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  1. I hope you're doing alright. We're in some crazy times right now and hope you're doing okay. You make some awesome content and I can't wait for V0.6. Stay safe my friend
  2. I always wanted to see Jim Croocidle's fossil deck and guess what? 14 Yrs later, we officalliy have some cards. This give me hope that more architypes from past yugioh series/manga would be release
  3. You have to be patient my man. Making a new version of Rejuvenation takes alot of time and effort. All I can tell you it will be done, when it's done.
  4. Actually, it does work for rejuvenation. What you need is to download and install the Rejuvenation modular modpack 12.1 after doing so, transfer the Aephiex's ash greninja data to your rejuvenation folder and there you go. Also, another thing I recommend is download the debug mode script for rejuvenation. Temporarily switch the scripts of the modpack for the debug scripts and switch the form of your Greninja to 1, save your file and then switch back to your modpack script and then your greninja will have the battle bond ability.
  5. This is beautiful! Fantastic jobs as alway Jan! Keep up the amazing work you and the rest of the dev team are doing
  6. Excuse me, For pokemon empyrean, I have no audio/volume and their is no attack animation. Is that normal or should I transfer those from the orginal Empyrean folder.
  7. Awesome. Thanks for answering back, now I know what to be hype for march! Keep up the awesome work my man!
  8. Question? Can this be compatiable to Pokemon rejuvenation?
  9. Yea, I agree. I wasn't the biggest fan of Heather but, u can understand why she acting the way she is. Between having her father compassionatly negelect her, finding out her father is in a terriorist organization, then having to find out her father killed himself thus leaving her all alone, then having to be shock tortured by Dr. Sigmund, and finally, having her new guardian, Blake locking her in storage area potentially leaving her there to starve or freeze to death. All that knowning she's just a 12yr old girl is just heart-wrenching and understandable why she she acts out the way she do.
  10. Jesus Christ, poor Keta, I never knew how bad his physical health. Poor Guy. Anyway, awesome artwork as always Zumi. Keep up the good work.
  11. No, it's was already confirmed by Zumi herself, that Pokemon rejuvenation Version 16 will be the final episode.
  12. I think Jan and the dev team should focus on what we have so far from Swsh. I mean it's probably a pain trying to add the Gen 8 content they have now into the game and considering the sheer amount of infonethat was revealed: Galarian-slowpoke, G-starters and much more, would asking for too much in one version. I say just focus on the content they have now for V13 and V14 will have the expansion.
  13. It's the sidequest in East Gearen City's Library. After getting Venam's badge you gain access to the second floor of the library. There you meet Zumi's avatar: Zumi, She's give you a sidequest to collect certain pokemon(not spoiling) and after getting all the pokemon, she give u a prize.
  14. Wow! These sprites look amazing. Can't wait to see the rest of the Gen 8 sprites. Take your time Zumi, we all know you, Jan, and the rest of the dev team are working hard and I can wait patiently and be hype for V13 of Rejuvenation.
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