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  1. @Yumil Eh, je suis de France aussi lol (de Montpellier pour être plus précis) ! Ça fait trop plaisir de rencontrer un Français dans ce forum lol Énorme travail que tu as fait avec ce google drive !! Merci à toi ! -------- Thanks a lot bud !
  2. I wanna cry.. we don't deserve this one thousand thank you !!
  3. Golden trio : @Caz @Ruby Red @Posty
  4. Absolutely B R E A T H T A K I N G ! You are awesome ! @Ruby Red So difficult to choose one a favorite.. God.. I'd say Nova though. Thannnnk you !!
  5. 1) Question meant for Posty and Ruby : what was the KEY POINT which did convince you to join this wondrous project with Caz ? 2) Will the 12 gyms instead of 16 change something about the story's plot Caz did plan at the beginning ? Thank you !!
  6. That's just literally the best new EVER we could expect for a game like this. There are no words too strong to express my gratitude to both Ruby and Posty for making this game rise from the ashes like a phoenix (or should i say like a Moltres ?!) And for everyone else who plan to join this marvelous project in the future, i say THANK YOU ! @Caz, Ruby, Posty : Golden Trio
  7. Welcome back @Caz May Arceus' power be ever in your favor
  8. Hi sweetie cutie pie 😄


    Thank you for giving us such a good time with Reborn ❤️ 

    You the best !! 

    1. Amethyst


      hi! thanks for the kind words about the game! i appreciate that! that said, it is very weird and dare i say even a little bit creepy to be calling a girl who you don't personally know well 'sweetie cutie pie' online so please do not do that to me or anyone else, thank you!

    2. KingMP


      I apologize if i caused you offense. Where i come from, these courtesies are common and not intended to be creepy. 
      I won't do it again. 


  9. I thought the same ! A deep storyline @Sten
  10. Hi Amethyst, 

    Just made an account dew days ago. Couldn't just play "Pokemon Reborn" and stay indifferent about this amazing experience.
    Can't help but just say : THANK YOU SO MUCH !! 

    Send u my regards 😍


    1. Amethyst


      thanks for playing, i'm glad you're enjoying it~ cheers!

  11. KingMP

    Happy Birthday pal !!
    Hope u had an awesome day !! 

    And just thank you for your huge work on Rejuvenation !!

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