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  1. Maybe the real Lin was the friends we made along the way
  2. If Alice is gonna have a Sableye, then I bet Allen will have its counterpart Mawile. Its base ability of intimidate is pretty good in doubles and it would appreciate the field boosts for play rough and sucker punch. (Ik Cassandra already has one but I feel like Serperior or Milotic fit her better.) For more counterparts I'm thinking of Galarian Rapidash and Obstagoon, Alolan Ninetales and Alolan Persian, or Dedenne and Morepeko
  3. I like to use Weezing against bosses. It's usually tanky enough to live an attack then I can lower the boss's offenses with Memento. Neutralizing Gas lets it bypass the immunity to stat drops Gardevoir normally gets from its ability
  4. He has connections to Cassandra so my guess is that he's talking about the Xenpurgis
  5. Pidgeot can learn Razor Wind as well, so it could also work for Heather if she uses a Mega Pidgeot
  6. The V13 sidequests are big enough to be added in a seperate update so I wouldn't be surprised if one of them gives out another stamp
  7. I think the Gengar and clefable lines shinies are based on the theory that Gengar is Clefable's shadow
  8. You get relationship points but other than that I don't think there's anything you can do with this for now
  9. I imagine there was some Garufan magic involved. Maybe the Black Box was some device that was left behind after their extinction
  10. Is the Rejuvination pack gonna be updated for V13?
  11. Green Bean 501


    I honestly kinda doubt that would happen since gorilla tactics isn't that great for doubles and her field weakens fire moves. Eiscue on the other hand would be a pain in the ass without special moves and definitely something I see her using
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