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  1. "Oh yeah still on this topic of relationships in the game huh? while waiting for v13! A fan nisekoi or other harem manga?! Check out my fanfiction on Wattpad pokemon rejuvenation, ease your curiosity without being toxic to the devs and find out how the story would be as a harem! Link in the fanwork discussion tread" (read in a salesman voice)
  2. Well still on the relationship topic in Rejuv, am just self insert my fanfiction, for those with the wattpad app or on Archive of our own feel free to check out the story of the MC with a harem link is in the other forum for those interested can't wait for v13
  3. Or Subaru from re zero the anime Return by death or in this case Reload by death
  4. Hall yeah! 100% on to the beta testing!!!
  5. Conflicting Ren union part the time travel saga
  6. And we're back with the final chapter of Arc 2, chapter 10 next frontier deal with the aftermath of the caratos mountain battle and also gives closure to Keta vs MC don't miss it link below https://www.wattpad.com/1059079164?utm_source=android&utm_medium=link&utm_content=share_published&wp_page=create_on_publish&wp_uname=Ibrex2000&wp_originator=wrlwU5DoNPGAZso%2FW8abG3HG4u0hLzaazMpmItGub%2BKhjuNvJCdSvdPWQp35iXrYYz3zUIQFV%2BxZrJIibGuQq5vhBA7Dgrn5%2BsjkhTEwXwTkjqoC0ehxq79CLMVi1Jv0
  7. Very true well,no harm in waiting a little longer
  8. I want it to drop as soon as possible, on my first replay with 2 badges, but since it's 97% I'd rather wait for the new version than continue
  9. Page 69 nice, can't wait for v13, hoping that when brilliant diamond and shining Pearl come our and gives buffs to the gen 4 starters they same will happen here
  10. 14years!!!!!!! People sure are patient, well I'm sure Jan and the others are doing their best we'll get v13 in no time
  11. Thanks for the information I've done that, I'll leave this topic here tho, in case someone else has the same problem in future
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