused on walking due east, dodging around some of the larger sand hills and scaling the smaller ones. Shortly before dusk, a wind picked up, and with it, a cloud of sand; fortunately the shadow of the mountain was near enough now that the two Trainers could still use it to guide their way. After a few hours, the wind faded, and Taka and Romi used the last traces of daylight to make camp next to a massive boulder half-covered by sand, near enough to the mountain that only a few low dunes lay between them. This time, when Romi released their Pokemon, Nino was among them. The others seemed to have learned their lesson from the morning; Faith nosed Nino gently and Shimmer whistled in greeting, but they all gave the little Gible space, and in turn Nino seemed relaxed and happy. Taka released his team next- all but one. “Okay, guys, I made a new friend this morning. He’s kind of big. But I think you’ll all get along okay.” He addressed Romi’s Pokemon, too, and they looked to Romi with curiosity. Their Trainer simply smiled. Taka activated the Great Ball. The beam of light shot upwards like a flare, and with a yawn, Exeggutor appeared. “Torr?” “Ko!” Komala had already begun to doze off, nestling up against Gliscor’s tail, but at Exeggutor’s cry his eyes opened. And with clear excitement, the little Pokemon scampered over to sit by the giant’s feet. Exeggutor made a sound- Taka couldn’t interpret it from so far up- and turned his body slightly, Komala sitting patiently as he did. He shifted until the tiny head on his tail was near enough to Komala to see him properly. The moment it did, it began to wag. Exeggutor shifted from one foot to the other in excitement, and Taka stepped out of the way as the great creature bent its neck to bring its heads closer. Komala reached up, and when Exeggutor’s heads were near enough to properly see the little Pokemon, all of them were smiling broadly. He made a sound like a yawn and a rumble as Komala actually hopped, not quite reaching the bigger Pokemon. Taka looked from one to the other before picking Komala up and holding him at eye level with Exeggutor. Exeggutor rubbed his nearest face against Komala’s fuzzy cheek, and Komala purred. “So, uh. I guess you know each other?” “Ko! Ko!” Komala wriggled out of Taka’s grasp and climbed onto his head, and began chattering to Exeggutor. The bigger Pokemon made soft sounds in response, and Taka simply stood there. “Romi, you seeing this?” Romi, who had been grinning since Komala sat next to Exeggutor, walked over to stand near Taka. “Must’ve met last night.” “So Komala knew,” Taka mused. “That makes it easier, I guess. Maybe that’s why he liked us.” Exeggutor hummed, and lowered his faces slightly so that the nearest one could lick Taka’s cheek. Romi burst out laughing. “What-” Taka started, shock and alarm written across his features. A brief pause, and he relaxed, grinning. “Heh. Well, welcome to the team, big guy. Apparently you’re among friends.” “Cu cu,” Exeggutor said happily. They built their fire quickly, and spent the rest of the evening munching on Berries and watching Nino and Exeggutor- Eggs, Taka had taken to calling him- get used to the rest of their Pokemon. It was a surprisingly smooth integration; even apart from Komala, the others were relaxed around the giant, and by the time they settled in for the night Taka began to wonder if he and Romi had been the only ones not to know Exeggutor was there. He turned to ask Romi, but they were sound asleep already. Their hand was loose on the sand- for a change, no Pokemon had ducked under it or on it- and Taka remembered the morning, how they had both touched the Light Shard at the same instant. How Romi had tried, repeatedly, to let him feel its warmth, and how it had worked this time. The memory brought back the sense of wellbeing and happiness, and in his drowsy state he realized that it had been there in the background of his mind all day. As he fell asleep, he made a mental note to ask Romi in the morning why they hadn’t told him Light Shards kept working over time.
  11. Pokemon Reborn: oarental guidance advised

  12. Happy timezone, everyone! As we make our way through November, the staff team at Reborn has been working on a few things to (hopefully) make this community a better place for everyone. To this end... 1. Rules Update! Reborn has been around, in some form or another, for a long time now. And while the rules have undergone some changes over that time, it's been quite a while, and we felt like it was time to take another look at them. People have mentioned that some parts of the rules aren't entirely clear, and we've found a few outdated things and some things which weren't stated, but should be. As a team we've gone over these community guidelines, and come up with a new, improved version! The updated rules can be found here, or by viewing the 'Guidelines' tab under Home. It's a very good idea to give these a read. 2. Forum Cleanup! As well as the rules, the forums themselves are getting a little bit of a revamp. Several sections have been merged due to activity and for the sake of tidiness. As Discord activity grows (10,000 users as of today!) we want to work with the community and make the transition from the forums being a place of active discussion and toward them being more of a support structure for the discord community. If you have any questions about specific forum changes, please don't hesitate to ask! And now we move on to what's almost certainly the most exciting update; 3. Starlight Divide Demo! There was an announcement earlier, but in case you missed it, Starlight Divide's public beta starts on Monday! Starlight is Amethyst's beautiful new tactical RPG, and she and her team have been hard at work preparing this demo for you! (Speaking as someone who's played this demo, it's absolutely amazing and I think you'll all really enjoy it!) Until then, please look forward to it!
  13. Day 16 They resumed their journey toward the tree the next morning, and for a while it seemed as though little had changed from the day before. The weather remained clear, but the tree they sought did not seem to get any closer. Until, after a couple of hours, it was suddenly not the only tree they saw. A second tall, spiky shape appeared, even farther away than the first. Taka and Romi turned to each other at the same moment to point it out, and they both grinned. They kept walking, and a few more trees appeared on the horizon. As they drew closer, and the trees became a cluster of green in the distance, Taka’s smile grew wider and wider. Romi stayed quiet, until at last there could be no more doubt: an oasis lay ahead. Then they too broke into a grin, and picked up speed. Taka was quick to follow suit. “Good thing you didn’t head out on your own for food,” he said. “Especially after that storm,” Romi agreed. “Faith’ll be happy.” “Oh, yeah, keep back if you don’t want to get soaked,” Romi laughed. “I’m not going to stop her.” “Honestly, I’m not sure you could anyway.” “Maybe not.” They reached the edge of the oasis around noon, and the first thing Romi did was let Faith out of her Pokeball. She whooped in delight and threw herself into the pool, splashing Romi and making Taka laugh through his mouthful of Liechi Berry. It was contagious, and Romi sank to the ground, laughing as they clicked the buttons on their Pokeballs to release Madison, Betty and Shimmer. Taka released his own Pokemon, still watching Faith with amusement. The familiar atmosphere set Romi at ease. They munched on a Berry as well, and Faith swam up and watched as Romi refilled their water bottles. They were nearly all empty. It took nearly half an hour to refill them all, and all the while they breathed with quiet relief that they had not run out. Looking around, Shimmer and Betty were gathering Berries, apparently on their own initiative, and Chatot and Madison were playing noisily in the underbrush. Taka was walking around picking up twigs and sticks, and from what Romi could see Klefki was trying to help, slashing at low plants with his keys. Romi ruffled Faith’s hair, passed her a Berry, and went to help collect more food. They gathered as they walked, once more turning their sweater into a satchel for the little fruits. There were fat, ripe Liechi Berries, whose leaves looked useful for tying things, and low bushes dotted with hearty Sitrus Berries. Romi grabbed every one they could find and put them together in the sweater. By the time they reached the pile their Pokemon had been making, the sweater was nearly half filled and heavy with fruit. “Mrr,” Shimmer hummed, tugging on it with her psychic power when she saw Romi. When they held on, Shimmer effortlessly picked Romi up as well. “Now you’re showing off,” Romi laughed. “Okay, okay.” They relinquished their grip, and Shimmer set them gently on the ground with a small giggle. They patted her head, and Betty’s too when she ran over. The three worked together to pick berries until Romi’s sweater was full, and then Shimmer at last set it down next to the pile she and Betty had made. By then, Chatot and Madison had wandered over, and were munching happily. Romi picked up one of the leaves from Chatot’s Liechi. The little bird ignored them completely, intent on his lunch, so Romi took the other leaf as well. They felt pliable and strong in their hands. “Hey, Betty?” “Rade?” Betty asked. “Where’s your medal?” With a little hop, Betty ran over to a tree nearby and bent down. The shiny bit of copper glinted in her buds as she ran back to show her Trainer. “Hmm.” Romi held out their hand, and Betty placed the medallion in it, watching them curiously. They held up the Liechi leaves, looking for a place to thread one through. There were ornamental designs carved into the trinket, but no holes. So Romi instead began wrapping the leaf around it, crisscrossing it and looping it around the second leaf before tying it securely. They hoped the leaf would dry that way. The second leaf they held at either end, showing Betty as her medallion hung from it, tied with the first leaf. Betty squealed, hopping and sticking out her head so Romi could tie it loosely around her neck. They did so, and when they had finished, the wrapped medallion hung nicely on Betty’s stomach. She trilled with delight and ran toward the pool, Romi smiling after her until they felt Chatot’s weight on their foot, and squatted down to pet him. “Hi Romi,” Chatot said. “Hello, Chatot,” Romi nodded. “Good Berry?” The little bird bobbed his head up and down, and Romi laughed softly. Chatot clicked his beak in disapproval. “Sorry,” Romi said. Chatot gave a dignified whistle and leaned closer to be petted more. Multiple sets of footsteps crunched behind Romi, and they turned to see Betty scurrying back, Taka and Klefki following behind her. Taka was laughing, Klefki jingling softly beside him. When Chatot saw them, he nipped Romi affectionately on the finger and flew up to his Trainer’s shoulder. “Hey, buddy,” he said, gently fluffing the feathers atop Chatot’s head. “Hey, guys. Wondered what everyone was doing over here.” “Just getting Berries,” Romi said, gesturing to their pile. “Oh, nice,” Taka said. “Wow.” Madison crowed and puffed out her chest feathers proudly. Shimmer levitated a Berry over and bounced it off Taka’s head until he took it, laughing, and squatted down to give it to Klefki. Shimmer seemed satisfied at that, “Well, I’ve got the fire ready, but maybe I should just bring the sticks over here. It’s a nice spot.” “Where did you set up?” Romi asked. “A bit closer to the water,” he said. “Faith was… helping.” Romi laughed. “Wouldn’t be bad to go check it out, I think Faith would feel better if we were closer.” He led Romi- and Madison, who hopped after them- back to where they’d first entered, where two palm trees stood side by side almost like a gateway up against the grass of the oasis. Komala had climbed up the taller of the two, and appeared to be dozing. Gliscor and Minior were huddled together where the grass met deeper foliage, sound asleep, and Taka had set his fire-pile up near the water’s edge. As he had said, a few of the sticks in the pile looked soggy and wet. Romi smiled. He hadn’t wanted to hurt Faith’s feelings, either. “Looks nice,” they said. “You think? Those two just kind of dozed off, I just worked near them.” He jerked his head toward Gliscor and Minior. Gliscor shifted slightly in his sleep, and Taka grinned. Romi nodded, smiling too. “It’s perfect.” They looked down at Madison, who had followed them over. “What do you think?” Madison squawked and rubbed her head against Romi’s hand. They moved the Berries, Shimmer carrying most of them on her own, and Romi tucked the discarded leaves from the already-eaten Berries into their bag. When they had deposited the food safely on the grass, Romi waded into the pond, and Taka stretched out in the cool shade of the palm trees. After a while, Romi left the pond and began sorting through their bag. As the sun sank lower in the sky and the shadows of the palms deepened and stretched, Faith climbed up on the shore, and Gliscor slowly awoke, poking Minior with his tail when his teammate failed to stir. Minior jolted up with an alarmed hum, and Madison, who was watching, squawked with laughter. Eventually, dusk settled over the oasis, and Chatot hopped over and set the sticks Taka had gathered alight. When Taka noticed, he yawned. "Guess we should eat something," he said, reaching into his bag. From it, he withdrew a weathered-looking clay pot, and set it on the ground. "Here. Romi, pass me a couple of those Sitrus?" Romi did. "From the cave?" They gestured to the pot, and Taka nodded. "Yeah. I picked it up while you were trying to catch Nino. I figured we could try cooking some Berries in it or something, but I haven't been able to wash it before now." “Good idea.” He sliced the Sitrus Berries up and dropped them in the pot, adding a Liechi Berry and pouring in a bit of water before setting the pot among the flames. Faith stuck her nose high in the air and sniffed, squealing with delight at the aroma. Before long, the smell grew strong enough that everyone else, Pokemon and human alike, could smell it too. It was a warm, fruity scent, and it was somewhat familiar to Romi. “This is like at the circus,” they realized, face lighting up. “Hot Berry tarts!” Shimmer was at their side quickly, nosing Romi’s hand with her snout. Romi laughed. “No, it just smells like them. There aren’t any here.” “Let’s hope this is a good substitute,” Taka said. “Here.” He pulled the pot off the fire and fanned it, then stirred. When he withdrew the stick, it held a bit of reddish berry mush, which quickly slipped off and fell back into the pot. “Maybe I should’ve brought a spoon,” Romi said, not quite managing to keep their amusement out of their voiice. “There’s not much need for cutlery in the desert usually,” Taka said fairly. “This’ll have to do.” He tilted the jug and scraped out a bit of the mixture onto a leaf. When he tasted it, he shrugged. “Bit sour, but not bad.” He doled out several more portions, Romi gathering extra leaves when he ran out. They agreed with his assessment, although they thought he might have been exaggerating with the sourness. It simply wasn’t as sweet as it smelled. They all ate in relative contentment. Minior loved the berry mixture, and most of the noise in the clearing was caused by his excited warbling and, after a while, his attempts to make more by repeatedly divebombing a Sitrus Berry that had rolled away from the pile. He and Chatot nibbled at it a bit, but the sand made it unappealing, and enough of the mush got on Minior’s stone shell that he shook himself free of it and pleaded with Faith until she hosed it off for him. Their Trainers and teammates watched, the same fond expression on both humans’ faces. “It’s weird,” Taka commented. “I’ve known Minior for about a year, but he’s never really… played like this. I guess it was hard to let everyone out in the bases, but… still. He’s really come out of his shell.” “How did…” Romi trailed off. “Taka.” They looked over to see him staring right back, a mischievous grin on his face. “Uh huh?” “You didn’t.” “I think I did,” he said, still grinning. “Taka!” They rubbed their face, laughter cracking through their voice. He watched, grin shifting to a softer smile. “Seriously, though, this is good for him. Honestly, I think it’s good for all of us. It’s nice.” “It is.” “I remember you said you used to go camping, how long ago was that? Uh. If you want to talk about it.” “It’s okay,” Romi shrugged. “Mostly when I was little. My parents used to take research trips, and I went sometimes. They taught me a few things, how to light fires, how to recognize Ursaring nests. Not Nuzleaf traps, though,” they laughed softly. “I figured.” Romi rolled their eyes at that. “It was a lot quieter, though. They were studying Pokemon habitats, so we always had to make sure we didn’t scare them away.” “Oh, huh. I don’t know anything about that stuff, but it sounds pretty cool,” Taka said. “Wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t my thing. I kept trying to make friends with the Pokemon they were trying to study.” Romi grinned. “I think most kids would.” Taka chuckled and shook his head. “Did it ever work out?” “Once,” Romi said. “A bunch of Swellow in Sinnoh. They ended up swarming our tent, I think people had been feeding them.” Madison stretched her neck over Romi’s shoulder and Chatot hopped onto their lap. Romi grinned and petted them both. “You two already ate.” “Fea,” Madison squawked, resting her head on Taka’s shoulder instead. He laughed, and gave her a pat. “I think birds are just like that about food, yeah. Oh, hey, speaking of, did you want to save some of that for Nino?” He waved his hand toward the pot. “I was thinking,” Romi nodded. “I’m not sure if he’ll go for it, He seems to like the crunchier Berries. I’ll see, though. This’ll be his first time seeing a pond.” Taka frowned. “Yeah, I guess. I wonder, there’s gotta be some kind of water source down there, for all those plants and Pokemon. Must be pretty deep underground, or we would’ve seen it. But I wonder if he has.” "Hm." Romi’s memory had been jostled at the mention of the cave, and the image of the Light Shard sitting mere feet away from the statue of Arceus came vividly into their mind once again. They promised themself they would bring it up to Taka sometime. They weren’t entirely sure why, beyond a strong underlying feeling that he deserved to know if there was a connection, but they didn’t relish the thought. They still weren’t sure what to make of it themself. Still, there did not seem to be any real reason not to bring it up, and so with a deep breath, they spoke. "Taka, do you remember when we were at that statue, and I saw the Light Shard?" His expression shifted, and Romi couldn’t quite make it out. “Yeah.” “Seeing it so close to the statue, I realized just how much it looks like Arceus’ rings,” Romi said quickly. “Like a piece of them. It could’ve been a piece of that statue, except the statue wasn’t broken and the Light Shard was glowing. They all look like that, I just hadn’t really had anything to compare before.” “...Okay?” Taka frowned. “What are you saying?” “...I don’t know,” Romi shrugged, putting their arm around Madison. The Fearow started, but leaned into the affection once she realized. “Just. They’re there. And it’s probably not a coincidence, because I never saw anything like that before coming to Reborn.” Taka took a deep breath, and then another. “It sounds… Romi, are you sure? Because you know I’m no devout follower of Arceus or anything, but I don’t remember my father or Elias ever saying anything like that. And… they would've. My father would have, anyway. He'd say it's just one more way I'm a disappointment." "It's not." Romi slumped forward a bit. "I don't think he sees them, either. He walked right by one once. It was the first time I met him." "Wait, really?" "Under the Grand Stairway," Romi said. "I just really thought they were such a common sight around here that he didn't bother. But now….he probably just didn't see. No idea about Elias, though." "If Elias saw something that looked like Arceus, he would've told you about it," Taka said, smirking a bit. "So that's… has anyone else seen them?" "I only remember one," Romi said. "Guy in Obsidia Slums. Told me what it was when I went through for the first time. Other than that, I'm not sure." And then, to Romi's surprise, Taka started laughing. "Sorry," he said through his laughter, "it's just… imagining Elias finding this out. It's kind of sad, really, but…" Romi relaxed slightly. "I never thought of that." "He'd make some kind of a speech," Taka said. "And we'd never hear the end of it. He'd want them all converted into shrines. My father would… probably just double down on getting people to leave, really, come to think of it." His laughter died out, and Klefki snuggled against his hand. "I really don't know what they are," Romi said quietly, sincerity in their voice. "They look like Arceus' rings, but they also look a bit like Unown. Don't those create illusions? For all we know, that's what made them." "Ro, I've seen what happens when you touch those things. I don't think it could heal you if it was an illusion." Romi shrugged. "Maybe. I'm just saying we don't know. I don't even really have an idea." "...Me either," Taka admitted. "But is it weird I'm glad it's not just me? That can't see the things, I mean. I don't really care about tradition or anything, but still… I'm glad it's not because there's something wrong with me, or something." "Not weird." Taka smiled softly. "...Thanks. And, uh, thanks for telling me about it. I remember you were acting kind of weird back there, in the cave. I guess it probably freaked you out too." "A bit." "So, uh… why didn’t you say something?” Taka asked. Romi shrugged. “Didn’t feel like the right time. Things were confusing enough in there.” “I guess,” Taka said. “...You could’ve, though. If it was bothering you." "After that, we started looking for Nino, and it slipped my mind," Romi said. "It just caught me off guard. It would've been worse for you." Taka actually grinned. "Romi, I've been dealing with weird Arceus stuff my entire life. Finding out your magic glowing stars might have some connection to it… shouldn't have even surprised me, really, but here we are. Anyway, it doesn't matter. You've been listening to me this whole time, if something's freaking you out you don't have to keep it quiet." Romi had been keeping their eyes on Madison's head in their lap as Taka spoke, and they kept them there still as their face grew warm. "...Thanks. So you're okay?" "What's one more weird happening?" Taka shrugged. "Maybe after everything, we can look into it. Find out what those things are. But for now, I'm really not worrying about it." Romi closed their eyes. "Then I’ll try not to, either.” The dusk had settled softly into night as they talked, and so had most of their Pokemon. Faith had made her way over to lay next between Taka and Romi, and Betty had snuggled up next to the Primarina’s paws. Shimmer was hum-snoring a short way away. Klefki had cuddled up just above Taka’s head. The only one out of sight was Komala- Gliscor and Minior were chasing each other some distance away, Minior’s bright glow a tell- and both Trainers had seen Komala hanging around the same high palm tree since they arrived at the oasis. It was a peaceful quiet, and apart from the distant sounds of Gliscor and Minior, there was very little sound. Until Romi felt a buzz at their side, and a moment later, Nino sprang out of his Pokeball. He sniffed the ground next to Romi’s leg, and then looked up. Romi. Madison and Taka were watching him silently, even the Fearow seeming to understand that Nino was easily startled. The Gible peered at the three of them curiously, tilted his head, and then sniffed the air. “Gib!” Still careful to be quiet, the two Trainers turned to watch as Nino scampered over to the pot, looked inside, and stuck his face in. Madison tilted her head in confusion as Romi shook with silent laughter. It was not a very large pot, and though Nino could stick his nose and mouth inside, the jet-fins on the side of his head prevented him from getting very far in. His little feet kicked in the air and his forelimbs scratched at the pot, until gravity caught up with him and sent both Gible and pot toppling over. He stood up indignantly and pawed at the pot again. When that didn’t work, he sat down and fixed Romi with a piteous look. “Gii?” “Excuse me,” Romi said quietly to Madison, face still pink from laughing. Madison hopped off Romi’s lap, stepped carefully over Faith and Betty, and flopped onto Taka’s knees. Taka began petting her, and she trilled quietly. “Here,” Romi said. They took the same stick Taka had used and scraped out what was left of the Berry goo onto a leaf. Nino sniffed at it briefly, and then with one bite devoured the leaf and everything on it. All that remained was a tiny smudge of pink, on the tip of his nose, and even that was gone a moment later when he licked his lips. “Gible,”: he said, looking happily at Romi. “You’re welcome,” they said, grinning. “If you’re still hungry, there’s some Berries over there.” Nino looked over, considered, and yawned. Instead, he waddled over to Taka, who was watching him with a smile while petting both of the Pokemon on his lap. "Hey," Taka said. "Was it good?" Nino nodded. "Bi gib!" "Nice," Taka said. He held out a hand. Nino sniffed it briefly and then butted it gently with his nose. Taka grinned, and looked over at Romi to make sure they were watching. The surprised smile on his face made Romi smile even more than they had been. "Thanks, little guy," he said. Nino made a happy sound and waddled back over to Romi before yawning again. This time, Romi caught it, and when they yawned Taka did too. "I guess everyone's tired," Romi said, glancing around. “Guess so,” Taka agreed, gesturing toward Gliscor and Minior. “I should probably say goodnight to those two before sleeping, though. And maybe check on Komala. Pretty sure he’s already asleep, though.”. “I can check on them,” Romi offered. “You look… comfortable.” Taka looked down at the sleeping bird Pokemon on his lap, shook his head, and grinned. “You guys are so spoiled. Okay, Romi, thanks.” Romi smiled, too. “Okay, Nino, let’s go say good night to everyone.” With only a little hesitation, Nino followed them. Komala was exactly where he’d been the last time Romi saw him, clinging to the tallest palm tree. Nino peered up along with Romi, and when Romi glanced down, the little Gible was staring at the tree with something like awe. They wondered if it was the first time he’d seen one. “Night, Komala,” Romi said softly, after a few moments. They looked up again to see if Komala heard, but if he did, he gave no sign. So they looked down at Nino. “You ready?” Nino gave the tree one last look, then nodded. They gave the campsite a wide berth as they headed toward where Gliscor and Minior played. Nino, Romi was interested to see, did not seem to mind the dark, despite his cavern’s constant illumination. He scampered ahead, checking out the different plants and bushes while he waited for Romi to catch up. They didn’t hurry, partially out of tiredness and partially out of a lingering worry that sudden movements might startle their newly-courageous friend. Gliscor heard them coming. Minior was chasing him in circles around a little copse of palm trees, and abruptly Gliscor stopped flapping. “Gliscor?” His ears swiveled rapidly, and a moment later he dove toward where Nino sat, waiting for Romi to catch up. Nino’s legs shook as he growled a warning, but Gliscor swooped over him and stopped a few feet away, greeting Romi happily. Minior floated over to join them, and cautiously Nino padded his way over as well. “Hey, guys,” Romi smiled, patting Minior and scratching Gliscor’s head when he ducked low enough for them to reach, “Mimimimi!” “Sco sco!” Romi laughed. “Having fun? Hey, Nino. It’s okay, Minior and Gliscor are friends.” Nino sat next to his Trainer, and the two other Pokemon turned their attention to him. “G-gib?” Gliscor waved a claw, and Minior swooped down to get a better look. He gave a sound that Romi recognized as a greeting, and Nino seemed to calm slightly. “Taka wanted me to tell you guys goodnight,” Romi said. “I think it’s late. You can still play, though.” “Glili,” Gliscor said, turning to Minior. Minior hummed. “Night,” Romi told them. But when they and Nino turned to head back toward the campsite, Minior’s glow followed, and Gliscor swooped overhead. Nino kept close to Romi, not entirely sure yet what to make of the two accompanying them, but he was otherwise calm, and it was a pleasant walk back to the campsite and the fire’s glow. Gliscor landed a few feet from Taka, who had dozed off as he waited for Romi to return, and let out a soft rumble of amusement. It was contagious, and Romi laughed quietly as well. “Okay. Night, guys.” They lowered themself into the sand, only a few inches from Betty and Faith. The sand was soft, and Romi felt a wave of tiredness wash over them. “Night, Nino,” they yawned. “You can stay out here or go back in, it’s up to you.” Nino glanced at the rest of the Pokemon, all sound asleep, and at Minior and Gliscor, and yawned. Cautiously, he nestled into the sand a couple feet away from Romi, and closed his eyes. The sight, along with everything else that had happened that night, made Romi’s heart glow with warmth as they drifted off to sleep.
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