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  1. It's not the wrong user dw haha
  2. Hi! I'm Ruby, or RubyRed or RedCallisto; but I just go by Ruby lol. I'm the lead artist for Pokemon Desolation! I've been doing art for 11 years now, specializing in 2D anime-style illustrations and pixel art! I'm currently also learning 3D art! I've been taking commissions for about 5 years~ At the moment I just want some extra pocket money for the summer lol Without futher ado, PRICING + SAMPLES + T.O.S I'm currently a beta partner of and hosting commissions solely through VGen, a commission site similar to the popular Japanese site, Skeb. Pricing, samples and T.O.S are all available there if you click on any of my options! A portfolio is also available to view there, but as of writing this post, there isn't that much on there. For any questions, special inquiries, (or to just see more of my work,) please contact me through Twitter or Tumblr! Thank you for looking through! - Ruby
  3. Yes I'm aware! Just didn't think it'd look good; especially having a flat rectangular image on a shirt, you feel me?
  4. All Act art added New character art and icons added: Crescent Scarlett Episode 6:
  5. E6 cover art added! Updated artwork and icons for... all the characters! New character art includes: Aaron, Black Fox Hardy and Reeve. More to come~
  6. Happy birthday!!! I really hope you'll have a wonderful day 🤗🎂

    1. Ruby Red

      Ruby Red

      thank you!! 

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      You're welcome!! 

  7. hi 2021 was terrible i hated it but i have a lot to show lol y'all should check out my animatics too.. i worked rlly hard on em... Autophagy | Exposure and go read my fic >:O mEmE: Normaltm art: anyway seeya next year lol
  8. 25. Celebrity Pet Superstar: @Posty and his puppy Jess <3 26. Crowning Chaos Gremlin: @Caz and the blue speedo being who shall not be named lol Also isn't it "Gaslight Gatekeep Girlboss" and "Manipulate Mansplain Malewife" instead of how it's written on the list? lol it rolls off the tongue nicely
  9. ah pain @Posty wanted to be the first to nom Crim for Sovereign *sweats* but he tasked me as messenger cuz he went to bed lol why is everyone so quick anw I nom @Caz as King
  10. Updated artwork and icons for: Ava, Scarlett and Connor have been added!
  11. blehhhhhhhhhhhhhh the lot of these have to do with bitter- BITTERSWEET MELANCHOLY IS FINISHED BTW MY KNY FIC HAHA GO READ IT ITS 2 NOVELS WORTH OF ME SCREAMING NONSTOP Quotev | AO3 Anyway a lot of these have spoilers for my fic or include douma. proceed w/ caution bc some kny spoilers zzz Memeemem: Fic chapter images: Other: I have a mouth and i will scream
  12. Character art and icons have been added for: Aurora, Sena, Rosetta, Garret and Lilith!
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