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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

    1. Phi-Bi


      Hey, sorry for late reply. Thank you~ This year is a difficult year but hopefully everything will pass soon for the better~

    2. LykosHand


      Yeah you're right, i hope so too 🙏


      Dw and you're welcome 😄

  2. That made sense for Slurpuff but even for Reborn/Rejuv, most have the sprites to be only recoloured so I'm still confused lol. Thanks for the explanation though~ (Again, I feel showing what completed sprites looks like will give a better context)
  3. Hey, Posty. Thanks for the update~ I still don't understand your point about your first point. Isn't shiny is supposed to be recolour? Either recolour of official, Reborn/Rejuv - that's the definition of shiny - at least in my understanding. Does this mean that all shinies for Desolation MUST have custom pattern and not just merely a recolour? It'd be great if example is provided.(Actually, it'd be even greater to be able to see what the 'approved' sprites looks like, like back in Rejuvenation sprite project was)
  4. Have something with Intimidate. What's your team anyway? In my case, Skuntank manages to take a hit, use Screech then get defeated the following turn. Next, I send out Cacturne, troll the AI with Spiky Shield + Sucker Punch. I know that M-Gallade is such a pain especially in Dark-Monotype. For future reference, you may want to check this thread: P.S. Sorry for double post, I intend to edit previous post but make a mistake instead..
  5. Hey, I posted some shinies~ Hopefully some of them are your liking. I can't wait to actually use Paint Jar for my Monos~ Edit: Submitted more sprites~ Now I'm curious what the approved sprites look like. Just hoping here we can see the results before Ep.6 release ^^;
  6. Standing near Aaron Gym~ Yes, get Rockruff with Own Tempo then level up at 5-6 pm
  7. The locked house in the west is not for main story but for side-quest. The book on the west can be found on a cliff with Mightyena on it, animated in 'cross' shape I just finished the Episode. Thanks for the good work, Caz, Posty, and Ruby~ If anything, maybe Desolation can have its own Field Effect, such as field filled with Haze to prevent status enhancing moves, or Field that buffs the opponent defensively rather than offensively. Custom item is an option too. My team is Dark Monotype and I'm expecting Rosetta and Garret to be one hell of a fight but apparently, it's not the
  8. Talk to Garret instead of directly going to Archives
  9. I never completed jinx sidequest in Celeste and now the Cellia Teleporation Department is locked while the Jinx lab is closed. Is it possible to continue the quest? Last time I did the quest, I'm at the point where the scientists need 10 Credits to upgrade the crib. The book on the west can be found on a cliff where there is Mightyena. The event for the books shaped as animated 'cross' iirc. So, no you don't need access to locked house.
  10. Any fighting type is good for Tyranitar. As for myself, Iron Fist Pangoro defeat it in one hit.
  11. Is Deino being pushed back? I've defeated 5 Elite Trainers and get Focus Sash instead.. Edit: Oops, just realised there is another quest after that. Got another addition for my Mono-Dark team, yay~
  12. I get the brass key with the same method in V5 so make sure you don't miss all 3 diary pages
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