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  1. This issue was pointed out to me in private messages yesterday (Bugs in base version) and i've (silently) updated the thread with a new version earlier today that should fix this. Could you try the new version and see if the issue persists?
  2. Regarding the pokemon daybreak debug requests: I got a request from the developer not to post any further debug for this game several weeks ago. As such, I'm sorry to say I cannot provide debug for daybreak in this thread. I've updated the original post to include daybreak in the games I cannot add to this thread.
  3. Done. Done. I've also added the latest version of Empyrean, Edge of Eternity to the compendium.
  4. Done. You can find it under compact downloads. Good catch. I've updated the download to version 2.2.3
  5. With desolation's spoiler lock over, I've added it to the compendium. The desolation developers had expressed their wish on discord to wait for two weeks to release any debug versions. As for LoTA, I never stopped to give a spoiler lock for that game any thought to be honest.
  6. I checked and the debug from the party screen and pause menu both work for me. Are you using any mods? Those can interfere with the debug scripts. Provided you're not running mods, just open the pause menu (by pressing x) or go to the pokemon selection screen. The debug option should be there.
  7. With desolation having just released a new episode, I'd like to allow time for people to play without debug first. I'll update on the 14th of July.
  8. It wasn't yet, but I just updated it.
  9. @Shrek_Nemesis My bad, I misclassified the type of game. It should've gone under large files. I've added a new download to the full game with debug enabled. Hopefully it'll work now.
  10. It does now! As for Insurgence, I missed a part of the scripts while enabling debug. Should be fixed now.
  11. I've updated the sardonyx debug to version 2.7.
  12. Double-Posting to announce patch 1.3.0. This patch introduces: New content:
  13. Pokemon Empyrean has been updated to the final release version, Please read the instructions of the new version carefully: I had to re-arrange the pokedex to prevent functionality issues. That is to say, some of your existing pokemon may be changed to different species. Reverting them to their original species through this thread's debug menu should fix the issue. For remaining issues, please contact me.
  14. Thanks for pointing this out. I didn't realize only the mediafire download links to spork got updated. As for the debug being enabled part, I've taken the download link in the thread down seeing as it's redundant.
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