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  1. Chapter 7 is out, find out what happened to Melia in Chapter 7: web of despair https://my.w.tt/XvmISapMqbb Picture show cases Ray (MC), Venam and Ren looking for Melia, while the Rift Galvantula waits for them in the shadows, along with Crescent's red eye, and the hooded stranger.
  2. Finally chapter 6 is done with, the MC has a strange encounter with the esper girl Nim, what takes place between the two click the link below Chapter 6: Nim-ble greetings https://my.w.tt/dmaQq1X98ab
  3. Happy Halloween y'all!! Just a drawing of the MC I use in game and his starter Pip enjoy!!!
  4. Newest chapter of my Wattpad version of rejuvenation is out Arc 2 Redemption-(Ray's test/ Tesla and Zumi) it's a two parter one about the Mc and Karrina vs professor Jenkel and the others about Tesla and Zumi (I already drew Jan so I might as well draw Zumi too I hope she likes) link below https://my.w.tt/RX585HzhNab
  5. Pyroar crest changes normal moves to fire type moves(like a fire type pixilize) Or Pyroar crest, switches special attack stats with attack stats so we can make it a physical attacker
  6. Alright finally reached the end of Arc 1, the MC challenges Venam to a gym battle so he can proceed with their plans to find Melia, also Novea makes a debut here as well, link below to the Wattpad story, Chapter 5 kiss of death! Ray vs venam https://my.w.tt/HW2QbUKswab
  7. Wattpad rejuvenation story Chapter 4: Rift Link: https://my.w.tt/IPYfxOS3u9 The MC and Melia take on the forces of team Xen and a monsterous Rift Gyarados, don't miss it
  8. No need to rush man, you do you we can wait a little longer.
  9. Voted Melia, venam and protagonist Kun
  10. Yah don't forget Saki, they could be looking for her too,since it's just a matter of time before Valerie gets her memories back and interacts with delpha and Adam. so many things could be happening it just gets me more hyped up to play it! Also yah I like how most of the world looks different now in the game
  11. Either Melia and the gang ditched the MC, or the MC is hunting down Lorna solo or..........dead
  12. Yah I also thought she was older at Least like Tesla's age with more wrinkles
  13. Awesome art, once again my fan art of Karen was so close to the original I just made hair a lot curlier and made her older for some reason
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