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  1. Hi Amethyst, 

    Just made an account dew days ago. Couldn't just play "Pokemon Reborn" and stay indifferent about this amazing experience.
    Can't help but just say : THANK YOU SO MUCH !! 

    Send u my regards 😍


    1. Amethyst


      thanks for playing, i'm glad you're enjoying it~ cheers!

  2. KingMP

    Happy Birthday pal !!
    Hope u had an awesome day !! 

    And just thank you for your huge work on Rejuvenation !!

  3. KingMP

    Hi Caz, 


    Thank u for this wonderful game u're working on !! 

    I had a freaking good moment playing on it !! 


    I hope that u're doing well in your life !! 

    Thank u very much for letting us believe that this game will be completed one day ❤️ 


    Because to be honest, i'm planning to play this game again again and again.. Freaking dope..  


    A masterpiece !! Congrats !! And good luck for the future of this amazing game !! 

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