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  1. I'd say the Avenium Mismagius is good grass type which I've been carry on my squad since I caught and I haven't regretted my choice.
  2. how are you able to get the red heracross for cella job?
  3. Erin and Adam haven't appear at the carnival at Axis Uni, and the scene between Madelis and Isha hasn't happened which I think is causing this. edit: fixed my problem but now there is no one in the hospital edit2: disregard the first edit i'm just an idiot
  4. I just went there but I only see Aelita complaining about the carnival.
  5. Thats the problem they say you should visit Venam but I've looked everywhere for it
  6. If you had updated to the 13.0.1 then go back into the V13 or just walk out the sewer when Garbodor goes to the door!
  7. anyone know where it is, I have two things to currently do in there
  8. Does anyone know how to get the nightmare Kimono girl in this version as the gate where you are supposed to find her isn't in this version. I have done the Nightmare City part its just talking to her in the real world.
  9. I'm sorry I can't help with the Erick situation as it didn't happen to me but make sure to report it as a bug for devs! :D
  10. I struggled alot with Angie, primarily had trouble with her Beartic.
  11. edit: stuck in west gearen where i guess i'm supposed to fight the garbodor edit2: loophole when garbodor is at the door walk out the sewers and back in the cutscenes plays out like normal
  12. Currently in Blacksteeple castle and I'm currently playing as Emma and I'm stuck after finding Aelita as it tells me to find the key and that the castle is littered with secret passages and hidden corridors. whenever I re-enter neveds office and exit what i guess is the riot happens nvm
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