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  1. I've updated the sardonyx debug to version 2.7.
  2. Double-Posting to announce patch 1.3.0. This patch introduces: New content:
  3. Pokemon Empyrean has been updated to the final release version, Please read the instructions of the new version carefully: I had to re-arrange the pokedex to prevent functionality issues. That is to say, some of your existing pokemon may be changed to different species. Reverting them to their original species through this thread's debug menu should fix the issue. For remaining issues, please contact me.
  4. Thanks for pointing this out. I didn't realize only the mediafire download links to spork got updated. As for the debug being enabled part, I've taken the download link in the thread down seeing as it's redundant.
  5. Thanks for the bug report. I uploaded a new patch just now that should fix both wild pokemon inactivity as well as the issue in the post you quoted.
  6. I've uploaded a new version that allows for setting platinum shininess through the shininess tab of the pokemon selection debug menu. I've also sent updated scripts in a Private Message so you don't have to re-download the entire game.
  7. I found the problem: there was a mistake in scripts on the insurgence developers' end. We discussed this on discord and I've sent a fixed version. I've also updated the OP to include a new download link with a fixed version.
  8. We discussed this on discord and there seems to be no issue with the download. I have nonetheless included a download link to the full game for anyone else with this issue.
  9. Thanks for reporting. The issue is just with the graphics folder so it shouldn't affect anything. I did replace the download link with a fixed version in the OP though.
  10. Posting to confirm that the suggested changes as well as several other games have been added to the Original Post.
  11. Double posting because I have an important bug fix to share:
  12. This thread provides Debug Menus for Pokemon fangames. More fangames can be added upon request. Pokemon Reborn and Pokemon Reborn Mods: The following links contain downloads of the Data folders of existing games. Replace your existing Data folder for the respective game by the Data folder in the download to enable Debug: Large files: The following links contain downloads of full games that have been modified to have debug enabled. As these are large files, they may take a while to download. Links are enclosed in the spoiler tag. Compact downloads: The following links contain downloads of the Data folders of existing games. Replace your existing Data folder for the respective game by the Data folder in the download to enable Debug: I can add Debug Menus for more games upon request. Likewise for updates of said games. Private message me or reply to the thread and, provided I have no objections, I will add a Debug Menu. Please Private Message if any of the aforementioned instructions are unclear. Games I will NOT enable debug for: -Any version of Pokemon Rejuvenation
  13. As I'm not active in the reborn discord server anymore, I'd like to elaborate on the patch I just uploaded:
  14. Pokemon Reborn Memeforms Description: This mod combines the Pokemon Reborn Memeborn and the Pokemon Reborn Alternate forms mods. Combining the new Pokemon options from the Alternate Forms Pack and Pokemon Memeborn, opponents weaponize the Alternate Forms to create a new source of popcorn spin on the brutal difficulty of Pokemon Memeborn. The full set of currently available Alternate Forms (and some additional ones) is included. Additionally, some of the Alternate Forms have been changed to be more effective or perform different roles. Are you ready to suffer? New Features: Updated boss battles which draw on Altforms for an additional challenge Starters hold their respective plate New events, making some pokemon or their evolutions obtainable earlier 2 new alternate forms based on my shitposts custom shinies Additional moves for some Pokemon A new set of Mystery Egg Pokemon, each individual Pokemon with a move that is otherwise unobtainable 16 postgame battles Shift Mode acts like Set Mode, Items are banned A wide set of pre-installed mods, including the option to enable Debug Pokemon changes from Memeborn are retained Miscellaneous changes, all documented in the Spec's Changes txt file that comes with the download Download: (last update 26 Mar. 2020) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1QLjGsQ3a_MUbLfCZOTVBuW4ZjI5cesOL (Google drive upload) Download: (last update 23 Feb. 2020) http://www.mediafire.com/file/btskr4kin9rhffq/Pokemon_Reborn_Memeforms.rar/file (mediafire upload) Patches: 1.3.1 (last update 26 Mar. 2020) https://drive.google.com/open?id=13UFOvislS5BZG1qZJ02MC2Sk9MIFB8Y3 (Google drive upload) 1.3.0 (last update 23 Feb. 2020) http://www.mediafire.com/file/u30004oeeknuitg/Pokemon_Reborn_Memeforms%282%29.rar/file (mediafire upload) Patch 1.3.1 (Mar 26, 2020): Patch 1.3.0 (Feb 23, 2020): Credits:
  15. Having played through the game, I want to say something positive, but am having a hard time doing so. While I appreciate the effort on your behalf, I have several issues with the game. My issues boil down to the following: To this end, I'd like to make 2 gentle recommendations for future work: Please do not hesitate to contact me in case any part of my post is unclear, for future advice or any other matter.
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