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  1. Silver went outside perhaps Zumi would like to answer instead
  2. it didnt feel like it took long for some reason
  3. Feast- Fatal (Player1) eats a good smelling green bulb and evolves into {another} venusaur. Killer: NoneKilled: (player 1) Day Event- Non-Fatal (Player1) finds a drawing of a Very Attractive Looking Peter Griffin. Tributes: 1 (Player1) fails to pick up a phone call from (Player2) Tributes: 2
  4. i vouch for the most helpfull character truck guy (plz name him zumi)
  5. i learned to do a flip today

  6. thanks and i wil watch out which channel i post in from now
  7. i am the meme god

    1. Michael_


      Nah, you're the meme regurgitator. 


      Sources: the off-topic channel in my discord 

    2. Ojama Yellow

      Ojama Yellow

      i will gladly fight you for this title.

  8. help i softlocked myself Game - 34 - Deft - 36h 14m - 7 badges.rxdata Game.rxdata
  9. i used 7zip so i think you can use whatever you want
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