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  1. Member of the Year The big, the classic-- this is for the member who's made the biggest splash with the sharpest shine! Nominees: Cera! Rookie of the Year For the most upstart and standout member who arrived this year! Nominees: Crim! Comeback of the Year For the most beloved member who returned to us this year after a long absence! Nominees: BRAVE The Carmen Sandiego Award For the face since missing in action that we'd most want to see in the crowd once more! Nominees: ICE The Sugarpop Sunbeam Award For the member this year who's been sweeter than an
  2. Hi! Been encountering some troubles EV training using the Caverns under Cellia Manor. Nothing I battle yields any evs, in any of the caverns. Recently used the ev berries to lower my evs too. Tried on both Game Z and the base. Edit; It seems this was already reported. It would be because I'm at the level cap, isn't it? Sorry.
  3. nominating @pyrromanisfor Ember King, @crimsoncrimfor Midsummer Queen, and @Hellscythefor Sunlit Sovereign
  4. Enveloping Wings; Flying types give up their entire HP bar to set up light screen+reflect. An offensive momentum minded flying type exclusive setup move. Probably would be a bit absurd considering its like a better version of memento but I'd probably distribute it very thinly among flying types.
  5. Will all the gens be included within v5? Or are there plans to add them all in the future?
  6. Let's go!! I can hardly contain my excitement. Cheers to everyone involved, they're all incredible people. Seriously.
  7. Beyond excited for this one. Smells like something special.
  8. New information is coming to light! It appears I was mistaken. Ama is too ancient to die in the hunger games. Too bloodthirsty.
  9. Member of the Year Nominees: Azzie Rookie of the Year Nominees: Azzie Krantz The Sugarpop Sunbeam Award Nominees: Azzie The K-K-K-Kawaii Award Nominees: Azzie Ruby The Auspicious Auth Award Nominees: AZZIE The Smelliest Auth Award Nominees: Godot Most Helpful Content Creator Award Nominees: LOSTELLE Memer of the Year Nominees: Skid Dorkiest Dork Award Nominees: Cass Posty Mu7e The Profile Picture Perfection Award Nominees: Krantz The Craziest Conspirator Award Nominees: Krantz Artist of the Year Nominees: Khrona Writer of the Year No
  10. I nominate ur mom lol for midsummer queen, and also Posty for ember king.
  11. WOO! Such fun! So excited. Can't wait to party it up.
  12. Hi! Mitski's discography hasn't had a miss for me, yet.
  13. Hi, I'll be using Venusaur Pelipper Scizor Ludicolo Dragonite and Aurorus.
  14. @Feskikfor The Illest Aliases Award @Azery for Gym Leader Award @Postyfor Cain LaRue award @Feskikfor Picture Perfect Profile Award
  15. Hi. I nominate @Walpurgisfor the Cna't Spel Awrad @Alexfor the The Smelliest Auth Award @Alex for the The Auspicious Auth Award @Ruby Redfor the The Sugarpop Sunbeam Award @bibs for the Meme of the Year Award @intsys for the Memer of the Year Award and maybe more later....
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