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  1. There is actually an excerpt on the different terrains in the explorer's guild archives! Verdant Terrain is a re-branding of Grassy Terrain. It has the same effect of healing both sides' grounded pokemon each turn. But instead of boosting Grass attacks x1.5, it boosts Bug instead! It retains the effect of halving Earthquake's power, but no longer halves Bulldoze's power. Lastly, the move Odor Sleuth will also raise the user's attack and speed when used with this terrain active. So keep an eye out for any Pokemon that learn that move!
  2. Sure! I'd recommend jumping into our discord for a hot minute. Have plenty of kind folks there that can help walk you through whatever area you're stuck in! Also we have a 'guides' channel with some pinned messages that might help you figure out certain areas like the molten crest or telurite mines or even the terrain puzzles.
  3. Patch 4.3.1 has arrived! includes new content beyond the end of episode 4! added the fifth floor to polaris mine. added a new backtracking events and characters to calvera. A certain funeral procession will be taking place... added evening/nighttime lighting effects to polaris, calvera, and illyria. fixed a gameplay bug influencing damage-augmenting abilities such as fluffy, thick fat, water bubble, and a handful of others. fixed weight-based moves' damage scaling amended many typographical errors: thank you everyone! made a few balance changes (natural gift powerful now?)
  4. Hey everyone! Today marks the one year anniversary since Episode 1 was released! And as much as we've achieved in that time in terms of development and growth, we'd like to keep the community first and thank all of you for playing and supporting us and your fellow players. After a full year of virtually nonstop development, we hope to keep the ball rolling and hit even higher heights this next year! one way we hope to accomplish that is with more community events! Our inaugural event will be a pretty straightforward one: a shiny-making contest! So if you're interested, check out the rules
  5. Unsettling... Something goes awry after this phenomenon occurs... Something slow, something lingering, something ultimately... human. Even Pokemon are affected, although it takes hold of them differently. What secrets did the nobles unearth in this place? And why did they abandon it? If only I knew... Ha, trying to recover decades of studies and tests all by myself... disheartening... Still, I must persevere. There is something happening here... I can feel it... And I must see it through. The official release of P
  6. i appreciate it! i'm going to be gone all day today, but i'll likely have a patch out tomorrow.
  7. The official release of Pokemon Empire Episode 4 is here! If you want early access, we release to our discord members a few days before the public forums. So check it out now if you're interested! https://discord.gg/Ntj8zqh
  8. Hey everyone, just a quick update: we are officially in episode 4 beta! This means our 'envoys', or top folks from our discord, are currently beta testing the episode and providing us devs feedback on everything. Our betas usually last a little over a week. But as always, we drop new episodea exclusively in our discord first, found here: https://discord.gg/Ntj8zqh (then after a few days we'll post the download link here and on other forums). We hope you're looking forward to the next chapter in Pokemon Empire! Thanks all!
  9. Patch 3.2 now live! changelog: added some new events in the calvera area: phantump and minccino are now on the obtainables list! added a new move 'winds of change' fixed a display error with muskoat's backsprite fixed a display error with celaena's overworld sprite some miscellaneous fixes/adjustments, such as to poison fang, evolution methods, and some item and ability descriptions https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ncfOpS8SfG1MwJjwukorGaaig9RW5HRT/view
  10. Patch 3.1.2: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UMpCAqgHb566rkNZGFMFnJzo0sw3IuIH/view?usp=sharing new patch changelog: new perseus and celaena alt outfits available in servine saloon and calvera cove, respectively. enjoy! fixed various bugs including the 'already confused' display glitch and an error causing weather turns to run out twice as fast (sorry about that). added a few QoL changes to polaris and illyria, including a new, uh... well you'll see what it is (in illyria) buffs to mons currently being outperformed by their peers. (pidgeotto, watchog, pancham, fomanti
  11. Awesome! I'm glad you found an interesting strategy to defeat the major! There are lots of new moves and abilities to help some unexpected Pokemon find a meaningful spot in a team composition. Our 'boss' battles all employ different battling styles, and we hope players find new ways to adapt to the unique challenges each presents! (Also not to self-plug, but feel free to stop by our discord if you enjoy chatting about the game!)
  12. Thanks for the heads up! That would be caused by a 'through on' effect that wasn't bookended by a 'through off'. I don't see any of those occurring in or around the area you're referring to, though, so I'm not sure what might have caused that. Still, glad it didn't persist! Hope you've been enjoying the game so far!
  13. Pokemon Empire Episode 3 is officially here! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pbQz3PEyrjQIweLoPFaY9y2sHBDU7MQN/view The changelog is MASSIVE. Check out our discord if you're interested. But there are two new starters, a brand new AI, and tons of new content to explore in Illyria! Enjoy!
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