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  1. seeing the rate of progress i think the game wil be out this year or begin 2021
  2. as black as the void 4/10 [lots of luck to the poor souk that wil rate mine]
  3. no i have not where is this hidden? [found it]
  4. i like this cause it means i can feed my masochistic side
  5. i will change profile picc form now



    1. inktalegaster


      i have metamorphosized

  6. whats your guys favorite animal and why mines a "African Grey Parrot" cause i own a african grey myself and cause they can mimic human speech and even learn what certain words mean and use them correctly [my parrot has learned to say goodbye [in dutch he says hoie heh] when people leave the house]
  7. straight up spitting facts right here
  8. they didnt 2 years ago they took down all pokemon related roblox fan games
  9. pokemon pumpkin is a fun game its straight up halloween and murdermystery stuff {edit} also made by the same people that made pumpkin "pokemon present" its a game where your a detective so expect lots of puzzels
  10. yes you need to progress until u can go to route 10 i think
  11. We also shouldnt avoid the possibilty new area jan has shown us being a time travel location
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