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  1. Hey I'm quite curious but are there plans to add Mega Weavile in Pokémon Rejuvenation? Because I played Where Love Lies and Deagan has one, and it looks so cool, the concept is amazing, I know WLL was also made by Jan and it's related to Pokémon Rejuvenation so that's why I'm curious if this one will also be in Rejuvenation since I believe they will maybe add other mega evos because they gave Toxtricity one. Pic related :
  2. I find it very annoying that you can't buy ice stones considering that you can only get 2 ice stones in this game. (One from the kimono quest and the other one from the Keckleon quest if you're a bit lucky) Meanwhile other evolution stones (such as moon stones or fire stones) can either be bought or be found in higher numbers (you can get 9 dusk stones for example) I hope in the future versions they will add more ice stones or make it able to buy them.
  3. I did a poison monotype run a few months ago and Ryland and Saki were just insane. Now I'm considering doing an ice monotype run.
  4. Personally I tend to do the second option too. (Boost one defense with EV and the other with nature) But it also depends on the pokemon I am using. For example, if I have a Steelix I will invest 252 in Special Defense and also have a Careful nature because Steelix physical defense is already very high compare to its special defense.
  5. If you're able to change some pokemon typings you can make Flygon a bug/dragon type, and maybe give him the ability Compound Eyes, as for his moves I don't really know because most good bug type moves are special moves (Bug Buzz for example) and Flygon is a physical attacker unless you can change its basestat.
  6. Man this Froslass looks so good and beatiful. I hope the official one will look similar.
  7. Personally I didn't find the nightmare casino hard, I did it on my first try. But I was surprised to see that other trainers used legendaries.
  8. Looks amazing and beautiful, I can't wait to discover these new locations, but take your time man.
  9. Most music in this game comes from GlitchxCity, she makes very good pokemon remixes.
  10. I'd advice getting a moxie Krookodile if you can, this pokemon was a beast in my team.
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