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  1. Since you say you have changed your mind on a lot of things, does this mean the seeming retcon involving Kuiki (1st boss and Shiv's brother and sole sibling to just some random kids who looked up to Shiv and was replaced by Aurora storywise) is due to this? Or was he always meant to be unimportant? Will he have a bigger role to play?
  2. I also find myself asking who Kuiki/Keegan is. First, he is introduced as Shiv's brother and Shiv takes him away after his defeat. Where to? Later we find out Shiv and Aurora are actually siblings and Kuiki was just some kid who looked up to Shiv and that's it. as of now, he's just a footnote in Shiv's story/a plotline Caz decided to scrap/a prologue villain. But if that's all he is, i am dissatisfied.
  3. has anyone done the sidequest with the 5 Grid fragments that the scientists need? If yes, how do they look like? are they hidden or visible? out in the open or indoors? they are supposed to be near the teleporters but i can't see them.
  4. I'm at this part and i need to get past this guy to reach the strange man with blue hair for the distraction. but this guy just won't move, and there is no way around him. what do i do?
  5. How do i evolve my magneton? i know that during the last update it was an event in Cellia, but has it changed? If yes, how?
  6. i need a shiny stone for my roselia. anyone know where i can get one?
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