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  1. una

    Regarding Intense Mode

    what will happen to existing save files that are on intense mode?
  2. update your graphics drivers and it should work flawlessly. future reference for the some ppl who think they won't be able to use mkxp but god the frames drop like mad in massive areas even with the new engine (ametrine city comes to mind from reborn)
  3. game works normally, but is very laggy. I tried using game-z but this is what i got: im on windows 10. cpu is i5-7Y54 gpu is intel hd graphics 615. any ideas? thanks in advance
  4. Is there any way to disable some of the mods? like for example I really would rather not have unreal time because i like manipulating time and also banitems because I gain more from items than my opponent and well yeah
  5. Fake out does not flinch, bruh this kills my Fake out slow tanks EDIT: im an idiot cuz i have it on a sheer force makuhita
  6. Battle Frontier for post game plz also would like to finally see who Lin exactly is. plz dont kill off Luna Ame I've waited so long to see her again in E18 only for her to... rip
  7. ame u r a fucking mastermind with all these hard as hell battles
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