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  1. Also, I'd like to remind you of the penalty of being spread out. [Eliminate] Astra for now
  2. Ah, but not at all. It is not the kraken that which I express my admiration and my goal of finding them. After all, a kraken does not have an emoji face. ...Right? Nonetheless, I may even have a fitting explanation for "Apparently he tried to outrun a gun, and that didn't work well for him." which you are using to point at Anime. And it's oddly simple. Anime's role has a higher priority than the mafia kill. That can very well mean that GenEric was the mafia assigned to do the night kill, but because of his priority, he didn't manage to do their action for they had been targeted. Furthermore, their claim remains uncontested, and nothing seems to deny it besides our own skepticism. I'd not dare to. I am your Guardian Angel, after all.
  3. The emoji-faced tentacle monster is no kraken, I assure you. Although the idea of salinity may still work. An odd thing that I've noticed. It was stated that even Regular Sailors could have abilities, but Deckhand wasn't mentioned in the opening post. Perhaps, these Sailors aren't Regular at all?
  4. [Eliminate] Bok "For the odd emoji-faced tentacle monster, it is my turn to even the situation. Droit has an idea of who you are, but they're still unsure of who exactly. However, Droit shall believe what you said today as your claim, and that he has received the message." I found this suspicious letter. I read it out loud for the crowd. Who could this be directed to? Who is the sender?
  5. My quest for the legendary odd emoji-faced tentacle monster left me with two possibilities. The second possibility has 75% of being the one. This is still flavor, yes. Given the last part of the phase post, I do not think that the third-party we have will be willing to aid our cause. Furthermore, considering Hypurr's poison claim, I assume that roles have a different ability based on their alignment, as I do not recall a poisoner role being town before.
  6. [Abstain] In pursuit of the odd emoji-faced tentacle monster, I shall abstain to let my hidden friend possibly linger for longer. Even as they speak, Droit is looking for you right now.
  7. Yarr, I'll be. 'twas just playing along with the piracy going on. But I tell you, Droit and the Emoji-faced tentacle monster I've mentioned do exist... Or do they not? It's an old legend, that... The seas know the terror of odd and even thievery.
  8. Have you ever heard of the tragedy of Droit, the Pink Beard? It's not a tale they'd tell you, for its fearsome nature. Legends say that on odd-numbered nights, a tentacle monster with the face of a laughing emoji would ransack our piles of food. Droit would do the same. A friend aboard he was, but the little scoundrel would loot our storages on even-numbered nights. These two fellows were as identical twins, except one worked on odd nights and one on even nights... And let me tell you. The rest of the story is as fearsome as you could imagine... You would have to be careful on odd and even nights to not fall to the monster's tentacles or Droit's sword. I'm Droit, but I am also not Droit. Where are you, my tentacle monster? I do believe we're friends, as we knew not to interrupt each other's nights. I sail aboard this ship for adventure, yet deep inside, I wish to meet a friend, the even-numbered tentacle monster. Could they be among you?
  9. Apologies for the condescending tone of my last message. I did not mean it to come that way. Thanks Falirion~
  10. I have no defense besides the fact that I had two coven members in the visions. That is all I will say until the judgement, for I played the game solely based on my role, and no more. I will retire until the moment to judge. If that does not happen, I'd appreciate not role blocking me so that I may receive a vision.
  11. [Trial] LykosHand The fact that both Drago and Seal, both being in two separate instances of a Psychic's vision, were sided with the Coven is enough for me to prove not being the Medusa. @LykosHand Do you confirm being roleblocked?
  12. Intriguing. The first thought that came to me was that an evil factions had finally decided to take Psychic seriously. To think that it was a town-sided role that role blocked me instead...
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