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  1. Stay tuned! Pokemon Empire has lots of plotlines that won't be wrapped up immediately! Even some of the minor characters may pop up again in the very near future! looking at you, Techie Pat
  2. @Display name @Chamberofsecrets12 please take that conversation to pm's. That's a spoiler I don't yet want displayed in this thread. Thank you!
  3. In the very first dialogue of the game, Alanah tells you all the starters in Empire evolve at level 32 (instead of by their conventional methods). Besides the PBS, we also now have a guide available through our discord server so new players can reference our changes more conveniently!
  4. There are a lot of gray areas between choosing sides. In some cases you may agree with one faction or person over another. Sometimes choosing one side in a particular situation will lead to consequences or rewards down the road, though. Adaptability boosts your STAB moves by x1.5 at the cost of the Pokemon being weak to Normal type moves. (also feel free to join our discord if you haven't. We have lots of folks willing to answer questions and chat about the game. shameless self-plug lol)
  5. Wow. You're 100% right. Great catch. No one on our beta team proc'd the events in that order. RIP. Fixed for the next patch. Note: (it doesn't change or break anything in how the episode plays out, though, so you're completely fine in that regard!)
  6. "Hello, Ms. Shreeveport." "Excuse me? Who are you?" "In the red again this month..? That's a shame. Does your family know what's going to happen to them now?" "What? How do you..." "Listen. I could help you fix this. Mend some old bridges, keep things off the books, and still let your 'family' here continue... their current lifestyle. Hm? What do you think? Should we continue this chat somewhere a little more... Discreet?" ... "But I... What would you need me to do..." ... Pokemon Empire, Episode 2: "Through Rose-Colored Glasses" has arrived! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FNjqAdcBsWAriYdIH5aDT24iphIH8StO/view
  7. @ssbCasper for bringing the empire family together and keeping us going. you've had quite the anime arc so far! @StoicStone for your great ideas, pithy banter, and writing... and not hunting me down and shooting me when i rewrite your dialogue... @groniack for obvious reasons. so many great ideas would have never been possible without your coding skills, good sir. i'll always feel indebted to you for that. @Swamp King for being the draft league rival i never knew i needed! now go make some back sprites! @Dypatome for organizing our many files and for those celaena sprites which i have not been able to top... yet... @ty (did you change your name on this site lol?) for developing into the content developer we always knew you could be. @Zygrado for helping and getting involved in the most delightfully weird ways. @WSGreen for teaching me how to map. @Autumn Rain for the artwork and finishing touches that make the game that much better. @ Commander for absolutely nothing. Thank you all for being the (digital) friends I never knew I'd have. Here's to many more years of smooth game development, deep conversation, quality jokes, and a near endless supply of really amazing puns! God bless you all, and long live the Empire!
  8. Episode 2 is almost ready for launch! We've mostly wrapped up our internal beta, but wanted to start our new discord server by giving a few people a sneak peek at what's to come! So if you're interested in playing the episode 2 beta and want to give us some feedback, let us know and we'll send you an early access link to our new discord server!
  9. The amount of attrition you take before the first PC: not an unfair piece of feedback. Now there are actually 4 hidden oran berries, 3 hidden potions, and a hidden min revive. So healing items are there if you look for them. Still, we'll keep tabs on how people feel the experience goes for them. ALSO much more importantly! I changed how the move Ion Deluge works and didn't delete a tiny portion of its pre-existing effect. And that was causing normal attacks to become electric type the first time they're used in battle! I'm so sorry for your Ducklett! This is probably more the cause of your struggle than the actual game balance before the first Pokemon Center! Things would be a lot harder when the first attack every battle is hitting for 4x SE damage! Anyways, I'm sorry for ruining the early game for you... Here's a quick patch: https://drive.google.com/open?id=19eEwbshvTuYy_tIB4m6euKxrxUf4Rs1E
  10. Updated to v1.2.2! Changelog: Patched a bug that caused a crash near the Mountain entrance Changed some NPC dialogue to better explain new gameplay features Added a bunch of new crafting items Handful of cosmetic improvements Further refined some trainers and enemy teams Refined some of the starters' base stats Buffed some of the underperforming available Pokemon, such as Pidgey, Cubchoo, and Jigglypuff Added brand new features to Goldeen, Grimer, Jangmo-o, Hoothoot, Patrat, Snover, Charjabug, and Clamperl
  11. The text entries not fitting the window screens is a known bug. We don't currently know the fix for it, because the text doesn't want to shrink or wrap to fit into the boxes. So even relatively short descriptions or entries bleed over, sadly. Ice skaters are on an ice surface, so either they won't be able to move at all or the player will phaze through them. We can only give you one or the other. Fury Attack has been changed: Fury Attack,10A,60,NORMAL,Physical,100,32,0,00,0,abef,"Mauls the target. It breaks barriers such as Light Screen and Reflect." Most of the other bugs you found are fixed for the next release. For the comma thing, that's likely a fonts issue on your computer. Try changing the font style and see if it goes away. @Dante52 Can you send me a screenshot of: could walk on the table on the southern end of the second floor of water treatment plant can see the void on the polaris summit east side Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it!
  12. Haha, you're good. The length of the review speaks to your intent here. And this is actually the type of constructive criticism we're looking for, so thank you for taking the time to play and comment! 1. Good stuff. Helen Keller's already out of the latest version for the same reason. Keeping in Jesus. I'm not a fan of the praise arceus or any other pokemon movement, and in Empire the church(es) will be to God/gods, not legendary Pokemon. We have a lot of moralistic framework for the game, and we don't think the Pokemon themselves offer a substantial foundation for the basis of those morals. So characters will bring up values based on their own faiths in higher powers, be that in Jesus or the Yo'aki pantheon, or something else tbd. As for Attack on Titan, there are a lot of easter eggs and there are probably going to be a fair number of 4th wall breaks (like the fisherman) as well. And while I'd give you that there are probably too many, I'd probably take the stance on that being a matter of taste. Still, point taken. 2. Not trying to establish things one way or another. Irl some people get angry if you even make eye contact with them while others gladly welcome random strangers into their home for tea and crumpets. It's more of a game conditioning thing. There are a lot of surprises early on (stantler deli, yak daddy, aggressive homeowners) that are meant to condition the player that they might get punished for doing what other Pokemon games consider ordinary things. So maybe in the future they'll save before heading into someone's house or conversing with an NPC. Not saying it's the best execution, or that the player is meant to feel good about it, but that's something you have to instill in a player early on. So Polaris will stand as more of an outlier on that front when you compare it to future areas. But still, the design intent overall is supposed to lean far more towards Dark Soul than Animal Crossing/most other happy anime fangames. 3. Yeah, we know PBS files aren't the best. Ideally we want a website where people can just hit search and find what they need. But we don't have anyone on the team with the chops to do that right now, so it is what it is. We all agree the balance changes will be the most polarizing aspect of the game. As for the field effects, did you open the field effect manual in the game folder? I think it does a pretty concise job of explaining those. And there are NPCs in game that tell you to consult that. Thanks for the feedback!
  13. Version 1.2 is now live! Semi-Quick Patch Notes: New Turbo button! Toggle the ALT key to double your game speed Also the Z key works like Enter, C, and Space like most people expect Fixed bugs on Torment, Relentless, Magic Coat, Incinerate (try incinerating or Tormenting stuff now... You will likely enjoy the results) Shifted trainer experience more linearly: Trainers to the North and West of Polaris are more consistently stronger than trainers to the South and East (except for a notable, well-loved trainer or two) Improved unique trainer battles Reduced grind (not that it was a problem, but it's even smoother now) New trainer sprites and recolors No more invading shrooms! New cave music because Youtube didn't like what we were using Fixed 1/4th screen graphical glitch on update And I'm sure there's probably more in there, but that's all that I remember. More than likely the last patch before Ep2, so please stop finding bugs, thanks. Enjoy.
  14. Version 1.1 is now live. Changelog: RPG sale is now satisfaction guaranteed Polaris Ice Water has been decontaminated Eat Dirt will now put its targets in the dirt miscellaneous sprite fixes added the credits section to the main post enjoy the patch!
  15. We do have an excel/google sheet that list more of the holistic changes, but keeping a changelog for each individual Pokemon would honestly be impossible given how many small subtle changes there are overall, especially to things like when certain Pokemon learn certain moves by level-up. The best thing we have for now is the PBS file, especially if you just want to look at base stats. If you go into your Empire game folder and click on the PBS folder and open the "Pokemon" notepad file, you can search for any Pokemon with "control F" and find its changes. And if you don't know what a move or ability does, you can find a description in the "Ability" and "Move" notepad folders, respectively, all still within that PBS folder. Eventually, we'd like to have a website where you can search and find all of this information more neatly, but this is the best we can do for now. Do note that this game is and will continue to be carefully carefully balanced where everything you catch and raise will be usable and (we think) satisfying. Things like stufful that normally don't learn a fighting move until level 38, will learn one before you reach meaningful level break points (i.e. it will have a fighting move before you have to fight the ice gym leader). So don't be afraid to experiment and let the changes play out for you organically!
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