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    Painting, Writing Poetry, Screenplay, Script Writing, Storytelling, Literary Criticism, American Literature, Philosophy, Christian Apologetics, Art History, League of Legends, Racquetball, Football (Philadelphia Eagles fan), Game of Thrones, Code Geass, Attack on Titan, Skyrim, Yoga, Cooking, and various other things.

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I am a passionate artist and creator, dedicated to the pursuit of things I find worthy enough to invest in. Calm and collected, I am critic and skeptic who watches from afar, careful to learn as much about everything there is to learn, without letting on too much myself. I enjoy philosophical discussion, shared expression through art, and immaculate storytelling. I am often insincere and maybe even condescending to others, unless I find something in them that I can't help but want to get more out of. I also get along well with others like me, although I can pretend to get along with anyone if I choose to. But I do enjoy solitude. I suffer from ennui, and so I look for art, meaning, and wonder in areas I find them strongly expressed: typically the media of the canvas, written page, or digital screen. I excel at original content ideas and improving existing content, so feel free to contact me if you need someone like that for anything. 


Something about Pokemon, then... My favorites are Umbreon and Garchomp. If I were a type, I would be Dark/Ice. And I have many ideas on how to improve everything about Pokemon, because that's just who I am. Guess that's why I started developing Pokemon Empire with all its gameplay and balance changes!

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