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  1. Patch 3.2 now live! changelog: added some new events in the calvera area: phantump and minccino are now on the obtainables list! added a new move 'winds of change' fixed a display error with muskoat's backsprite fixed a display error with celaena's overworld sprite some miscellaneous fixes/adjustments, such as to poison fang, evolution methods, and some item and ability descriptions https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EScmzejz3x54k37v3ioX64Bj6YrZhlul/view
  2. Patch 3.1.2: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UMpCAqgHb566rkNZGFMFnJzo0sw3IuIH/view?usp=sharing new patch changelog: new perseus and celaena alt outfits available in servine saloon and calvera cove, respectively. enjoy! fixed various bugs including the 'already confused' display glitch and an error causing weather turns to run out twice as fast (sorry about that). added a few QoL changes to polaris and illyria, including a new, uh... well you'll see what it is (in illyria) buffs to mons currently being outperformed by their peers. (pidgeotto, watchog, pancham, fomanti
  3. Awesome! I'm glad you found an interesting strategy to defeat the major! There are lots of new moves and abilities to help some unexpected Pokemon find a meaningful spot in a team composition. Our 'boss' battles all employ different battling styles, and we hope players find new ways to adapt to the unique challenges each presents! (Also not to self-plug, but feel free to stop by our discord if you enjoy chatting about the game!)
  4. Thanks for the heads up! That would be caused by a 'through on' effect that wasn't bookended by a 'through off'. I don't see any of those occurring in or around the area you're referring to, though, so I'm not sure what might have caused that. Still, glad it didn't persist! Hope you've been enjoying the game so far!
  5. Pokemon Empire Episode 3 is officially here! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pbQz3PEyrjQIweLoPFaY9y2sHBDU7MQN/view The changelog is MASSIVE. Check out our discord if you're interested. But there are two new starters, a brand new AI, and tons of new content to explore in Illyria! Enjoy!
  6. "Something's come up. In Illyria. Do NOT check in at the outpost. Here, this is your assignment. We've been keeping tabs on them for some time now. This needs to be done cleanly. Remember, the most important thing is to recover the target. Everything else is secondary. Use the asset as you see fit, but make certain there are no loose ends. And there won't be a problem with any... personal... conflicts of interest regarding this assignment, correct?" "No, sir. I'll get it done." Pokemon Empire "Episode 3: Dust to Dust" has arri
  7. Yeah the main consideration for us at this point is do we want to iron out the many bugs currently added to the game as a result of us overhauling a lot of the AI. The current live build uses something pretty close to Essentials' default AI system. We definitely wanted to make sure our game has an AI that's comparable in quality to some of the other major fangames out there, so it's something that I've been working on overhauling for this next episode. It's a long process, but we'll get there. But the question for us for now is do we want to try and smooth that all out now> Or do w
  8. patch 2.3 is now live! It's a mini-update, so we're keeping it exclusive for our discord members only! (https://discord.gg/Ntj8zqh) we added some new post-episode 2 content back in Polaris: check out the new explorer's guild mission! general changelog: all 5 terrain effects are now fully implemented (yes, there's a new terrain available this patch) introduced a new class of move that deals damage and sets up a pseudo hazard (that can't be cleared by defog, etc). the pseudo-hazard can be proc'd by a different type of move to either damage the opponent or heal a teamm
  9. North states that his soldiers were looking into one of the locked houses. One of those houses you couldn't previously enter is now accessible. Inside, you'll find one of the Council soldiers investigating something. Perhaps there's something in that area you yourself need to investigate? (also, shameless self-plug here: our discord's help and questions section is full these types of things. so feel free to stop by!)
  10. I'm guessing you were frozen? The freeze status in Empire cuts your Special Attack in half. Even at +6 (or +5 after Lapras comes in with Halcyon), I'd guess Lapras's bulk is going to allow it to survive 2-3 magical leafs if you were indeed frozen. Also Amaura has Multiscale, so it won't take much from the first attack against it. Otherwise, check your IVs and Nature on your Spritzee. Those can also negatively affect damage output. I have heard reports from different people in different scenarios being surprised by how little damage their Pokemon are doing, though. And yet our team has
  11. If you have a Shelmet and Karrablast in your party at the same time, the next one that gains a level will evolve. So karrablast is unable to evolve until you also have access to Shelmet.
  12. That's actually a good question. Pokemon Empire tells the story of different factions whose ideologies are irreconcilable. Some people will agree with different factions (we are tribal beings by nature), but everyone will fall into the spectrum differently. Is it possible for reconciliation? Can people who see things so differently coexist in a harmonious society? Or will one side destroy the other and the entire country of Telius in the process? Perhaps both sides weaken each other so much that a new or even foreign influence will take over. There's a lot at play here, and your in-gam
  13. Was making and editing tilesets for Episode 3 and RPG Maker never loves to let me know when I need to update the tilesets internally lol. Link is updated now! Thanks for letting me know!
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