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  1. Yeah the main consideration for us at this point is do we want to iron out the many bugs currently added to the game as a result of us overhauling a lot of the AI. The current live build uses something pretty close to Essentials' default AI system. We definitely wanted to make sure our game has an AI that's comparable in quality to some of the other major fangames out there, so it's something that I've been working on overhauling for this next episode. It's a long process, but we'll get there. But the question for us for now is do we want to try and smooth that all out now> Or do we just want to focus on releasing Episode 3 and leaving in the more vanilla AI build. When we get to alpha testing, we do want to try and knock out some of these systemic testing things (like the damage scaling bug we found that Casper mentioned) all at once so we're not constantly having to retest the game from the beginning. But if the new AI build proves too buggy (which is my guess, sadly), we'll likely be releasing Episode 3 with the old build. Hopefully we'll have more of those AI kinks worked out by Episode 4 or 5's release. I'm not exactly an expert at this, sadly! Anyways, we'll be giving the first crack at the new starters and most of our spoilers to our envoys (role given to our most active/insightful discord members) and then to the rest of our discord folk. We always release our episodes on our discord a few days before the forums or anywhere else. And generally speaking, we're much much closer to the end of development than we are to the beginning (AI stuff notwithstanding)! Thanks everyone! We're excited to have Episode 3 ready for public consumption in the not tooooo distant future!
  2. patch 2.3 is now live! It's a mini-update, so we're keeping it exclusive for our discord members only! (https://discord.gg/Ntj8zqh) we added some new post-episode 2 content back in Polaris: check out the new explorer's guild mission! general changelog: all 5 terrain effects are now fully implemented (yes, there's a new terrain available this patch) introduced a new class of move that deals damage and sets up a pseudo hazard (that can't be cleared by defog, etc). the pseudo-hazard can be proc'd by a different type of move to either damage the opponent or heal a teammate. the primeape line now has gorilla tactics ice breaker now also mold breaks in hail. frisk now also applies the effect of anticipation QoL buffs for flail & reversal safeguard now also blocks disable, taunt, encore, imprison, ability suppression, heal block, etc. rose's team will now feel slightly less bulky The rest of episode 3 is in continued development! But for now, enjoy!
  3. North states that his soldiers were looking into one of the locked houses. One of those houses you couldn't previously enter is now accessible. Inside, you'll find one of the Council soldiers investigating something. Perhaps there's something in that area you yourself need to investigate? (also, shameless self-plug here: our discord's help and questions section is full these types of things. so feel free to stop by!)
  4. I'm guessing you were frozen? The freeze status in Empire cuts your Special Attack in half. Even at +6 (or +5 after Lapras comes in with Halcyon), I'd guess Lapras's bulk is going to allow it to survive 2-3 magical leafs if you were indeed frozen. Also Amaura has Multiscale, so it won't take much from the first attack against it. Otherwise, check your IVs and Nature on your Spritzee. Those can also negatively affect damage output. I have heard reports from different people in different scenarios being surprised by how little damage their Pokemon are doing, though. And yet our team hasn't pinpointed anything in our many balance changes that would be adversely affecting damage calculations. It's something we'll keep an eye on, though. Sometimes just having an "end" in the wrong spot can throw things off like that while remaining virtually undetectable, sadly.
  5. If you have a Shelmet and Karrablast in your party at the same time, the next one that gains a level will evolve. So karrablast is unable to evolve until you also have access to Shelmet.
  6. That's actually a good question. Pokemon Empire tells the story of different factions whose ideologies are irreconcilable. Some people will agree with different factions (we are tribal beings by nature), but everyone will fall into the spectrum differently. Is it possible for reconciliation? Can people who see things so differently coexist in a harmonious society? Or will one side destroy the other and the entire country of Telius in the process? Perhaps both sides weaken each other so much that a new or even foreign influence will take over. There's a lot at play here, and your in-game decisions will hopefully not only make a big impact in-game, but also change how you see the world around you as well.
  7. Was making and editing tilesets for Episode 3 and RPG Maker never loves to let me know when I need to update the tilesets internally lol. Link is updated now! Thanks for letting me know!
  8. Stay tuned! Pokemon Empire has lots of plotlines that won't be wrapped up immediately! Even some of the minor characters may pop up again in the very near future! looking at you, Techie Pat
  9. @Display name @Chamberofsecrets12 please take that conversation to pm's. That's a spoiler I don't yet want displayed in this thread. Thank you!
  10. In the very first dialogue of the game, Alanah tells you all the starters in Empire evolve at level 32 (instead of by their conventional methods). Besides the PBS, we also now have a guide available through our discord server so new players can reference our changes more conveniently!
  11. There are a lot of gray areas between choosing sides. In some cases you may agree with one faction or person over another. Sometimes choosing one side in a particular situation will lead to consequences or rewards down the road, though. Adaptability boosts your STAB moves by x1.5 at the cost of the Pokemon being weak to Normal type moves. (also feel free to join our discord if you haven't. We have lots of folks willing to answer questions and chat about the game. shameless self-plug lol)
  12. Wow. You're 100% right. Great catch. No one on our beta team proc'd the events in that order. RIP. Fixed for the next patch. Note: (it doesn't change or break anything in how the episode plays out, though, so you're completely fine in that regard!)
  13. "Hello, Ms. Shreeveport." "Excuse me? Who are you?" "In the red again this month..? That's a shame. Does your family know what's going to happen to them now?" "What? How do you..." "Listen. I could help you fix this. Mend some old bridges, keep things off the books, and still let your 'family' here continue... their current lifestyle. Hm? What do you think? Should we continue this chat somewhere a little more... Discreet?" ... "But I... What would you need me to do..." ... Pokemon Empire, Episode 2: "Through Rose-Colored Glasses" has arrived! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FNjqAdcBsWAriYdIH5aDT24iphIH8StO/view
  14. @ssbCasper for bringing the empire family together and keeping us going. you've had quite the anime arc so far! @StoicStone for your great ideas, pithy banter, and writing... and not hunting me down and shooting me when i rewrite your dialogue... @groniack for obvious reasons. so many great ideas would have never been possible without your coding skills, good sir. i'll always feel indebted to you for that. @Swamp King for being the draft league rival i never knew i needed! now go make some back sprites! @Dypatome for organizing our many files and for those celaena sprites which i have not been able to top... yet... @ty (did you change your name on this site lol?) for developing into the content developer we always knew you could be. @Zygrado for helping and getting involved in the most delightfully weird ways. @WSGreen for teaching me how to map. @Autumn Rain for the artwork and finishing touches that make the game that much better. @ Commander for absolutely nothing. Thank you all for being the (digital) friends I never knew I'd have. Here's to many more years of smooth game development, deep conversation, quality jokes, and a near endless supply of really amazing puns! God bless you all, and long live the Empire!
  15. Episode 2 is almost ready for launch! We've mostly wrapped up our internal beta, but wanted to start our new discord server by giving a few people a sneak peek at what's to come! So if you're interested in playing the episode 2 beta and want to give us some feedback, let us know and we'll send you an early access link to our new discord server!
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