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  1. LET'S GGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Desolation is back baby! Thank you caz, ruby, and posty for continuing this amazing game!
  2. Not likely. Remember the only reason he's giving sword extreme a hiatus is because the dlc for sword and shield are coming out tomorrow(today) in some countries. So, when he finish that he's more than likely going to restart the extreme randomizer again.
  3. Welcome back Caz!! And Hello again Pokemon Desolation!!!
  4. This looks Amazing!! Awesome job Zumi!!!
  5. I had the same problem my man. U probably named the new file import.txt am I correct? If so just changed the name from import.txt to import. It will work. Also this work together with the ash-greninja mod, because i'm also using that mod.
  6. I did. The text file I created should be named import.txt right?
  7. Do u mean where the game icon is located or somewhere in the Audio, Data, Fonts, or Graphics folders?
  8. Excuse, I'm having an issue as well. I have everything place orderly, but whenever I click import team, it say this: "Script 'Settings' line 0: Errno::ENQENT occurred. "No such file or directory - import.txt." May u help me?
  9. I hope we get a status update soon. I'm extremely excited for this mod and I hope you're doing alright my man. Even though I'm hyped, your health is more important. I hope you're doing alright.
  10. Hello my friend! Welcome to the forum. And as the fellow above me said, I recommend to play this game noramlly, Reborn is very difficult, and playing it as a nuzlocke with just making near impossible. And it will be better to play this game normally, so u know what to except.
  11. I wouldn't be so sure my man. There happen to be a person name Blue Towel, who modding to the current episode of Pokemon Reborn to Implanent Generation 8 content/ pokemon into the game. So, I recommende you check him out.
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