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  1. Does this version of the shared Pc work for Rejuvenation v13, because the last one didn't. Also, do I copy it to the data files of the games or somewhere else?
  2. What badge level do Sobble appear in? I currently have 9 badges.
  3. When I'm about to battle Rift(Gmax) Garbodor and when Volta comes out the room, the game pauses and no battle sequence commences. Game.rxdata
  5. Jan, Zumi, and the rest of the dev squad put their heart and soul into these last 2 years. Thank you guys for all your hard work and I can't wait to play V13 in a few hours!!!
  6. Rising Emperor


    I see this meme all the time, but it's so god-damned accurate
  7. Rising Emperor


    My Hype....... IS OVER 90000000000000000000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I'm definitely gonna start a new run. I really want to see all the changes and new features added in the game!
  9. Actually, believe it was hinted that Saki's mega would be Duraladon(GMAX).
  10. Before, I help you it depends on what type of computer you have. Do you have Windows 10? And may you send me a screenshot of your computer screen to help you better?
  11. I manage to get it to work by updating my graphic drivers, but thank you for your help.
  12. I recently got a new computer(Windows 10) and try to play Reborn with the Game-z(which worked amazingly well on my last computer) but whenever I load up the game the screen always appear like this: Can anybody help me? I'm really not good with computers
  13. Excuse me, but may I have permission to access your drive to download the shared pc mods?
  14. I'm definitely getting Grookey. Rillaboom was my favorite among new gen starters can't wait to play with it when I start a new save file.
  15. This looks promising my man! Can't wait to try it out
  16. I believe you underestimate the popularity of desolation my man. Even before going on that long hiatus like did Desolation always been highlighted as one the holy trinity of fangames along with Reborn and rejuv even with the popularity of insurgence, due too as you stated; there similar philosophical design and similar difficulty. What really made desolation is that are decisions MATTER. Desolation is the definition of choice base game where are choice affect the plot and ether give us a truly Good or bad end is what cemented Deso place in the Big 3. Of course this all my opinion, you'll free to have different opinions from so please don't allow mine to tarinish your opinions.
  17. Insurgence is a good famgame in therms of pokemon design and slightly higher difficulty than canon Pokemon games, but in therms of storytelling, game balance difficulty, interesting character design and development; Pokemon Reborn, rejuvenation, and desolation blew away all my expectations!! And in my opinion excellent ways on making an mature and incredible pokemon fangame. But, if Insurgence is apart of your big 3 then, don't let my opinion ruin your opinion on the game. Insurgence is still a really good fangame
  18. I'm glad you enjoyed! Out of the big 3(reborn, rejuvenation, and desolation) I believe desolation have the best story, so I'm glad you enjoyed the story as much as you did. I agree with the gentleman above. Games like Desolation take a while to update so, I do recommend replaying to find out if miss anything(sidequest or main story related) or tryout different options for a different ending. This game deserve to be replayed
  19. Si quieres decir que es la versión final, entonces no, no lo es, pero se dividirá en dos partes 13 y 13.5 para el juego completo.
  20. Se agregarán Gigantamaxes, aunque se programarán como Megas personalizados, ya que Dynamax es una mecánica difícil de trabajar en términos de equilibrio del juego y la tradición del mundo. Si bien no tenemos nuevos protagonistas (que sepamos), los que tenemos pronto recibirán nuevos atuendos alternativos, ¡así que es muy bueno esperarlo! I translated it for u Autumn Zephyr. Just so the gentleman above understood it in his language
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