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  1. Is the Rejuvination pack gonna be updated for V13?
  2. Green Bean 501


    I honestly kinda doubt that would happen since gorilla tactics isn't that great for doubles and her field weakens fire moves. Eiscue on the other hand would be a pain in the ass without special moves and definitely something I see her using
  3. Green Bean 501


    It's the scorbunny line's hidden ability, it basically changes its type to match whatever move its using
  4. Green Bean 501


    Thank you Zumi, very cool
  5. If it's like V12 there should be field effect updates marked in the changeelog
  6. Found a hidden message using inspect element on the page
  7. Looks like an alien you would see in Star Wars. What are the devs trying to say?
  8. I doubt it has anything to do with release date since the dev blogs constantly state that it's undetermined
  9. That would make sense, I think Jan confirmed that we'll get the mega ring in V13 through story events, and there are already a few mega stones available in sidequests
  10. Yeah it's here, I couldn't really make sense of much tho
  11. I'm guessing the answer here is
  12. She was pretty easy for me thanks to the Psychic Terrain. I had my Simple Swoobat use calm mind for +4/+4 and just swept everything with stored power. To get around the trick room I just put it on my Sableye and kept using trick room until her Aromatisse fainted
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