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  1. me: "Edelgard won't use her combat art on the first guy I put in range, riiight?"

    "an enemy is legendary"

  2. dubstep Edelgard

  3. Happy Birthday ūüėĄ, i hope that you will have a great day ūüôāūüćį

  4. very true, Gen 8 will not be included anymore either way.
  5. I now understand properly that you meant "Cass added a number to the count, thus Ame's post was the one ending on 7" alas Cass didn't post a number. hence Ame ended it on a 6 still. for all I care, we're at 936. or 18 or 16, if it is so wished we definitely need ORDERRR also, Corso is a sub to the establishment.
  6. 3 wasn't the rule that it can only be intervened when a mod answers before a number ending on 7 was posted Cass broke the rule and is invalid so if the people rise up and get together, you can march right over 936 I'm sure.
  7. huh, it really breaks down to that? how neat. much better than like working through the entire game in RPG Maker trying to fix Ame's double consonant issues and change every Pokemon into Pokémon. I'll keep it in mind for sure!
  8. ah, in that case, I can imagine. but also, revised texts have been a thing, so take care! should you really keep going with this, you might count me in (like I said, after the game's finished tho) more seriously than to simply check stuff, if you'd like. alas, obviously that's gonna be a while till then.
  9. interesting. I was eventually planning on doing a German translation, but only after the game would be finished, so all the material would be at hand. imo it's a ridiculous task to keep the slang and fun even remotely similarly amusing in German, or probably any other language for that matter. I'll check your start out soon(tm).
  10. ahh I'm too late. gomen nasai. go eat some noodles as compensation. next up is Q-Jei, naturally
  11. it's like keeping a picture of someone who passed away! go get it
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