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  1. Hi all! Surprised to see me here instead of The Postman™, huh? Well he’s slid this devblog over to me to talk about a certain something mentioned before. Besides that, Caz still isn’t around, but that’s alright. At least in the art department there isn’t anything to worry about since he almost always let me do whatever I thought looked nice LMAO But firstly, how’re you all doing? We’ve mentioned to the moon and back how we’ve been busy with this and that, but I recently graduated and got my Bachelors degree! As of posting this I still have a month left in my internship, but it’s pretty smooth sailing now lol. Besides life, I’ve actually been doing a ton of work for Deso on the side. And I mean, a ton. Unfortunately, most of which I can’t really show due to spoilers, but today, we’ll be talking about… Kanzen Temple Ya girl has started mapping. Be afraid. Jokes aside, in EP6 I was just starting to learn how to map properly. It was mostly indoor rooms and just some reskins of older tiles to get the hang of it. Kanzen Temple has been entirely my baby, as are a few other Large areas of EP7. To give a small progress update on my side of map things, for example, I finished the Kanzen Temple map, as well as Astraciel Town, another area you will be exploring in EP7! and I’m currently working on another bigger area that’s around half done~ That’s not even to mention all the non-map stuff that’s being worked on! There’s so much stuff done now that I’m starting to run out of things to do. help So don’t worry, progress is still being made! Dev blogs are kinda inconsistent lately due to the spoilery nature of everything right now, so we’re trying okie As long as I’m alive on this planet, Deso will continue until the end >:) But moving on, let’s actually show you something lmao I hope the trees didn’t spook you! The layout in the Kanzen Temple area is fairly straightforward hehe. The main entrance of the Temple is what greets you at the top of the mountain. Pretty scenic, huh? A courtyard! Though it’s looking mad empty right now since we haven’t put NPC’s down yet ^^; An exit leading to further up. Kanzen Temple is a major tourist destination in Arcanius, so it’s a bit more than just a Temple now. And here’s one of the indoor areas. This isn’t the Temple, but one of the buildings surrounding the area. Currently devoid of any life besides one of our protagonists I had a lot of fun working on this area! It’s a place with a Temple (woah shocker), so I tried to keep the vibes serene and breezy. I also kept the palette warm and comfortable with the soft pastels, so I hope you enjoy exploring the area! It was reference image hell while working on this tho, but what’s an artist without references and hell haha. Even though I’ve been doing a lot of mapping lately, I’m still at baby level lol. There’s still some minor adjustments I’ll make to the maps later on down the line, but you get the jist of it! Whenever EP7 comes out, I hope you enjoy all the new things I and the team have worked on! <3 Since I’m feeling particularly Silly today, I’ll end my segment off with the silhouette of a new character you’ll meet in EP7~ Filing the Cabinet: Season 2 If you’ve read the past dev blog, you probably already know what this means. A while ago we commissioned some art of our custom megas for Desolation (because i’m not a fan of drawing pokémon. what am I doing here. anyway,) aGoodCabinet has nailed the Sugimori style for his pokémon art and we were familiar with him being in the fangame spaces, so it was a no brainer. He was open to it, too! So here’s more official art of one of our custom megas! Thanks to aGoodCabinet for taking on these commissions for us! Speaking of his comms, they’re still open, so feel free to check out his socials! Twitter Instagram Ko-fi ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Now onto our final segment for today! We take a turn to go from Kanzen Temple alllll the way down to Keneph Beach, where our musician is taking a little break and breaking out the tunes for the area as well! He also has some words about it~ Descend from the Mountain Hey Guys! Darius here, I had a lot of fun writing this theme! Keneph Beach is a super relaxing location in Deso where every player gets to see its transformation from the wastelands of the opening scenes to the new Resort! This theme took a lot of back and forth with the team before we got it sounding the way we like, and it takes a lot from Jazz harmony especially, surprisingly, gospel choir. Hope you enjoy! Kenneph_Beach_Snippit.mp3 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ That sure does sound like a lovely stroll down the beach, doesn’t it? Makes me want to go outside and touch some grass………………..…… moving on! Darius has been going crazy lately with all the themes he’s churning out for us! Looking forward to what you all think of the custom soundtracks he’s made for EP7! Since they’re… haha… music to my ears >:) Idk what to call this closing segment so it’ll be called this instead of anything good As said in our previous development blog, we mentioned our Patreon being down. We are looking into bringing it back soon enough, so keep an eye out for an announcement regarding that. It’s been a tricky situation, especially without the man himself… We’ve had occasional contact with him here and there so I hope… I hope!!!!!! he’ll come back to continue working on this with us eventually! I miss him :( But we have to make do with whatever situation we’ve been dealt. Thanks for sticking around with us so far! Ruby
  2. Hi! I'm Ruby, or RubyRed or RedCallisto; but I just go by Ruby lol. I'm the lead artist for Pokemon Desolation! I've been doing art for 11 years now, specializing in 2D anime-style illustrations and pixel art! I'm currently also learning 3D art! I've been taking commissions for about 5 years~ At the moment I just want some extra pocket money for the summer lol Without futher ado, PRICING + SAMPLES + T.O.S I'm currently a beta partner of and hosting commissions solely through VGen, a commission site similar to the popular Japanese site, Skeb. Pricing, samples and T.O.S are all available there if you click on any of my options! A portfolio is also available to view there, but as of writing this post, there isn't that much on there. For any questions, special inquiries, (or to just see more of my work,) please contact me through Twitter or Tumblr! Thank you for looking through! - Ruby
  3. Yes I'm aware! Just didn't think it'd look good; especially having a flat rectangular image on a shirt, you feel me?
  4. All Act art added New character art and icons added: Crescent Scarlett Episode 6:
  5. E6 cover art added! Updated artwork and icons for... all the characters! New character art includes: Aaron, Black Fox Hardy and Reeve. More to come~
  6. Happy birthday!!! I really hope you'll have a wonderful day 🤗🎂

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  7. hi 2021 was terrible i hated it but i have a lot to show lol y'all should check out my animatics too.. i worked rlly hard on em... Autophagy | Exposure and go read my fic >:O mEmE: Normaltm art: anyway seeya next year lol
  8. 25. Celebrity Pet Superstar: @Posty and his puppy Jess <3 26. Crowning Chaos Gremlin: @Caz and the blue speedo being who shall not be named lol Also isn't it "Gaslight Gatekeep Girlboss" and "Manipulate Mansplain Malewife" instead of how it's written on the list? lol it rolls off the tongue nicely
  9. ah pain @Posty wanted to be the first to nom Crim for Sovereign *sweats* but he tasked me as messenger cuz he went to bed lol why is everyone so quick anw I nom @Caz as King
  10. Updated artwork and icons for: Ava, Scarlett and Connor have been added!
  11. blehhhhhhhhhhhhhh the lot of these have to do with bitter- BITTERSWEET MELANCHOLY IS FINISHED BTW MY KNY FIC HAHA GO READ IT ITS 2 NOVELS WORTH OF ME SCREAMING NONSTOP Quotev | AO3 Anyway a lot of these have spoilers for my fic or include douma. proceed w/ caution bc some kny spoilers zzz Memeemem: Fic chapter images: Other: I have a mouth and i will scream
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