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  1. If Kubfu would be added to the how would its evolutions work.
  2. flygon crest: merge Attack and Special Attack and change the ability to thick fat charizard crest: merge Sp .attack and attack and it changes it ability to chrolophyl
  3. Are you gonna remodel the whole thing again like make completely different from what the used to look like .
  4. Hey I do not know if we are still doing theories but here is a good one Madam X could not be the true leader of team xen
  5. Hey did mc mom get memorial of scene after she died because the only ones mentioned where dr Jenner and nim who was still alive.
  6. We all happy that you are okay jan now be safe and wash your hands
  7. Are the elite 8 gonna be strategy based or type based
  8. What are the starters that gonna available other that the lab in v13
  9. Will you guys be adding or moving tm from locations and also sorry if was beeping annoying.
  10. Can we add a place to buy pokemon like a pokemon that is really good or perido legendary pre evolution but you can make more things still challenging
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