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  1. Lumpy you have 10/10 taste with meteors I approve plus first pic is so cool while second one is more Hot badumtss ye okay I stop before I start bigger versions in my tumblr or my new instagram nudge nudge wink wink And happy start of 2019 everybodyy
  2. Just ep18 styfff bigger pics in my tumblr thank you have nice day/night everybodyy
  3. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

  4. Tako! Son! Child! Baby! Great work with the comic Ruby, fully colored and all, such effort I love<3
  5. Helloo new year but old me here to pester you all not really episode 17 Spoilers below but episode 17 spoilers below Now I return in the sewers, have good day/night~~
  6. here again pestering the youth and the elderly (last one is kinda bloody, not gory but u know, just wanna point that out~) Again, bigger pics can be found in tumblr and so on, bye bye bye~
  7. Hell do I know about shading or lighting but looks awesome to me! Flames and mega logo are so rad! Creating art Hi just dropping by before year ends Bye bye happy new year!!
  8. i came here to up vote shit out of everything what is this daily limit shit why am i being tied down like this Aaaaa this means so much thank you<3 Thank you, I feel honored darling i don't think i can So much more new wonderful art here aaaaa... JazzyFur that steelix is so rad omg, and fern your drawing style so cutee and Will so adorable Amaria x Titania pic yaaass Okay well enough babbling Peace out, as always
  9. Thank you<3 Such honor to get compliments from someone so talented Tho I wanna comment on every art piece, I will not (because I'm slow little shit coming to comment stuff weeks too late and hngh hell will i spam this whole thread nah nah) but this is so awesome!! Yass kweeen But yes! Hi! Back in black (i hit the sack. i've been too long i'm glad to be back) Goodbye friends I am gone
  10. Ooo Sinnamon is that Alice with new haircut? She looks very cute~ Our friendship is based on betrayal and revenge. (and don't tempt me with zerosuitzero or i'll do it) I'LL JOIN TO SCREAM you're kind<33 And it our Cain! (should probably mention characters names every time i draw them so people would have some clue who am i trying to portray eehheh...) Yes dear you can have my seven starving children. Now that those are away I shall start new life and move to America and become a crime lord. Thank you, you always make my evenings very lovely <33 *finger guns dragon for getting the reference and backs outta door as usual*
  11. I I I I am so so very happy you're too kind<3 Yup yup I don't, sorry I misunderstood. I trusted you Ama I really did Yes, hello my love I have returned from war to you. I don't have much to offer but please accept these two trash pieces and take me back And now to the suit hell Annd Ama was all "plz post those too" and because nobody can be trusted so fine Hnnnghh I'm gonna leave again sorry for stupid sketches goodbye
  12. Ye, I was wondering if I'd make windows bigger and somehow make buildings look decent but idk... Gotta pay more attention next time rushing never leads anything good. Why are you saying this? I can come up with ideas regarding scenes and landscapes, but I'm not creative enough to figure out some boring ass standing pose by myself? True, because Lin's and Ciel's poses were completely based on certain pics and I'm ashamed I didn't mention it earlier, I didn't think it was important sorry (tell me if u wanna see original pics i'll link them). But I don't think that's really a big deal, I just used pose reference not full on traced or something. Okay I don't wanna say I came up with poses all by myself, because of course I looked some magazine covers and pics of women in suits and models and shit, but I'd rather call that getting inspired than copying huehh but honestly small side note here I'm happy that you think I based those pics on some real photos it means I might actually have succeeded to create fashion photos u know~ And enough babbling! More admiring!! Because if the mom lucario isn't the cutest then Luna hugging zorua would be too. And Aya! Looking rad sitting on seviper and all.
  13. And I thought I'll handle things with maturity this time but then comment like this appears: holyfuckholyfuckholyfuck i inspired somebody to do something!! Thank you i'm so relieved you liked those pics<3 one just gotta see her nicer side *snapping finger guns as backs outta door*
  14. Godfuckingdamnit don't make this more embarrassing it already is tHANK YOU somebody understands *finger guns u also because many characters and arts* THIS!! THIS IS SO CUTE!! I applaud for cute OC and cute lil espeon~ I'm so relieved that I'm not only one who want's to see void in a dress. Ever since dogedepan placed me on the edge of cliff I was wondering who will come and push me down so ye hop on kids we're going to suit-hell. And Ame_Rosa even tho I don't usually really care for seeing characters in more nsfw manner I must salute effort and secretly enjoy. ANDANDAND I can't believe that I have made these for six months now (i'm talking directly to whoever has my soul currently, please chill) Sorry very lame show this time, I've been busy with graduation and gahh. sorrysorry for annoying with long post and nonsense and shit I'll go now.
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