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  1. Since you're using a sun core, a Chlorophyll user would fit nicely here. Shifty is a good option since its Dark STAB will help in the third fight and Fake Out can be used to prevent Ribombee from setting up Sticky Web. A Leavanny of your own is also a good alternative since it can set up Sticky Web and STAB X Scissor/Fell Stinger helps a lot against the second and third fights. You'll definitely want to keep Blaziken and Lucario for the second and third fights as well. I would say to ditch Swampert for now since more than half your team is weak to Earthquake and Primarina helps defensively in all three fights.
  2. Once my school finals are over I'm gonna do a mono poison run from the start of the game. The real question is, should I see how things play out in the Zekrom route or
  3. If you go to the move reminder, you can actually teach it V create (along with dragon ascent)
  4. This looks pretty interesting, I'll have to give it a try once it releases
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