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  1. So, right after I go down the water to get into the WTC, I clip into titania, and when I follow her, my game freezes. Here is my previous post for more information Game - 1422 - Fero - 182h 24m - 12 badges.rxdata
  2. So I cannot pass this point and am pretty much softlocked. After following titania, constant collisions can be heard. Not sure how to fix this without altering the code itself. This is where I get permanently stuck. This is for the latest version of reborn redux.
  3. Hey, I have recently started to play pokemon reborn redux 18.71. I am currently at the 3rd gym and I want to fight corey on the master level but there is no NPC there to give me the option to. How do I get the NPC to show up? I just have Ame there on the screen telling me about the gym leader. Does anyone know how to fix is? I'd greatly appreciate it. I have saved all of the police officers and fight in the corrosive mist.
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