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  1. You outdone yourself again Zumi! These new Cave Fields looks absolutely amazing. You deserve all the praises!
  2. You did an amazing job on this mod Blue Towel. The Generation 8 pokemon are awesome in Reborn. Thanks again for all your hardwork Also, qusstion? Will you be working on a similar mod for pokemon rejuvenation in the 0.7 update or on any other version?
  3. When I try to rock climb I get stuck in the middle. Is that suppose to happpen? May anyone help at this point Grookey is incredibily difficult to get.
  4. This looks promising my man! I'm definitely giving this game a try
  5. May u help me with the Grookey event? I'm having extreme difficulty getting the rhythem to get it. May u get hint or a spoiler to help me out please?
  6. Can I bet to get Galarian Darmanitan by leveling up Unovian Darumaka with a Icicle plate? Because, I don't see G. Darumaka location.
  8. Can you also update Insurgence to 1.2.7?
  9. I'm excited for an status update! Can't wait to see how much progress BlueTowel is making
  10. In my opinion it is my man. The idea for rotating pokemon is that in certain battles the 6 pokemon you usually use are not always good in every scenario. For example, say that you're usual 6 pokemon is great at countering Titaina's team but, those same members will get easily counter by Amaria's team. You see what I mean? Pokemon rotations make sure you have backup/certains they will keep ready for any battle that any of your usual 6 pokemon won't be effective in. Plus, helps you strageize more easily and help overcome incrediliy diffcult battles espcially for a diffcult game Reborn.
  11. May, u tell me exactly where the hidden room located, because I literally can't find it.
  12. May anyone tell me where to find the red and yellow pieces please?
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